to feed your soul

I really love Lisa Leonard. She is genuine, talented, and beautiful. She and I sat on the edge of the world a few weeks ago. Surrounded by friends, we talked about life and family and risk. We sat there in the cool sand, the southern September breeze carrying sweet conversation and the occasional laugh and holler from the girls behind us. And as we sat, my soul breathed in deep and wide. I felt the necklace around my neck, the one that says feed your soul, and I realized this is what it meant.

Lisa gave each one of us one of her tiny works of art, and now she wants to give one to you. Enter to win a feed your soul necklace in the comments below by answering the question: What is it that feeds your soul? Comments are open until 11 pm EST Sunday September 25. Winner will be contacted by email on Monday.

Lisa and her husband have two boys and live in California. You can browse Lisa Leonard Designs on her website or visit her beautiful blog. You can also use the code chattingatthesky to receive %15 off your purchase.


  1. says

    hmmm, quiet time with the Lord while sitting outside on the deck enjoying the beauty of His creation all around me and of course having a steaming cup of coffee in my hand. Second to that is time spent enjoying life with my family. Then would be time with my girlfriends to laugh, talk, cry, share. =)
    kathy k.

  2. Wendy V. says

    Nuzzling my toddler, playing 4-square with my children at dusk, and leaning on a fence post watching the sun set over the corn tassels. Soul Food.

  3. KTG says

    Quiet time to read, weekends to recharge with my family and simple creative projects like making photo albums…feed my soul.

  4. says

    Spending time in the Word or in prayer with other women. Talking with my friends about what the Lord is doing in our lives. Sitting outside with a cup of coffee and my Bible, just talking to the Lord and listening to His whispers to me. Hanging out with my sweet man after the girls have gone to bed. Laughing over a good meal with all of my family.

    Funny…noticed that the things I listed have a lot to do with presence. His presence feeds my soul. Simply BEING with Him and being with those I love feeds my soul. I can get so wrapped up in doing. But it’s the being that fills me up.

  5. says

    Creating, making something that was not there before– a photograph, a craft, a lovely room, even a nourishing meal– it feeds my soul to add to and celebrate the beauty.

  6. says

    What is it that feeds my soul??

    Many things, but I have learned nothing feeds my soul like time with the Lord while in the mountains.

    I grew up in the mountains and still to this day I feel more peace, more close to the LORD sitting on the porch of a cabin, coffee in hand, God’s Word (or just silence) on my lap, the sounds of nature all around, and the beauty of rolling mountains all around. There is something about it that allows me to take a deep breath, relax, and feel the power of the HOLY SPIRIT living in me. It is my quiet place that I wish I was able to visit more often.

    Thank you for this opportunity. I really love the necklace.

  7. says

    i loved that litle piece when i saw it :)
    what feeds my soul is… the wide open air at the beach, waves rolling in again and again. and playing there with my family, being in the moment and leaving the rset of the world behind.
    and with that being said… i feel the need to get there. soon.
    thanks :)

  8. says

    it happens for me at the edge of the world too ~ every sense is captured. watching & listening to the waves crash. feeling the sand between my toes and making drippy castles with my hands. floating in the waves & catching a wave with the boogie board. tasting the salty water. smelling the air. all of it feeds my soul.

  9. says

    Just living life, feeds my soul. I am so grateful for all of the blessings I receive on a daily basis. I am a photographer, and I always laugh and say, “it does not feed my son, it feeds my soul. I consider it as a gift from God.

  10. brittany says

    Talking to a friend or my husband and knowing they “get” me. When I realize that God has been speaking to me all along. When I’m at the beach or the mountains and there is no denying that there is Someone bigger than me.

  11. Kim says

    Yoga feeds my soul — or more specifically, the quiet time I spend with Jesus during yoga, especially in savasana when I imagine the two of us sitting beside a creek, him with arms around me strong, whispering the truth of what he sees in me.

  12. says

    Love this…

    Lately I’ve been trying to set aside 24 hours in my week (ideally Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) “to cease”…which in Hebrew is “Sabbath”. During that time I just cease trying in my own effort and rest fully in God’s provision.

    I’ve found that not only does this time set apart (“kept holy”) feed my soul…the time with family, laughing with girlfriends, studying His Word, watching a movie, enjoying yummy food ALL feed my soul.

    During the other 6 days I’m so busy rushing around that I don’t stop to take the necessary step to feed my soul…

    God knew what He was doing when He put “keep the Sabbath holy” as one of the 10 commandments. =)

  13. dallimomma says

    Being in the kitchen with nothing but time and making something special for my family from scratch with my hands. Lots of time for contemplation.

  14. says

    Reading through the comments I know I could easily say, reading my bible, or my family, or quiet time just like everyone else. That’s what we are supposed to say when asked a question like this right? And it’s not that I don’t love and enjoy those things.
    But the reality is, for me, it is this place, this blog, and Ann’s blog, and Lysa’s blog, and Marybeth’s blog, and Karen’s blog, and so many others that I visit as often as I am able. This cyber world that has been created which feels like it has been created for me, is where I feel like I can breathe easier, and I can truly relax fully. Because I read the posts and I wipe tears from my eys, and I laugh and I nod in agreement and I feel like there are others out there like me. I feel like I belong, like I am not the only one with struggles and I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it right all the time, and I’m not the only one who messess up….every……day……
    I read,
    and I my soul is feed.

  15. says

    In quiet times, sometimes even total silence, I can feel the creativity rumble and come alive. Quiet time, where my mind is settled and my heart as a moment to feel……anything. Quiet times allow me to get my head together and to breathe.
    Quiet time feeds my soul! I try to recognize it, and make use of it whenever I can.

  16. Jennifer D. says

    Time with friends and family with no hidden agenda, reading, occasional time alone, time with friends enjoying each other.

  17. Sophia DeLonghi says

    Coming across a message or Scripture verse, or song that seems to have written by the Lord for just me at that moment feeds my soul

  18. says

    Spilling my heart to my friends and feeling understood in the way that only our girlfriends can “get” us. Laughing with my husband til I have tears in my eyes. His hand covering mine on long rides in the country. Smelling my little one’s hair. Sitting next to my dad at the ocean, good books with us that we never open, because we never stop talking. Quiet time in the Word, seeing a passage leap from the page to my heart exactly as I need to receive it. Missions trips, serving others, getting out of my comfort zone and out of my own way and focusing on others. Words poured onto a page.

  19. Holly says

    What feeds my soul?

    Reading a paragraph my ninth grader wrote in school about one of the most important things for her. . .having a strong faith in God. . .and knowing she is truly sincere about that.

    Another would be creating something that speaks God’s word back to me.

  20. Carolyn says

    What feeds my soul? My Children and my grandson. I need a daily dose of talking to my daughter and hearing about her son’s progress, I love talking to her boyfriend, grandson’s dad and hearing the joy that their son brings to their lives…(proposal is in the works!!) I enjoy my oldest sons passion for his music and for being a music teacher for children from K thur 8th grade. I love to see my youngest sons face when he comes home from school/work, or talking to him about his plans for college next year, it is not a very excited face. My soul needs my children each and everyday. Thanks to God for blessing my husband and I with wonderful children!!

  21. says

    Just like in the natural….we have to eat a variety of food to nourish our bodies…for me the same thing is true spiritually. First and foremost…my chair in the corner of my bedroom…with a cup of coffee…and my time with Jesus. Second…my husband…especially our sat. morning dates for breakfast(done these for 10 yrs.)…he mainly listens…I mainly talk. Then my family…what a joy… when everyone is home…the laughter….the conversations…a rare gift when you have older children…some married…lastly…any good conversations where I feel a connection….a meeting of two souls.

  22. Dana says

    Time with Jesus outside with a cup of coffee, breathing deep of His creation, laughter with friends and family, prayer…..

  23. says

    Reading God’s Word feeds my soul, helping others feeds my soul, and seeing my children healthy and putting others before themselves feeds my soul. I guess maybe you just wanted 1 anwser here LOL… LOVE YOUR BOOK. Didn’t think it was really talking about me til I go to Ch.6 on Rules…….it’s me. thanks great job on the book.

  24. Dottie says

    Sitting on the beach, just watching the waves roll in. There is something so timeless about it. Knowing that God set the waves in motion at creation, and they have been rolling ever since. I let the sound and the constant motion just roll over me, and I am able to put my life in perspective. I know that the God who created this magnificant world loves ME and knows ME. That feeds my soul. That is grace.

  25. Jenifer M says

    As I approach 37 years young I am still figuring out what feeds my soul and not worrying about if it “acceptable” to others.

  26. says

    Time spent at the beach always moves me, and feeds my soul. There’s just something about the water, the waves, and seeing the Creator’s Hand in the splendor of it all! and… to spend time there WITH FAMILY kicks everything up a notch!

  27. says

    Having the Living Word Planted deep within.
    Feasting on the Living Word daily.
    Sharing the Living Word with everyone I love.
    Worshiping the Living Word in the mountains, at the sea shore, walking forest trails…
    at sunrise or sunset or midday..
    Marveling at baby toes, bellybuttons….towering sons and coffee made with love.
    My husbands hands and heart surrendered…to our savior.
    Seeing God in all…. knowing every word that proceeds from His mouth…sustains me.

  28. Lynn says

    What feeds my soul? Spending time reading God’s word, watching the blessings unfold. Learing to recognize and enjoy the beauty in the little things…sweet grandbaby feet and giggles.

  29. Kate says

    Maybe this will seem like an easy answer – but for me it is the only one. My babies, oh they feed my soul. I struggled to get pregnant, lost 2, did IVF…it was rough. Now, I feel so blessed that I have two healthy children. They make me laugh, they make me cry, every day is challenging and fun and hard and tiring and wonderful and difficult and amazing. Motherhood is not easy, and sometimes I wonder if I am any good at it. But I would feel so empty without the divine messiness that is my family.

  30. Jen Kerr says

    Just the peace that fills me as I trust in God for what’s to happen next. Enjoying all that has been given to me for that day and remembering who gave it to me- so thankful!

  31. says

    Our lives can be very tough at times. We parent a son who was severely traumatized and abused before we knew him. There are times when our lives are so very difficult, when hope seems far away. Then God rushes in and pours a new cup of hope and promise into my heart. Sometimes through a blog post. Other times in a text from a friend. Most of the time through His promises that a loved one reminds me of. THAT is when my soul feels most nourished.

  32. Jacquelyn s says

    Watching my 2 year old (his birthday is tomorrow!) take so much joy in simple things. Like the sprinkler, or chasing dada around the house. Hes innocence and laughter makes my heart full of love.

  33. says

    Being at the beach, feeling the soft hard sand, hearing the waves repeatedly come in, and breathing the salty air. I would LOVE to win this so that I could give it to my sister who is going through a very difficult time right now. Such a beautiful piece!

  34. says

    The wonderful talks and laughs my husband and I share every day. We constantly talk about our hopes and dreams. We make each other laugh until our bellies hurt. We look at the future in the same direction.

    It feeds my soul, my heart, my spirit… to the core.

  35. says

    Time spent drinking in the beauty of creation feeds my soul – the beach, crashing waves, sand; deep forests, quiet lakes; breathtaking mountains; even the simple, earthy beauty of our farm through the seasons. Now that our kids are grown, we really savor the time we have together – my family is my favorite!

  36. Denise Sheets says

    Writing feeds my soul. I have so little time for it, so when I do take time, I can feel my soul lighten up. There is nothing like pen on paper (or typeface on screen)….

  37. Amy says

    Being with safe friends, time to linger with the Word, writing poetry, just writing, finishing something I’ve worked on for a long time, baking fresh bread, gardening, good conversation, laughter.

  38. Caitlin says

    occasional rest days where I have no resposibilites and can just get away and do whatever I choose! also, the Lord’s presence, of course!

  39. Carolyn says

    As I sit here reflecting upon how I feed my soul, I am tempted to write a chapter on this subject. You see, I am prone to the details…often giving too much information and also needing too much information….needing to know what tomorrow, next week, next month holds. After many years spent chasing the details of the future…the doing instead of the being and ignoring the health of my soul, I have been forced to STOP. BREATHE. LOOK. LISTEN. JUST BE. To many of you, that might be something that comes naturally, but for me it is a very difficult thing. Seeing God’s truths in my life, being truthful with myself and letting others see the real me is something I have struggled with my whole life. And so I have spent most of my life being busy and hiding. As many of you know, that leads to a very empty existence. And so, I am finding that the bearing of my soul is what is bringing nourishment of it. Laying my fears and hopes and confusion at God’s feet through prayer, taking a risk in sharing my feelings with those who love me (even though they know me), and moments spent each day counting God’s blessings in my life. It’s the quiet reflection for all I have to be thankful for and all the ways He is providing.

  40. says

    Getting together with my girlfriends once a month, chasing my one year old and listening to her giggle, seeing my husbands face when he comes home to one of his favorite dinners.

  41. Hannah says

    Taking a moment to enjoy the miracle that I am living – married to my love, living the life with love, and the incredibly privilege we have in following God, and the adventure that comes from all of that.

  42. Jessica says

    Eating the living word feeds my soul like none other. Seriously. I tell people that if I don’t have my Jesus and my coffee in the morning, I’m of no use to a anyone.

    Also, I’m blessed enough to lead a small group of college freshmen/sophomore girls. They inspire me with their vulnerability and honesty.

    That is what feeds my soul :)

  43. says

    Turning 50 this summer has brought a new perspective to what feeds my soul. I have to say that spending more time in God’s word and authentic friendships talking about what God is doing in our lives are the things that feed my soul well!

  44. Dana says

    I feed my soul with my relationship with God, family, and friends. We were made for companionship, fellowship, that natural inclination to be united in our common thread of humanity, God’s highest creation. He specially formed each and every one of us, and we all have a place in His heart no one else can fill. That blows me away. I find myself intertwined with Him, my everything in everything. If I didn’t have Him, I wouldn’t be here. He is so good, just, kind, gentle, patient, and longsuffering with me. Many times I’ve asked Him in our quiet times, and our not so quiet times, why He would bother going through the trouble. Each time He answers, His voice rings out clear and true: “I made you to reflect my glory and to forever be with Me.” Can’t beat that :)

  45. says

    What feeds my soul best is equal parts people-time and alone-time. I love and need the fellowship of others but I equally love and need alone time with God. My soul operates at maximum potential when I have enjoyed life-giving fellowship or even life-pouring-out ministry with another only to then enjoy some alone time to be refilled and recharged by the One who enables me to fellowship and minister. Likewise, if either gets out of balance, too much people-time, too much alone time, I immediately feel the slipping pull of loneliness or suffocation. God knows me; He made me this way but it has taken time for me to understand it. The necklace is beautiful. :)

  46. Lisa Blakesley says

    What feeds my soul aside from the WORD. Is my family. We have lost some recently and my Momma is dying of cancer. And to be honest, I never know how long God has for me on this earth. The last 30 years have been touch and go, so each day is a blessing and we praise Him for the good days and praise Him for the bad days. And for however long He allows me to be here I will pour myself out to serve Him. By His Grace, For His Glory!

  47. says

    What feeds my soul? Making memories with my kids, play dates with friends, a good book and/or blog, walking alone with my husband, holding hands, spending time with my sister, quilting and “chatting at the sky”. I could go on but you get the idea.

  48. says

    Nothing is relaxing and rejuvenating than an impromptu day/afternoon of freedom with the hubby and kiddos. Paying in the rain, a day at the lake…letting go of all the worries and daily stuff and truly being present – no plan, no schedule, just being!

  49. says

    Music. Worship music. Sunset. The sparkle I’m my daughter’s eye, her Love for Jesus. The ocean, salt air, sand, the water rushing over toes, the sun dancing. A friend just knowing. Family together, laughing, talking enjoying, I soak it all in. This feeds my soul.

  50. AMB says

    My soul is fed…

    running the trails through the woods, breeze on my face.

    sitting silent in God’s presence, receiving.

    laughing out loud with those I love.

  51. says

    Seeing my babies smile, hearing their laughter, feeling their sweet arms around my neck, snuggling up to them and reading stories, watching them build blanket forts in the front yard, witnessing their personalities and their imaginations and their creativity and their FAITH grow and knowing that I am so BLESSED to be a part of their beautiful little lives… these are the things that feed my soul.

  52. julie says

    What feeds my soul is being in nature, God’s handiwork, and breathing deeply of it and taking it in; it feeds me every single time :)

  53. Pauline says

    What feeds my soul?
    When someone speaks the truth about God and His heart toward me in my time of need and self-critical darkness, and when someone reaches out to my heart with understanding, love and grace. When the truths about God hit home, right into my heart, and reside.

  54. says

    Quiet. I have a very active one year old, along with my husband and my dog. It is never quiet around our house. But when my husband is at work, my son is sleeping, and my dog is outside, I just sit and soak in the quiet. My soul has a chance to breath, and be fed. And oh how nice it is!

  55. says

    Oh how I LOVE this necklace! What a beautiful reminder! What feeds my soul: reading the Word of God outside in beautiful natural surroundings, journaling, curled up with a good book in front of a fire, quality alone time and conversation with my husband, seeing family! :)

  56. Denise says

    I never thought I would be 36 years old and unable to answer this question fully. My sweet husband has been gently nudging me to find ways to restore my soul. Being a mom of three has worn me down; at times I don’t know how to get back up. The more I sit with God and reflect on how to feed my soul, with Him… the answers have come slowly. I don’t have a group of friends that encourages me to feed my soul. But my one dear friend and I… we ask each other all the time how the process is going. What beauty did you see this week? What creative part of you did you explore? It’s not hopeless to uncover who I am underneath all the “shoulds” and “have to’s”, but God and I are together.

    So, for now, gardening restores my soul. Picking out weeds, and mowing the grass. Having my camera around my neck wherever I go, and sitting with a cup of tea and a good book. I am fortunate enough to live by the beach and the mountains, which gives me a chance to have a deep breath, just by looking at them.

    Great question Emily. Thanks for asking.

  57. says

    Being outdoors on a beautiful day, walking a trail, sitting by the lakeshore or in the garden in the quiet, feeds my soul. Taking time to simply enjoy and appreciate that “this is the day the Lord has made”, and rejoicing in it and savoring it, does wonders for my outlook on everything (and everyone) in my life. I would love to wear such a beautiful necklace. :)

  58. says

    Faith, family and friend… But also time alone. In this fast paced world I really need that down time to reconnect with myself , refuel to be able to keep the pace. Finding the balance is hard, and I don’t have it figured out-often feeling that no matter what I am doing there is something or someone else that needs my attention. In those rare moments when I give myself permission to just be, I am at peace and can then feed my soul. Most days though, I simply try to remember all the blessings I have and try to name some specifically to maintain a grateful attitude. This feeds my soul too-prayers of thanksgiving.

  59. says

    I LOVE that necklace! Beautiful art. What feeds my soul is going out on the streets and feeding the homeless. I love being with them, ministering, praying. It’s peaceful, not much hustle and bustle, with usually a cool breeze down here on the water in south Texas.

  60. melissa c says

    deep talks with good friends, hugs from children, holding hands with husband, stumbling upon a blog or scripture that speaks to my heart….that is what feeds my soul~

  61. says

    a time of quiet with my Bible and my cup of coffee, time with my husband doing almost anything; hiking with camera’s ’round our necks, sitting on rocks near the ocean (we love Maine), kayaking through quiet waters, my children’s laughter, smiles, and hugs, connecting with good friends in fellowship, reading books or blogs that inspire me to draw closer to my Savior…. oh ,the list is to long to write here….

  62. says

    Oh my, so much feeds my soul. I have been blessed with so many things in my life that I am eternally filled with gratitude for. My two beautiful boys; Grace; the gift of dancing; the ability to sing; running through the woods. But, I think sitting by the ocean with a book and a glass of wine or coffee TRULY feeds my soul. I hear the still small voice of the Divine in the roar of the ocean while the words on the page feeds my mind and the warmth of the coffee feeds my body. My heart is then fed…. body ,mind and spirit.

  63. says

    On the beach with my family. Watching my boys in the surf. Seeing my youngest marvel at sea creatures. The sounds. The smells. The ocean air. It feeds & rejuvenates my soul. Thank you for this opportunity to win a stunning LLD necklace.

  64. Christena says

    Blogs. I know it sounds silly, but the internet has given us this amazing opportunity to connect with others who are like us but not in close proximity to us. I feed my soul by reading (in)courage and the personal blogs (and books, in the case of you and Ann) of the authors – my daily reads are you, Ann, Amber, and Emily (imperfect prose).

  65. VHiggins says

    Making time for my art, either writing or getting behind my camera. Also getting out in nature makes me a whole new person.

  66. Lauren Bates says

    Bible reading. Laughing with good friends. Hearing the ocean hit the beach. Holding my husband’s hand. Snuggling with my baby boy (who is 9… not really a baby) =)

  67. says

    Around my dinner table with my family. It is not the food that feeds me, but the blessing of a table full of kids, a loving husband, and a whole lotta love. Now that my oldest is in college, I treasure the moments when we are together even more.

  68. says

    I need time outside – a walk in the woods, a day staring at the ocean, even an afternoon at the park. I need music – to listen to it (especially live – a symphony, a musical, a jazz trio…) and to make it (preferably with others – singing with my girlfriends in the car, a blues jam on the porch, choir, worship team…). I need time alone – a cup of coffee and a journaling session on the porch, reading a book on the couch, drawing/crafting/designing (even coloring) at the kitchen table. And I need regular doses of play and laughter with people who amuse me. I am prone to melancholy and need to intersperse my alone time with hanging out with people who crack me up.

  69. says

    reading a good book or my bible in the quiet of the morning, before everyone else is up. or journaling/blogging my heart until i understand what it’s saying. or picking my daughter up out of her crib after naptime to hear her say “mama” (her first word, new this week!!!). :)

  70. megan says

    I love Lisa Leonard and her jewelry.

    Being creative feeds my soul! Nothing like a Sunday afternoon scrapbooking and reflecting on all our great family moments.

  71. Julie B says

    Coming home from my full time corporate (demanding) job and playing with my kids until they go to sleep feeds my soul. Don’t know who I would be without that evening play time.

  72. Kathleen in SC says

    Remembering what I’m blessed with- a God who loves me, a husband who’s my best friend, two little boys that make me laugh, and a good cup of coffee with sweet friends. Thanks so much! I love Lisa’s work. =)

  73. Nadine says

    Walking along the beach, with my dog, a yummy starbucks, breathing in the sea air, and seeing all of God’s creation around me. I can come away from a 30min walk with a new perspective on life and know that God is with me.

    I received your book yesterday, CAN’T WAIT to dive in!

  74. Joy H. says

    Working in the garden…planting, tending, nurturing, harvesting (flowers & edibles:) My hands are busied so my heart and mind are free to be still. Love it!

  75. Amy Senecal says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now, but have never commented. Just a chance of winning one of Lisa’s beautiful necklaces has brought me out of hiding. How do I feed my soul? Take a nature walk with my children at my side and my camera in hand. It never fails to satisfy. God is an amazing Creator!

  76. Lois DiCicco says

    This is such a great question. I don’t have an answer, and this is something I need to ponder more closely. Just recently I have realized how much I do indeed need to “feed my soul”. It gets weary and worn-out and tired. I am reminded of Jesus’ words, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden … and you will find REST for your souls.” Matt. 11:28-29.

    Thanks for posing this question. I’ve enjoy reading everyone’s answer.

  77. says

    The things that feed my soul are my family and girl time with my Mom. I just recently moved 15 hours away from home for graduate school and so I have learned to get involved in my church to fill that void. There are things only a mother can do but being surrounded by godly women certainly helps! I am so very thankful for those women!

  78. says

    Precious moments of connection with God, with my husband, with my daughter, with my girlfriends. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing – as long as our hearts are connecting, that absolutely feeds my soul!

  79. Linda says

    God feeds my soul, and He uses His Word, music, art, nature – sunsets speak powerfully! – my kids, and bloggers to do it.

    There are not many kindred souls here in my physical area, but I have found some great ones who listen to Him, and share on this incredible www. Thank you for being one of those.

  80. Ashley Dane says

    Reading my Bible, journaling my prayers, being quiet, going for a walk or a run, and being with my family feeds my soul. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  81. Lauren Harris says

    Being able to read my devotions, and write in my journal with that feeling of peace surrounding me is a way that I feed my soul; also being able to just wrap my arms around my sweet little 4 month old nephew and have his chubby little fingers wrap around mine, feeds my soul as well.

  82. Alisa K. says

    The thing that feeds my soul most is stealing away to the coast with my husband and 3boys on the weekend….especially in the fall when all the vacationers have gone home and the beach is empty, temperatures are cool, and there’s is time to just “re-center”. And not just any beach…the less commercialized the better! Waking up early to run, then back for fresh coffee and time to just “be”. I can reconnect to my Jesus, my husband, and my kids and find the courage to head back into another bustling, crazy-busy week!

  83. Shanda says

    Church is the number one thing that feeds my soul. Going to the beach first thing in the morning, sitting in peace and quiet with the breeze blowing by and the sound of the waves crashing, gives me peace and is another great way that i feed my soul

  84. Judy says

    Spending quiet time with my Lord truly feeds my soul as no other can.
    Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful work of art.

  85. says

    I have 10 children. My life is normally filled with noise and activity and chaos and noise. There is also bickering and rough-housing and crying and whining. Did I mention there is noise in my life? So. Whenever all my children are playing contentedly together, laughing and being silly or talking about the book they just finished or what the kittens are doing outside, THAT feeds my soul. That makes me know that this life that I lead is worth all the time and effort and angst……and noise…..that it is made up of.

  86. says

    I cherish quiet times with my husband, snuggle time with my kids and coffee with good friends. These all feed my heart and soul. I’ve been loving this necklace since it came out. It’s a great reminder!

  87. jamie says

    so many things feed my soul. the quiet of the house when not one person is home and all the stuff i get done. doing things for my family. going to church. focusing and making sure that i only do what feeds my soul, and not what drains my soul. honestly, reading my favorite blogs feed my soul every single day when i enter their virtual homes and sit at their tables. i walk away feeling loved and fed {with their love, their inspiration…}

  88. Melanie says

    I love the necklace! Lots of things feed my soul, but I have a wonderful example from this morning – my 7 year old daughter cut out a paper heart and wrote in it ” For you Mom” and hid it in my paper. That definitely slowed me down and was true food for my soul!

  89. knmkendall says

    Thank you for this giveaway! What a lovely necklace this is. I love Lisa’s creations! One of the most relaxing things that feeds my soul and quietens my heart. is putting up my feet to sit and nurse my baby, caressing her, and reading devotional books on my Kindle.

  90. Kathy Frazier says

    Being totally alone – no one else around – feeds my soul. I need and crave ‘quiet’ in order to recharge. Quiet feeds my soul.

  91. says

    Spending time with my beloved husband, talking about our hopes and dreams and the gospel feeds my soul. Spending time with a good friend, talking about Jesus and His story in our lives feeds my soul. Spending a day alone without talking to anyone also feeds my soul. Spending time with Jesus and talking to Him feeds my soul.
    Thanks for loving the gospel, Emily, and for bringing it to us here!

  92. Kate says

    Singing worship at the top of my lungs in my car, sitting in my hammock on my back porch watching rain the sunrise or the sunset, dancing/jumping in puddles in the middle of a summer thunderstorm, quality time with heart friends, hearing someone’s story – or when someone is vulnerable and bears their soul, cuddles with kiddos (especially since I don’t have my own), creating, reading a good book (including the Word). Love the necklace!

  93. says

    My first answer would be music. Music is so much a part of worship for me. Then I would say being in nature. I love wandering through the woods that surround our home, camera in hand, capturing God’s handiwork. His splendor in full view, surrounding me. And their something about being at the beach at sunrise or sunset and hearing the roaring of the waves….that feeds my soul…I can feel God there…it’s so powerful.

  94. says

    good conversations with friends, coffee in hand, losing track of time, and finding, after a few hours, to our surprise, the world has not disappeared after all.

  95. says

    spending time with my wonderful friends and family, cuddling with the children, listening to the children say prayers, worshipping God through music, sitting at the beach looking at the waves for hours and thinking about the One who created it all.

  96. says

    I love that necklace (and all of Lisa’s designs). Lately, quiet walks in the park, observing the signs of the changing seasons have been food for my soul. I’m so glad it’s fall!

  97. Amber says

    I find that when I can use the creative gifts God gave me to serve his purposes in my life and the world around me, I feed my soul. What he has given to me is meant to be shared.

  98. Kimmie says

    There are so many ways my soul is fed…
    I love bible study with the girls on Tuesday nights, lunch with friends, snuggle time with our daughter and alone time with my amazing husband!

  99. Tara says

    Spirit of place really feeds my soul–being “home” where I grew up, watching the leaves sway in the breeze and seeing my children play in the same yard I played in…..good, good stuff.

  100. says

    The stillness of a mountain lake, the rush of the creek, the autumn sun as it tints the colorful trees, the rise and fall of the ocean’s breath, the stickiness of the summer, the fresh excitement of spring, the crispness of the changing seasons and the laughter of my children throughout it all: creation feeds my soul and I am reminded over and over and over by the little things to stop, hush my mind and simply be thankful.

  101. says

    Besides the obvious of family, children, and my Creator—CREATING feeds MY soul. Last year, I was working at a job that did not allow me to be creative. I felt like my soul was dying daily, little by little. I discovered a hobby of decorating cookies to allow my creative thoughts and ideas run freely from my mind and hands. My soul was being fed and I felt so much better about myself as a person, a mom, a wife, and MOST importantly a woman! A CREATIVE WOMAN!

    I like to say that the creative process of decorating cookies for others SAVED MY SOUL.

  102. Holly B says

    spending time with my mom doing things that seem so simple: a home pedicure, buying a new K-Mart quilt, a homemade version of an egg and cheese McMuffin, sitting quietly together

  103. says

    capturing my days in pictures feeds my soul. somehow looking through my camera lens truly helps me to slow down and enjoy the moments…not just the fun ones but the everyday moments with my family-the good, the bad and the ugly.

  104. Gale Starnes says

    Snuggling under a soft quilt on a Friday night, in my king-sized bed, with my sweet-smelling, freshly-scrubbed baby grands. They giggle and beg me to tell one more story, until their breathing becomes more of a baby snore. They are little only once, and right now, they think I hung the moon. After murmuring prayers over their tousled heads, I too, settle down for blissful sleep, dreaming of the pancakes we will devour in the morning. That is what feeds my soul!!

  105. says

    Our annual 2 week basic camping holiday at Wooleys Bay on the Tutukaka Coast north of Auckland, New Zealand, is full of moments that “feed my soul”. Living outside all day on the beach, in the water, on the rocks, in the bush, takes my mind away from me and makes me listen to the great books I read during those weeks. The amount of time it takes cooking with simple ingredients for huge numbers with small facilities, “feeds my soul” because everyone gets in to be part of it. The appreciation for the effort is shared by all along with the pleasure of finally eating. Everyone is always SO hungry! My thinking changes when I’m up in that place. I always rethink the past year, but each year I am given ideas to work with for the next. It may be in teaching the kids, or in our family generally, or in working with women in our church, or a creative idea to pursue, sometimes it’s a totally random new idea that is just NOT me. By nature I love nature – seeing, hearing smelling, feeling it, so such a holiday “feeds my soul” each day, and because I am so satisfied I relax in Him at a deeper level. Hope I never get too old to not be able to brave the conditions!

  106. Amy Corley says

    A good conversation, my Bible and coffee in the morning, sharing a belly laugh with any one (or all) of my kids, taking time to really listen and hear, the opportunity to serve and meet a need….all of these feed my soul. And I LOVE Lisa’s jewelry designs. The feed my soul necklace is awesome!

  107. says

    What feeds my soul is good conversation about the Lord (I don’t know why I put in the adjective good, because every conversation about the Lord is good).

    After talking with a friend about the Lord I always feel refreshed.

    You know, those discussions that remind you of why you fell in love with the Lord in the first place? Those long, deep conversations that make your heart swell with a renewed passion for Him. Talks that bring to mind all of His truths and why He is good and I am not – yet He loves me, and Jesus died on the cross for me… and because of that I’m good to Him.

    See, just typing that… Soul. Fed.


  108. Soile Viilo says

    God´s Word, hugging my little daughter, reading a good book, laying on the grass and listening to the wind blowing…

  109. says

    The smells of nature and the many colours of green, feeling the wind on my face as I stand (or sit) at the edge of a lake, listening to the waves rolling in.

  110. Missy P says

    Watching the birds. Especially when, as happened this week, a summer tanager alighted on my feeder only for a few seconds, but posing beautifully for us while he was there. It’s as if he knew he had never been there before and would not come again, but wanted us to have that one moment.

  111. Colleen G. says

    What feeds my soul is rising early in my home, alone with the Lord. Reading, writing and waiting on Him to speak to my heart. All followed by the rising of the sun, promise of a new day and ending with the voices of my children. Definitley soul food!
    Colleen G.

  112. jenn says

    what feeds my soul? A late night run (9 ish) with a friend. The cool night air, sometimes the moon is bright, with few clouds that go right over it. My ipod in, listening to praise songs, and looking up at the huge sky is just amazing. WIth wind in my hair and on my face, we run, struggling to get up a hill, the chorus of my favorite song comes, and it gives me a little push to keep going. That feeds my soul:) and my body:)

  113. says

    Quiet feeds my soul. As a mother of three, with a full-time job in a hospital, my life is a constant circus. I have to find a little quiet here and there to just let myself-rest. Reading, writing, quilting, knitting–whatever, as long as it’s quiet.

  114. Michelle says

    Calling my family, and knowing they will pick up the phone. Driving hours and hundreds of miles to see my family, knowing they will be there. Knowing that love flows under, over, and around every moment, even while we drive each other crazy, even amidst the misspoken words and the sometimes sore feelings. Gift, gift, gift.

  115. says

    What feeds my soul? …mmm. A familiar passage of Scripture that speaks to me in a new way. A cup of coffee, fresh out of the pot, with creamer and honey. My bath robe, my three boys, popcorn and wheel of fortune faintly in the background. A good book that makes me want to read out loud to my husband. How good it feels to finish a long run. Laughing after a hard cry. (You know…that cryie laugh :)) Unexpected flowers on a random Tuesday. A long hug from a good friend. Taking a nap to a muted football game. Mamaw’s Thanksgiving dressing. And a blossoming friendship that you know will last a lifetime.

  116. says

    Belly laughs feed my soul. The kind that make your stomach hurt and your eyes water and cause you to struggle to breathe. I think there is so much hope in laughter.

  117. Crista says

    The stillness of the morning and that last bit of night before I fall asleep – this feeds my soul.
    The way my pup thinks I’m the best person in the world and reminds me every time I come home – this feeds my soul.
    Walking through sorrow and pain to experience the love and laughter with my family and friends – this feeds my soul.
    Doing what I was made to do – this feeds my soul.
    Pointing myself and others to a life full of adventure, risk, and reward – this feeds my soul.
    Jesus – He feeds my soul.

  118. Bernie says

    Having my special time with God….Chatting with my family thru Skype (they are in the Philippines ) hearing their voices, laughter and stories just makes my day….The hugs, kisses, cuddle from my husband….A good and inspirational book…..A song that strikes a chord in my heart….All these and more are what feeds my soul…For which I’m truly grateful !!!!

  119. says

    My soul is fed….

    reading a great book while curled up with a good cup of coffee.

    listening to my kids playing and laughing outside…..

    seeing the trees slowly turning to Fall…..

    feeling the breeze against my body on a brisk walk with my dog……

    conversation at the end of long days with my husband, my best friend.

  120. jerikay says

    spending time with my Lord Jesus through reflection, prayer, the reading of His word or a devotional then journaling my thoughts is what truly feeds my soul.
    another lovely design by lisa leonard.
    thanks emily!

  121. says

    Sitting around the table with my kids, husband and parents, just enjoying a meal conversation and fellowship with one another…. feeds the body and the soul!

  122. Risserlee says

    Opening the word and realizing that words I have read and read and read are alive and fresh and ready to apply to my soul for this day. Drinking in the beauty of creation and contemplating just how much more He loves me than any of the glory I see around me. Holding my sweet child and savoring the moment, knowing that her very existence was one of the best answers to any request I’ve made to Him.

  123. Shawn Heeney says

    UMH….music feeds my soul. When the waves come crashing in and everything around me is loud and spinning in choas. I love to lay on my bed, listening to soft music. Slows everything down and softens my heart. Then I can speak to Jesus!

  124. Izabela says

    After a long day at work, and picking up my lil one from daycare, nothing soothes my soul more than a quiet room with a warm cup on tea…even in the middle of summer…finding the time to finish a cup of tea in peace is hard to come by, but when it does…it sure is beautiful and soothing.

  125. Karen Fritsch says

    There are many things that feed my soul. In summer sitting in the sun with a good book to read. Right now as days are getting shorter and for sure cooler a bath in the sauna, deep conversations, good friends, my kids and certainly heart to heart communication with my dear husband and best friend for nearly 20 years now. GOD’s word and good sound teaching are also on the top list.

  126. Nicole says

    Daily quiet time. Laughing with my brothers on the phone. Dinners with friends that linger into the night. Music. A twilight walk. A breeze through my bedroom window in the early morning. Sloppy kisses from my little boy. Feeling my little girl kick my tummy. Sitting with my husband at the end of the day. Paying attention. Grace.

  127. Lynne says

    PLAYING, with girl friends or with my sweet daughters. When I take time to just “be” and relate to the amazing people in my life, I find I am “filled up” and blessed. It truly does help me to feel prepared and ready for whatever is next.

  128. Lucy says

    Being outside in God’s Creation, especially in the mountains or at the beach, but any patch of green will do! I am also so thankful for dear friends in my life who love me well and constantly invite me to deeper places with the Lord. Playing with my Golden Retriever. Worship at our church. Time in prayer.

    Thank you for such a beautiful necklace and such a wonderful post! I run a Christian Group for Eating Disorders and I am constantly asking them what feeds their soul . . . because they have such a hard time getting in touch with that. So encouraging to see all that people have written. Man does not live by bread alone!!!

    Thanks too for such an inspiring blog!

  129. Nikita says

    In a word, beauty. More specifically, the everyday ordinary beauty that comes out in unexpected places at unexpected moments. The moon still visible at 10 am. The lone flower growing out of a crack in a run down cement wall. The smile of a friend who knows, soul-deep, what it is you’re not saying and gets it. The excited whoop of a toddler who’s been expecting you and must have your undivided attention right this moment. A gift that goes beyond an item and into the realm of love and joy. These things that seem simple enough, but when counted with eyes open to God’s boundless grace become things of true beauty and wonder. This feeds my soul.

  130. says

    Laughing with my husband… reading outside on my porch… fresh flowers… silence .. time in The Word… coloring.. sitting with friends not having to say a word…

  131. Sherri says

    Whether it’s from my backyard patio, driving down the highway, over a local lake, over the Atlantic Ocean in Florida or the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, watching the sun rise and/or set feeds my soul.

  132. says

    Friendship. Yesterday a small group of my friends put together a “farewell shower” for me as my husband and I are preparing to move. After a rough day the day before (my attitude was poor), spending the afternoon sitting at a table with them, a pitcher of cold, lemon water, talking about life and their kids (we don’t have kids yet – it blesses me so much to hear them talk about theirs), sharing our hearts and struggles, praying for each other, it’s like God lifted me in His arms just being around that table of sweet women, all struggling in our humanness, but desiring with all our hearts to be the women, wives and mothers God created us to be… and helping each other along the way. Reminds me of the lyrics to Sara Groves’ song, Different Kinds of Happy: “sharing our secrets, bearing our souls, helping each other come clean.” Good friendship and real conversation is like a breath of fresh air.

  133. says

    Beauty feeds my soul – a mass choir, a quartet in perfect harmony, a wave crashing to shore, a bird calling to its mate, a sunset bursting with every possible shade of orange, a creek babbling for no one but its Creator, my baby boy touching my face.

  134. says

    My soul is fed by spending time with my wonderful daughter.
    She graduated from college in the spring and is trying to ascertain whether or not she has a calling to religious life. Our discussions have strengthened my faith and opened my mind.

  135. Melissa Carnall says

    What feeds my soul? serving others, becoming as other-centered as possible, and finding Jesus in every person I meet. And sharing my heart with my friends and laughing at the silliest of things. and then laughing some more 😀

  136. Shirley says

    Wide open spaces; the ever-changing sky; a cool breeze on skin. The soul-expanding moment when art reveals life and exquisite beauty is unveiled in vulnerability.

  137. Holly Law says

    Raising my hands in worship of the Almighty God feeds my soul, but so does spending a quiet Friday night with my family watching a movie. Walking the beach, breathing in the fall air and the hearing my children’s voices does as well. I live a blessed life and I don’t want to take it for granted!

  138. Carrie says

    Worship through music. Losing all sense of time by sitting on the sand, watching the ever-changing rhythm of the ocean, basking in the majestic sea of life…..

  139. says

    a clean house, happy kids, a good meal in the crock pot.

    sunshine, the ocean, nowhere to be.

    smiling children. tender hearts. snuggles in the morning.

    hot coffee, muffin fresh out of the oven and a good book early in the morning.

  140. Sherry Smith says

    Grandchildren are God’s way of feeding my soul. Rocking a baby to sleep, getting a running hug, telling family stories, singing the old hymns, playing tea party, and a thousand everyday activities form a very special spiritual bond between me and my grands. My three little windows on the future assure me that God loves this world and cares for each of us. Eternal life begins here and now. We can experience a small taste of heaven by simply recognizing the gifts and blessings He gives us daily.

  141. Ellen Broder says

    I’m toying with a tasting platter of scripture, story, sermons, inspirational blogs and, handfuls or rich earth & flashes of spring sunshine in Australia to learn to feed my soul after keeping the rumblings of hunger hidden for too long…

  142. says

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