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sick day

When the youngest is sick, all the lists and piles of things that need attention fade into the background. There is no washing or bustling about. There is no packing for that trip I’m taking. There is no progress on that book I’m writing. There is only couch time with a too-warm boy.

And their aunt comes over to offer support, the big girls play Go Fish in the corner and The Man orders pizza and brings me the phone when the doctor calls back. As much as I would rather them always be well, there is something sweet about the sick times, the I’ll-only-have-Mommy times, the watch-ten-shows-in-a-row times. I’m working at keeping that thankful perspective. How are you keeping a thankful perspective today? Link up below and, as a courtesy, please be sure to link back here in your post.


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    Perfectly put. It’s tough to see them not feeling well, but there is that special something about holding them close and just being their Mommy. Hope he feels better soon!

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    Oh, how perfect! Today, laundry didn’t get done, kids played outside and I sat in the rocker holding my baby because he needed me. His flushed cheek on my chest, Chris Rice playing gently on the speakers, and knowing sisters like you are doing the same thing… it is a blessing!

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    I do hope the little guy is feeling better soon, and that you continue to be able to respond with thanks instead of worry.
    Keeping a thankful perspective is a bit of a discipline, isn’t it? It’s strange to say, but TU is like a teensy dose of accountability for me to choose thankfulness, no matter what. To find something good to celebrate, even when the scales are leaning toward the difficult side.
    Thanks again for hosting it!

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    sometimes i find myself longing for a sick day… that snuggling on the couch and taking care kind of day. when the world inside my windows stops… and what is happening on the outside just doesn’t matter.

    i hope your littles are on the mend… and that perhaps they will be reminded how nice the snuggles are and keep carrying on…

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    I hope your little guy feels better soon. And I admire your ability to appreciate, even in a time of sickness, when all the other “duties” are piling up. I agree with Jo, Tuesdays give me a chance to really search for something to appreciate, especially when I might not otherwise be inclined to do so. I am having such a week as well, so thank you for encouraging me to look for the silver lining.

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    I love when I click over here and see that you’ve written something right along the lines of what I have written. Doesn’t it happen like that more often than you’d think?

    I think you are exactly right that the only way to greet those days when they are sick or extra needy is to soak it up. To realize that we only get to be that wanted-one for a brief time in their lives, and that if we can give comfort, well then that’s a gift right there.

    I hope he’s feeling better soon. Enjoy your snuggles in the meantime.


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    A thankful perspective can be hard to keep when I’m contantly wearing myself out with people pleasing and perfection chasing. But then again, we were commanded to give thanks in ALL circumstances (1 Thess. 5:18) and not just the perfect ones. This is certainly something for me to ponder today.

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    When our 14-year-old had to have open-heart surgery, most of the moments were stress-filled, anxious ones. But there was one moment I’ll never forget. One time, in the hospital, in the middle of the night, when he was overcome with pain and fear, Preston laid his head on my shoulder and rested. And though my heart was breaking that he had to endure such pain, I was so grateful to be there, to be his one and only mom.

    You are right to savor this. Thank you for sharing it so beautifully.

  9. Amanda says

    I know EXACTLY what you mean and it relieves me to hear another mom say it. Last year all three of mine were sick with fevers at the same time. I kept getting sympathy from well-meaning loved ones while secretly enjoying the down-time and snuggle time.

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    I don’t wish sickness on anyone either…but there is something so sweet and restful about giving yourself and everyone else permission to simply stop. {That and the unlimited TV time!}

  11. katie says

    I’m so sorry BL is sick! We’ll be praying for him. I know that too warm snuggly, watched the show 10 times, but just thankful for the 11th snuggle feeling. Love you girl!

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    I too, understand the nice quietness of those sick days. A chance to pause with good reason, and little guilt. I hope he feels better soon!

    I didn’t post about it today . .but I am finding gratitude in knowing our taxes will be done by the end of the week. (Crazy, I know!!!)

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    It’s all in the perspective isn’t it…may God bless you by doubling your productiveness and helping you to get ready for your trip.

    I pray your baby boy will be feeling better soon.

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    Well, the linky was already closed by the time I saw it, but I do have a thankful post up. In fact, I host a Thankful Thursday every week!

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