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As I made my coffee early yesterday morning, before the house woke up, two words came to mind: bone-dry and wilted. I guess three, depending on how you look at it. Speaking of numbers, here is a glance at the last 7 days in our house:

2 – children finished kindergarten

5 – birthdays celebrated

4 – teacher gifts bought/made

2 – nights spent away from home

5 – times we’ve needed a sitter

147 – loads of laundry I’ve washed

1 – tooth lost

0 – meals I’ve cooked

It is summer now, and though the kids schedules have settled down, The Man’s has picked up a notch. He has several long-ish trips coming up, because students out of school means stuff for the youth pastor. We both love and fear it, this summer-time schedule. So the past week, with all the goodbyes to school and hellos to summer, it feels like I’ve needed even more margin than usual but I haven’t been able to find/make it. Thus, the wilting.

I’m reading through the Psalms, and this morning I picked up The Man’s parallel Bible because I couldn’t find mine. Yes, that’s right. I can’t remember where I put my Bible. What? I read this:

But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the One who lifts my head. I was crying to the Lord with my voice, and He answered me from His holy mountain.  -Psalm 3:3-4 (NASB)

He grounds my feet. He is my head-lifter. I love when He does that. He reminds me of my need while making coffee in the morning, and then He delights in showing me (again) that He is the holy need-meeter. And in the minutes between the brewing coffee and the silent Word, Sufficient Grace offers a drink of the living water, and the wilting is undone. At least for today.


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    emily – i love this post. i love your list. i love your photo. i love that you lost your bible (not really, but its so indicative of what’s going on right now in your life. feel like i do those things daily.). i love that you grabbed your hub’s bible and landed on that particular verse. thank you for sharing it all. i can relate. i feel strength in those verses. feel like my summer mantra needs to be “strength in the drink = wilting undone”. love it. on for a day of summer fun!

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    Hi Emily, I am excited to be a part of Tuesday Unwrapped today. Your banner is on my “nest notes” page. I keep trying to add my avatar but the images won’t show up for some reason.

    I love your blog and today’s is very powerful. :)

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    I left my bible at small group–out of sight for a whole week, and I didn’t even reach for my husband’s bible. Yuck. But I got it back a couple days ago, and I’m on day 2 of the so-good-for-me-but-why-don’t-i-ever-really-get-it habit of opening the Word. And Psalms is where I started….stumbling on the same truth you shared here, needing it for many of the same reasons- bone-dry, wilting, overwhelmed. So when I came here for a peek, I just cried. Even in the worst of my doubt and distrust and self-centered fear, He finds me and lifts my head.
    Thanks so much for sharing this sweet truth.

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    Emily….before we came to Orlando to work in campus ministry, we were in student ministry for 9 years. I remember those summers and having to “gear myself up” for the fun and the excitement and the weeks at home by myself with the kids….

    praying extra prayers for you this summer…

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    Oh yes, the wilting. I can relate…just back from a week’s vacation…and you know what awaits after vacation (147 loads of laundry! 147 emails to answer!). Before we left I’d embarked on a morning Bible reading — up at 6 a.m. to read a few verses. But I let it go over vacation…and then I slept in this morning…so I haven’t done it in more than a week. And I see the difference — the wilting is apparent.

    Thank you for the much-needed reminder that the Word will keep me going.

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    When my son had open-heart surgery in 2008, I spent a good bit of time just sitting by his bed in ICU. He was out of it, so he didn’t need me to be there; I’m the one who needed me to be there. And I sat there and read Psalms, gulping in that life-giving water. The words you highlight from Psalm 3? I highlighted those. I made a note in the margin: “4/22/08; Preston in ICU.”

    When my husband had open-heart surgery in 2009, I had my Bible with me again, but I hadn’t opened it. Our pastor called to check on me while Jack was in surgery, and guess what he said to me? “I want you to read Psalm 3.” I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad that I’m one of those people who writes in the margins.

    Thank you for reminding me of how to get un-wilted.

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    Sometimes I pick up my hubby’s Bible, too. :o) I think that the different notes and highlighting marks can make new words and thoughts pop out to me.

    Thanks for hosting Tuesdays Unwrapped. I enjoy participating when I can!

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    I did not get up early, but I did get up wilted.
    I looked here my secret friend, for a word to encourage.
    I SO did need to hear what you had to share.
    Thank you.

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    I’m reading Madame Guyon’s little book “Experiencing God Through Prayer”. One chapter is titled Surviving Dry Periods. God always speaks to me in ways that make it obvious what he wants me to learn. Through the book and your post I believe I’ve gotten the message. Thank you for your words. His words.

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    Emily, I apologize; it didn’t accept my thumbnail so now I have a ridiculous thing saying “No Thumbnail”. I will get the hang of this, I promise!

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    I’m so sorry, I’ve spent so much time trying to follow your instructions about linking up with Tuesdays Unwrapped – I’m must not getting it right, but I’ve added my link – and I think I did that wrong, too. You can just delete it.

    I enjoy your blog and have it on my list to go to when you have a new post.

    I’m a babyboomer, so this computer stuff – well – I enjoy it, but don’t always get everything right.

    My daughter married a youth pastor, also – understand all of that – and now he is a pastor. Her blog is on my list under Family Blogs, titled, “These Days”.

    I do enjoy your blog.

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    No pressure or anything…but can you please write faster? Holu Moly! Girl you have a gift wth words. When you write it makes me want to meditate! I can not wait to read your book! Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL post today.

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    Is it bad that I’m hoping that a day of editing bible study will tide me over for the week, wilt free? There aren’t storage containers for that but a girl can hope.
    I notice that I eat on the run, both literally and spiritually. I need to slow down, cook a meal instead of snacking, read and savor instead of rushing.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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    emily, i needed to hear that specific Word today. my heart is so very heavy…my head bowed with grief as in four weeks my sister will be four hours away instead of four miles. He is faithful in the joy and the pain. i need this constant reminder of Truth.

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    Do you know the God Will Lift Up Your Head on the Jars of Clay album Redemption Songs? God used it to speak to me in my wobbly faith while sitting in my car sobbing during my husband’s lymph node biopsy to determine whether or not he had cancer. I just listened to it again tonight–just to be reminded of the moment God left His throne to meet me in a parking lot. The very definition of humbling. Had to comment because of your mention of God’s business of head-lifting.

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