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After spending a month writing on a focused topic everyday, I have found myself mush-brained this week. When I told my sister that, she agreed she felt the same way and said, “Um. Hello? I wrote about Adam Lambert.” And I laughed hysterically until I realize that her post about Adam Lambert is pretty much all shades of awesome. So I win in the mush trophy.

So while she’s over there teaching decorating truths she learned from Adam Lambert, another fellow 31 Dayer has the nerve to be brilliant as well. Kendra at My First Kitchen is hosting A Cookie and a Story Contest until November 14th. You can read the details at her blog, but basically she is looking for cookie recipes and a story to go along with it from you. Super fun.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that June from Bye Bye Pie came over a few weeks ago and brought her puppy. That’s right. I am now a hoster of dog play dates. I would write more about it, but June already did and we all know she is much better at these dog types of writings than I am.

And while I’m telling you about awesome things, Melissa at Events by Design is hosting Something to Celebrate for the month of November. She has great recipes, fun tips, lovely photos and giveaways! Her tagline is Where Celebration Comes to Life, and let me tell you: this girl knows how to celebrate. Ask anyone who knows her in real life, and they will smile and tell a story of how they have received invitations from Melissa for an “It’s Spring!” party or “It’s Tuesday!” party or an impromptu girls tea party in her daughter’s room. Can you guess what she does for a living? Of course she is an Events Designer. I love the stuff that girl is made of.

So here’s to hoping next week begins with less mush-brain. While you are weekending, keep your eyes open for those everyday graces that are at risk of going unnoticed. Write it down, take a picture, and then link up with us here on Tuesday for Tuesdays Unwrapped.

Speaking of photos, when I went to add a new photo to my about page yesterday, I realized the information there was nearly two years old. So I took some time to update it and ended up writing way more than I meant to but I just didn’t know where to stop. I always struggle with doing an about page – do I talk about me? My writing? My blog? My family? I talked about all of those things. Do you know of any blog about pages that you particularly like? Do tell. In the meantime, I’m off to see if Adam Lambert has anything to say about creating space for your soul to breathe.


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    You guys are too much with the Adam stuff today. Cracking me up. Your last Adam Lambert line made me giggle out loud. Your sister is responsible for me quoting his advice to a friend who, just this afternoon, said she loved my shoes but could never pull them off. It got me a funny look, since most days I don’t toss around his name or fashion advice. Who knew throwing out a little Adam could be equal parts funny, inspiring and weird-look-inducing. Worst of all, I tried to explain myself with the words, “On one of the blogs I read…” A preamble that which rarely leads to clarity or justification, and almost always provokes confused stares.

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    That photo is too fun! Hubby and I are just itchin’ for a puppy, and now that we have a house with a yard that just might happen. First we have to figure out what to do about a fence…

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    you’re such a hoot! 😉

    I think you deserve to extend some of that lovely grace in your own direction and just let your own soul, mind, and even blog ‘breathe’ after 31 days straight of posting.

    When ever I feel ‘mushy’ about blogging, I know that’s just about the time I need to unplug for a bit to come back fresh and inspired by LIFE!

    Thanks for sharing your heart w/us…you’re a gem.


    ps – I never quite know when to stop and or filter on the ‘about’ page either

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    I find it’s best to list a bunch of thought provoking questions and answer them… instead of 1 huge bio. It’s more interesting to read that way and we’ll learn a lot about you :)

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    I also have mush brain and I am procrastinating writing by blog hopping to my favorite blogs! I am so supposed to be writing and preparing for a blog launch for MONDAY! Oh my, I better get back to business!
    Oh, and thanks so much for being real!

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    Thanks for reminding me about the cookie contest at My First Kitchen. I like that blog and visit often. Enjoyed your relaxed post today…..thanks! That reminds me, I need to do a better job at my “About” page. It feels so unusual writing about myself sometimes :o)

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    loved this and that i could look at the “about”…i’ve been here before, but not sure if I looked there…so glad i did! i don’t think i can compare it to what you had before b/c i didn’t see that…i love what i learned! you blog with your sister…still working on that one! you work with high school students…so do we! with Student Venture in public high schools…you have twin girls and I am of a set of identical twin girls:) you have a wonderful godly husband…so do I and we love being partners in life and ministry…just like you! the journey is the joy! abby:)

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    thanks for the shout out girl. it’s been fun to celebrate something every day. i’ll have a few pics tomorrow of last weeks shoot. come by! also can’t wait to see your #3 tomorrow at the party!! love ya!

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    I’ve been reading your delightful blog from England for some time now, but have never left a comment before. I just wanted to let you know that I think you new about page is perfect — the photos really bring it to life!


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    H Em,
    (If you don’t hate that shortening of your name?)
    Just to tell you again how much I like your spot; that I am back in the blog-saddle; and that I have linked to you in my latest post.

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