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the path

Behind the leaf is a blurry path that leads home. I walk that path everyday to take my girls to school. It is a new part of our daily routine that I didn’t expect to need. On the first day of school, I was surprised by it.

On the way, there was hand-holding, high-pitched chatter, hairband fixing and backpack checking. Anticipation of the day was filled with questions about teachers and classmates and what to wear, as well as secret mama fears of anxious girls or uncontrollable tears.

My worries were needless, as Courage and Brave decided to show up and embrace my girls for the morning. I saw them to their classrooms, chatted with their teachers and offered one last hug. Unfortunately, I lost my cool in the library upon seeing fellow mamas with their respectably misty eyes behind their paper coffee cups. My mist turned into a full-on shower as visions of my girls as babies crept up without my permission.

After making a sufficient fool of myself, I headed back outside to walk home, and it was as if this path rose up to greet me. I walked it slowly and alone, drinking in the quiet, and thankful for the gentle transition from preschool to grade school.

That was Tuesday, two weeks ago. And it made me think of my fellow Unwrappers.


Tuesdays are set aside around here to take time to share a moment that may have otherwise disappeared under the pile of daily tasks. Instead, we stop, notice and we are thankful.

I took a break in August from hosting the linky. I have sincerely missed it. I’m glad to know a few of you have missed it as well. In fact, Sharone from Zizzivivizz wrote a post about it called What A Difference a (Tues)day makes:

I visit the blogs of the other Unwrappers and together we help each other to see the mundane and ordinary in new and fruitful ways…On Tuesdays, I’ve been training myself to see the pure and lovely and praiseworthy things, even when they come in ostensibly unappealing packages. I can see how the training is starting to take root–and I like it.

I like it, too. And I love how she calls it a training. I have to practice an attitude of thankful noticing. Otherwise, I sink right back into the swirling chaos. I am thankful for the reminder to slow down and celebrate the small things, like simple, quiet paths that lead to new beginnings. If you have a Tuesday moment, simply include the permalink to your post in the linky below. So happy to be back.


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    Emily, I can’t believe the much anticipated first day of Kindergarten was two weeks ago. I can’t believe we’re already barreling through September. I love the picture from the path that rose up to greet you. Then again, I’m quite certain I’ve loved every picture you’ve ever posted.
    Thank you for hosting again. We’ve all missed it. So much in fact that a few of us we’re rearing to go before the clock struck 12 on the actual Tuesday. :-)

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    emily, there are so many layers to peel back in those quiet spaces left by our growing kids. I’m working on it myself these days.

    thanks again for this forum. I’m looking forward to reading the stories.

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    I am so excited for sharing Tuesdays with you…This is what my blog always is actually, “One Thing Blog: Adventures in noticing one beautiful, interesting, or wondrous thing each day”. Can hardly wait to read your “Unwrappers!”

    Talk to you tomorrow (it is still only 10 o’clock way up here in the North!).

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    It sounds like girls and mama are handling the transition successfully :) Thanks for bringing back Tuesdays, and thanks for including me in your post – I’m truly honored.

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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    Emily, I’m so glad you missed Tuesdays Unwrapped, too. None of us begrudged your taking a little break from being our gracious hostess, but I think we all missed it. Hosting Tuesdays Unwrapped is definitely a way that you provide space for our souls to breathe.

    Thank you for the story of the path. It looks a little–just a little!–lonely, yet it looks inviting. As if it beckoned you to a new and different journey.

    This past week provided me with a lot of scope for reflection, and I so appreciate having this forum for sharing it.

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    how wonderful that God gives us all we need… friends like Courage & Brave, a path that rises to meet you… and a the return of tuesdays. my heart slipped away from tuesdays quicker than i could have imagined…

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    lovely path, lovely words, lovely tuesday! i love the image you included on this post…and your description (of the picture) of the path being blurry. our paths are indeed to us, but perfectly clear to the Father. how beautifully kind He is to give us just enough vision (faith) to see the next step…and how crystal clear all our steps will be when we reach our ultimate Home!

    i am a pen and paper girl and thought i has this posting-a-link-thing figured out…apparently, I haven’t!

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    Emily, How well I remember each of my kids’ first days of school, how hard I fought not to let them see my cry, and how thankful I was for the path up through the park on the way home that rose to meet me too. You brought back those bittersweet memories–my son started college this year and my daughter is in her last year of middle school–it goes too fast. Nothing is quite like that first day of Kindergarten, but it is the first of many letting go’s we stumble over. You may need that path often–glad you have one, and glad I have one too–most of all I’m glad that He is always there to gather me up!

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    I forgot about it! But I had a lot of other stuff to blog about yesterday anyway. Maybe next week!!

    Now that I’m all choked up thinking about my son starting kindergarten (in two years), I think I need to go distract myself with a bagel. :)

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    WOW…I hadn’t thought about that, it really is quiet in your home!!! My heart hurts a little for you. But, this is the way it is supposed to be, right? A bit of a cruel joke :)! Enjoy the quiet!

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    I got misty-eyed reading this one, and my girl is only two! *hugs*

    I’ve missed your Tuesdays unwrapped, but couldn’t quite get it together by midnight last night. I hope its okay if I snuck this last little link in this afternoon?

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    oh im so happy it’s back.
    they grow bigger; it doesn’t get easier, witnessing them take more steps toward adulthood…
    your photo is gorgeous, too. :)

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    Hi there,
    I came over to your blog through the urge of a friend that reads your sister’s blog, “Nesting Place”. My blog genre is so vastly different but once I clicked over and began to read, I was captivated. Just pulled in by your writing. Maybe it’s the layout of your blog as well, very soothing and simple. Just everyting. I’ve never written anything like this on other blogs but I just wanted to share with you what an impact your writing has. And nothing speaks louder than a compliment of praise. I must subscribe and add your blog to my morning cup of tea!

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