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It’s been nearly six months since John stepped down from his position as youth pastor, a title he held for twelve years. We have enjoyed these past months, remembering why he is a pastor, learning the shape of his soul.childrenWe have been quietly attending a small church near downtown. The kids did well with the transition – but I am a woman who, as a girl, moved around churches and schools and states like it was my job (I only exaggerate a littleso I probably haven’t given them much room to not do well. I mean come on, we didn’t move houses or schools or anything. Just church.

I realize it isn’t fair or thoughtful of me to filter their experience through my own. Just because I grew up with more extreme life transitions doesn’t mean theirs isn’t valid or difficult.

They haven’t been thrilled with leaving what was familiar to them and we’ve made some space to talk about it. But this month, something is happening I didn’t hope to expect. They’ve started to like this new, small gathering of believers. They’ve not wanted to miss, have asked if we could play with friends after church.

This past Sunday, they sang one song during an evening service with the other children. They were eager to participate and seemed to have fun, but most of the kids are younger than they are. During group performances at our former church, they blended in with the group. But on Sunday our daughter was the tallest one on stage and she didn’t seem sure about how to handle that feeling. I don’t think she’ll want to do that again. Sometimes it hurts to grow up.

I suppose we will have insecurities no matter where our feet take us. But we are continuing to walk to new places even though sometimes we find things we don’t like. Today I’m thankful for new friends, for the space to remember how the Spirit speaks to us, and safe places to feel insecure.

Tuesdays Unwrapped 2013

I hope you’ll choose one gift of your ordinary day and find the miracle secret it holds. Write it out, breathe it in, capture its image, see it new. And then come here to tell us all about it by linking up below. If you are new to this community, here is all the information you’ll need to prepare your post. All are welcome.

Our Final Tuesdays Unwrapped: I’ve enjoyed these few weeks of unwrapping simple gifts with you. Thankful for this space for our community to share the lovely, the messy, and the unexpected gifts of our regular lives. We’re so glad you’re here.

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    Safe places to feel insecure – I love that. Reminds me that it is not always bad to feel insecure. Growing up is hard but it is necessary. And always best to do it in a safe place.

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    this is very familiar to my daughter’s own story with church for so long… now though, she’s in a youth group of her own and finally “fits”…

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    I’ve barely been online this last week, but I’m so glad I checked in long enough to read this. Thank you for giving us a space to have the Spirit speak to us. And thank you for all the ways you are a safe place for me. I love you like a sister. xoxo

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    Emily, walking to new places is exciting and scary all at once. For many years, I did that dance as a single. Now that I am married, I am learning about the “negotiating” that is required to do it as a family. Hugs and prayers to you as you continue walking forward in faith with your crew. I pray that this will be a time of growth and renewal for your kids and for both of you.

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    When we moved churches a few years ago, Ethan had a hard time transitioning. The insecurities flare every now and then, but he’s done well with it. I hope your children continue to grow and flourish in their new church family.

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    so wonderful to a hear a bit about your new experience. I’m happy for you all. Also, my link did something weird with the image part of it, and somehow chose the wrong image. I’m so embarrassed – because I am not in any way trying to promote a product – even though this image happens to have something in it I’ve created. I’m so sorry! Please feel free to delete it and I’ll re-link! I have loved joining in with you, and all, for this series in December!

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    “safe places to feel insecure.” Love that, had to read it twice to be sure that’s what you meant. Yup. Rich thoughts – safe, even in our insecurity; safe in the Lord; safe here, right where He has us. Thank you!

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    I think this has been my favorite posts. I’ve looked forward to Tuesdays for the past few weeks. Thank you for posting. My Christmas this year looks very different then past ones. What seems has disappointments to others I’m looking as divine appointments with God. Instead of hurrying like a crazy person, I’m reflective and focusing on Him. It might just be my favorite Christmas yet!

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    Sometimes it is hard to take that first step into the unknown. Change is hard and so is uncertainty. You are doing it with the most grace. Thanks for sharing with us the lessons you are learning.

  10. Janelle says

    I attended a church for years as a child until it broke apart. Then my parents church hopped us all over town. I never felt like I had a church foundation, really, I still don’t. I’m just now getting somewhat rooted in a church, only to move states next year and start all over again. In my dream world, I would have grown up in a church that I still attend but this world we live in is not a dream.

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    I found your blog recently and it was one that helped me to try and go ahead and start a blog of my own. Thank you for that, and for allowing me to take part in your Tuesdays Unwrapped. You have a lovely community here.

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    mmm.. felt these emotions so acutely since it’s been just now 3 yrs since we packed up, moved to canada, didn’t know a soul, and walked into strange, new churches all of us insecure and unsure, looking for that place of belonging and community and safety! it’s a scary process but one that can lead to such beauty of new beginnings and yes, new friends. things we never would have discovered had we not stepped out. it’s always that stepping out part though, isn’t it?

    sweet post and blessings to you guys as you continue to follow where the Lord is leading~

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