tea on a tuesday

There was plenty to do today. There always is. But out of all the things I made decisions about and all the choices I chose to choose, my best one by far was saying yes to the tea party. It didn’t feel like the best one at the time. It was messy and they fought a little at first over the sugar spoon. But looking back over the day, that tea party was the best part of it.

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    Thank you for the gentle reminder…it’s been too entirely long since I’ve had a tea party with my girls. They’ll be so happy tomorrow to have me pull out my favorite (cracked) childhood tea set!

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    I never saw the pictures you took from the tea party we did back in February. Were there any good ones? (Doesn’t that seem like a long time ago now? Holy cow.)

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    what a wonderful post… it conjures up the most sweet images, and reminds me that it’s the little things in life that count. thanks for hosting~ i love tuesdays.

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    Little girl tea parties.
    I never did that with my girls. I have wished over the years that i had, so, two years ago i took 3 of them to a tea at my sister’s house. My daughters, now grown mom’s, enjoyed it so much.
    Tea parties are great, no matter the age.
    Great memories to store away.
    And, i love the photo of the cup.

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    Isn’t it a good feeling to do something that you know you don’t really have time to do? Because, of course, you don’t have time NOT to. I’m proud of you for pausing–and I thank you for sharing that with us.

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    I can’t join the party this week (too much make-over going on in the dining room), but I always enjoy visiting those who gather here when time allows.

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    a tea party sounds delightful. I doubt my boys would really love it though. Maybe a year or two and my daughter will be all about such girlie things. :)

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    sitting here catching up on yesterday’s posts over morning coffee and laughing because you just described me perfectly – would rather not finger paint, play tea party or make playdough because of the mess, the invevitable bickering, the cleanup after. and yet, there is always that moment or two that makes it all worthwhile. have a great wednesday!

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    I know what you mean. Today I said “yes” to video-gaming with my boy. He’s 6. We played Ratatouille on Playstation 2 and I wanted to say “no.” Forty-five minutes later, we had bonded and high-fived and I am now the coolest mom ever. My kitchen is a mess and I don’t know what we’re having for dinner but saying “yes” counts for a lot I think.

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