the number one thing that is getting in your way

You have that thing you want to do, but all you have to do it on is a cardboard box. You could point to the box and say, Hey, that’s a box. I can’t do a thing with that. And throw the box away. And wait for something right and proper like paper to show up in your hands. Or. You could pull out a glass filled with color and get to work. I don’t know what your cardboard box is. I don’t know how big, ugly or impossible it seems to you. But I do know you have one. So what will you do with it?


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    Couldn’t believe it! We have our markers in a container exactly like the one in the pic! My daughter was amazed:) Needed this reminder to use what “is in my house” Thank You!

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    Um. This is exactly the word I needed today. Thanks SO much! I just wrote and post and scheduled it for noontime looking for answers, but I think I may have just gotten my answer. :-)

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    Thank you. Relatively new to your blog, but already fully inspired and encouraged every time I’ve read a post. Such a delightfully uplifting and at times convicting simultaneously, like today.

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    Hi Emily,

    I am a new reader to your blog. I picked up your book “Grace For the Good Girl” at my local bookstore recently, and it has been a fantastic read for this recovering good-girl. :) I am the same age and in the same life stage as you, and reading your stories hit me hard, because it was almost like reading my own. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and teaching!

    I also wanted to comment on your post today about the cardboard boxes. In our sermon at church this past Sunday, the pastor spoke about miracles. One of the things he said was that sometimes miracles happen with things we already have. We are often looking for something else, but God shows up and uses the very things we already have. It really made me think. And now I’m reading your post – I feel like God is trying to say something to me this week! :)

    Blessings to you as you continue to use your gifts to minister to us!


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    Wow, what a big message in small but powerful (and colorful)packaging. Amazing how you hit the mark for me, AGAIN. Thanks, Emily. I think my cardbox is transforming into a beautiful Tiffany blue one, due inpart to your inspiration. Amazing how the tools we have can take on a different look depending how that lense shifts.

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    Last year, you inspired me to get back to painting. It took a while and I was interrupted by life sort of falling apart for a while and a move but… I finally finished it. I hope to post on it soon. Thank you for your constant encouraging words here. For always telling us to push forward and not dismiss our dreams as not worthwhile.
    This post is just more icing on the cake!!

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    and, if you have been a good girl all your life; and, by bringing that box out causes people, family, and/or friends to second-guess and “discuss” your switch-up…. Do it anyway! (w/ grace of course.)

    This is where I’m at, so I’m talking to myself, here. :) Thanks Emily.

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    My favorite thing to play with when I was a child was an appliance box. I could make the most awesome play houses. It’s a cheap activity, too, unless you are the parent who had to buy the appliance.

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    For the very reason that someone may toss a cardboard box {it’s junk} is the reason I hold onto it in attempts to give it new life. This is a much cheaper way of fulfilling my dreams of becoming a heart surgeon and helping “save li[ves].”

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    Thank you for your words and for your faithfulness to God’s leading. You continually challenge AND encourage me- and I am so very thankful!
    (LOVED “Grace For the Good Girl” and excited to see how God continues to use you for His glory- planning to do a small group with our youth in the Fall using “Graceful”!)

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