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You know how The Nester is always saying it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful in the decorating world? Well take that same concept and apply it to entertaining and you’ve got Sandy at the Reluctant Entertainer. She encourages real people to entertain without all the fancy. And while I think I’m learning to let the imperfect be beautiful in my everyday, it is harder to do that when company’s comin’.

tea party

To read about my messy, lovely and unexpected Dollar Store tea party, head on over to visit Sandy. She is sure to inspire you with her creativity and conviction to bring families and friends around the table, no matter the place settings.

If you are visiting from sweet Sandy’s site, feel free to join us today as we celebrate the gift of the everyday. Simply link up below to a post you have written that celebrates a small gift of the everyday. We call it Tuesdays Unwrapped. I look forward to celebrating with you.



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    adorable, the picture, the people, the “decorations” . You get it right every time.

    My post is true to the spirit of all of this unwrapping I hope. Not so cheery, but putting faith in it anyway.

    Thanks for letting me share. It unburdens , this community, that is a gift too.

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    “To value connection rather than perfection.” Wow. What words of wisdom.

    Thanks for sharing the way you helped your kids (and yourself!) make that sweet memory.

    Blessings to you.

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    hey friend. glad to “chat” with you today. i’ve been sitting here at our new desktop just taking in these sweet entries. it feels like a gift in itself…to sit in my pjs, while my kids watch sesame street, and i drink coffee and stop to chat at the sky. love you.

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    This is my first time actually linking for Tuesdays Unwrapped but I always enjoy the links. The concept is really great and I love having the reminder to really look at what is going on and find the meaning behind it.

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    It’s been a while since I posted, and I didn’t blog on my blog about anything. I’ve been a little boring lately! But, I will share a little moment! Today I was watching my neighbors children, one almost 4 and the other 3 months. I was holding the 3 month old, he was a little fussy…I was bouncing, shushing, patting, and walking him around and the next thing I knew..he was asleep. I haven’t had a baby fall asleep in my arms in a while, 3 1/2 years to be exact. I have to say, that having this sweet, gentle baby fall asleep in my arms….caused my heart to ache. Ache in the way that only a mother can understand…..the yearning for another little one! So, my husband better get ready!

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    Emily, thank you, friend, for being my special guest.

    I wish I had been at the party – and someday I can’t wait to meet your kids!

    I know it will happen :)

    Thank you again for your inspiring words and love. xo

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    looks like your girls threw a heck of a tea party… and maybe the little vroom, vroom sounds will become part of the little tea pot song from now on :)

    i want to be that girl who has the house people can just drop in on… not having to think about the condition on my house. over the past ten years or so, i have come closer… but just the main areas of the house, ya know?! your little impromptu party… allowing fmaily to see the not-so-perfect… it is a nice message for me today.

    and those orange flowers? they added a certain brightness to the table!! you are a good mama!

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    I love that, and I SO want to do that with my girls. They would love it. I love the imperfect. And I want to be the neighbor that everyone pops in on…the one that always has enough food, drinks, napkins. The one that loves company, and is not too busy to enjoy it.

    I love this Tuesdays Unwrapped!

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    You’re a nice mom. I do movie nights with my kids and their friends because I canNOT get my act together in them morning–ever–and for sure find every reason to avoid going to a store with said children. One day I’ll have to give in–that looked like fun.

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