the kind of gift to unwrap early

It’s dark in the bathroom and the floor is cold. My mind moves slowly as I stand there blinking my way into the day. Staring at my feet with intensity, I will them to either move toward a shower or just head straight for the coffee.

In that brief moment, light falls through the window soft, across the rug, the tiles, my feet. Just as quickly, it fades out again and I’m in the dark. I turn my head to the left and peek outside to see where the brief light came from.

The sky is still dark with the gray of morning but the heaviness lifts for a moment. Then a cloud passes over the moon.

And so it’s December and the gifts can pass by like light from the moon peeking through clouds in the night. Too fast, too fleeting. Let’s slow a little together and unwrap the gifts that are hard to hold.

For those of you who have been around a while, you may remember we used to unwrap these daily gifts every Tuesday around here. Then in November of 2010, I had to stop for a while. Last year, I brought it back just for the month of December and this year, we’re doing it again.

I hope you’ll join in on Tuesdays during the season of Advent as we celebrate on purpose the lovely, the messy, and the unexpected gifts of our daily rhythm. For tomorrow, I hope you’ll choose one gift of your ordinary day and find the miracle secret it holds. Write it out, breathe it in, capture its image, see it new. And then come here to tell us all about it by linking up.

If you are new to this community, here is all the information you’ll need to prepare your post. I hope to see you tomorrow.


  1. says

    You remind me with this, that even the light ebbing in and out of the bathroom is worth writing about. Sometimes we make it too hard. So glad you are doing this again, really enjoyed it last year when I was brand new to blogging. Hope you are all on the mend, thinking about you (and working on getting a group of high school girls together to read Graceful).

  2. says

    Ah a day each week to be positive… Lovely. It’s a great reminder for this time of the year to slow down and remember to be thankful for each small gift.

  3. Mary Ann E says

    Emily, it’s the first time that I’ve emailed to you. This morning, I became aware of the presence of the moon surrounded by a ring of clouds as I arose and looked out the window. It was 4:45 a.m., starting my Advent practice of making time for praying to God, reading His Word and putting Him first.
    It was a beautiful dark blue night sky, all clear around the waning full moon but clouds looking like they wanted to obscure the bright moon. I appreciated the scene and after my prayer time, I passed by that window again and looked out and up — beautiful white moon with no traces of clouds! I thought thank you God, I felt that when I prayed first thing, the cloudless sky symbolized the presence of God making the day clear!

  4. Mandy says

    Hi. I kinda “missed the boat” in commenting on Friday’s post. I didn’t read it and comment on it until late Sunday night…Alaska time. So I’m gonna repost here…hope that’s okay. If you’d like to see photos of an outdoor loving-gardening-hiking-berry picking family on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, take a look at the photo album in the facebook link. :-)

    Hello Emily! I’m new to your blog, and was thrilled to see the Alaska theme on this newest post! I’ve never seen the Alaska TV show, but “The Last Frontier” has been my home for many years. Most of our married life has been lived here, 3 of our 4 children were born here, and we absolutely love raising them here. It’s hard to put Alaska into words. It’s more than just a place. It’s a way of life…it’s a state of mind…and it’s our home. We first lived in Fairbanks for 6 years…that’s where there’s only a few hours of sunlight this time of year and you have to have your car plugged in all winter! As much as we loved it there, for several reasons, we decided to move back down to the Lower 48. But Alaska had gotten into our blood…it was at the core of our being, and we felt like “fish out of water.” After just 2 years, we headed back…this time settling on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula…and have been here for almost 6 years now. It’s home.

    I could go on and on about what a special place Alaska is, how great the people are here, how BEAUTIFUL it is…but I’ll refrain and just share some photos. I recently set up a facebook page for my new little business, “Pieh’s Preserves.” Pieh (pronounced like “pie”) is our last name. One of our favorite summer and fall family activities is hiking and berry picking. And my hobby is transforming all those wild berries into yummy jams, jellies, ciders, and sauces. I recently started selling them. Here’s the link: Take a look at all the photos in the album, “Pieh’s Preserves…a family affair,” and you’ll see why we love living here. The magnificence of God’s creation is all around us.

    Take care, God bless, and thanks for making my day!

  5. Keren says

    I live in Australia, and that means December is summer, not winter.
    Today the sun was up before 5am again, and as I write it is 37 degrees celcius out, with a bright sun, no clouds (that’s 98.6 F. Yep, the temperature of the human body)
    Today we had cherries for breakfast, and we’ll have mangoes for dessert tonight. All fresh and in season!
    So that’s what I’m celebrating today. Fresh summer fruits in the heat of the day… =)

  6. says

    Good Morning! Thank you for this small reminder that by God’s grace we are alive and able to spend at least one more day with our families. I am new to your blog. My family has seen great tragedy over the past five years and just when it seems our future is dark – that small ray of hope and light shines through.

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