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“All who would win joy must share it; happiness was born a twin.”  -Lord Byron

They have always been buddies, but as we approach first grade this week, they seem to have grown into more. They are connected, these two. They are connected in ways I am understanding less about, but appreciating more. I have of course always been thankful for them, but the feel of this thankfulness changes as they grow. As those long restless nights of nursing two at once have faded fuzzy, I have a growing respect for the gift of twins, for the beauty of two girls at one time and what it will mean for them for a lifetime. I take great comfort in knowing they will always have each other.

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    they truly are such sweet girls. and the gift they have is a treasure. i remember when they were those tiny little bundles, how people would say, “Oh, twins…double, trouble,” but how you would cheerfully and boldly say back, “Twice the BLESSING!” 😉 how true, how true.

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    What an amazing gift. I think about this with my daughters, they will always have each other. I can’t imagine the bond your daughters have as twins.

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    I have always wondered what it is like to be a twin–is it odd? Then I remind myself that it’s all they know…it’s normal to them. I think it’s a gift to have a friend from before you were born…

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      Yes, sweet Dawn… being a twin is indeed having a best friend from birth. We call each other “wombmates,” or “wombie” for short. :) As for that “odd” thing, well, we are definitely in that category. lol But, as you say, it feels “normal” to us.

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    my prayer for my twins is that they have the same friendship that your girls have. it is so amazing having 2 at one time. watching both, growing with both as their mom. it’s such a gift.

    thanks for hosting. this is my second time to link with you. both times i have had difficulty copy/pasting your button. i’d like to think i’m pretty savvy doing the button thing but yours & another blog i link to once in a while has given me issues.

    i did just copy the actual pic of your button & place a link in with the post, fyi. just couldn’t make your button work. hope that is ok with you & that i still linked up.


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    Love that photograph. Your girls are so beautiful.

    Being an identical twin has been one of God’s greatest gifts. It’s like no other relationship on earth, a blessing hard to describe. I know there were times, growing up, when Gayle and I tended to shut out the rest of the world, including our own dear mother, no doubt, but it wasn’t intentional; just a twin thing.

    Beautiful post.

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    what a beautiful gift they have in each other! just to have a sister is an amazing thing… but i can only begin to imagine how much more it is to have a twin sister :) happy tuesday!

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    I don’t have twins, but I have been friends with twins growing up and even as I child I could see that sense of togetherness and unity between two people that is unlike anything else. What a sweet photo.

  8. Amy says

    The simple realization that although the days can sometimes (okay, most of the time) be long, the years are oh, so very short! Walking this morning with a *new* friend who is in her eighth month of pregnancy, I wasn’t able to clearly recall specific details of whether I was “always tired?” when my bundle of joy was born and so confidently answering my new friend was difficult. The joy to unwrap today and to share with her is that those details really don’t matter. It’s the longer view…the six years later perspective. That, today taking time to make my son an extra special, very yummy (and quite good-for-you!) breakfast was important to me…to give myself permission to get to work later just to spend that time literally nurturing the moments of freshness and happiness that define the character of my child.

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    I love those Twinkle Toes!

    I don’t even have a sister, so I always tell my girls (not twins) how lucky they are to have each other. That relationship is like no other. They are usually too busy fighting to hear me. But they will get it, one day.

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    How sweet! I love that picture too! My youngest started 1st grade and one started Jr. High, one started High School and one started College this year. It’s been a tough week for me. Thanks for this lovely party every week. Now I’m going to go cry some more.

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    My baby Twin girls just started Jr. High this year! :( I too have always loved the gift of Twins! :)

    The best description of the Twin bond I have found was in a book called Dancing Naked in Front of the Fridge, and other lessons from Twins (written by Twin sisters Nancy Sipes PHD & Janna Sipes JD) They explain it something like this: Have you ever had a best friend? Someone you were so close with you knew what each other was thinking, someone who you could (& did) finish each others sentences? Now imagine if EVERY one of your life experiences, were the exact same as hers. Your first day of school, was her first day of school. Your first Dr. apt., family trip, etc, etc. That really helped me to understand & help nourish the relationship between my girls.

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    My mother was a twin, and I hope for twins, too. I am a bit jealous on such a beautiful connection that goes well beyond words. Even if my younger sister and I are really close, my mother and aunt always surprise with the intensity of their relationship, even if they are 3000 km apart.
    Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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    this is making me smile…thinking of my sister and how we have grown into so much more (which has made the parting so much harder.) we are not twins, nor are any of my trio of girls twins, but the sentiment resonates with me. love your sweet words.

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    Such a sweet picture!

    I am crazy about my sister, what would it be like to be twins?!

    I think there are secrets to life that only a twin can understand.

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