my first stitch fix

Several of you were interested in learning more about Stitch Fix so here is where I tell you all about my experience.

First, I went to Stitch Fix, signed up, filled out style and size preferences, and scheduled my first fix to arrive on my birthday. At this point in the process, I hadn’t paid any money.

Then, on my birthday, I arrive home to this:
my first stitch fixDSC_0056DSC_0058DSC_0061These are the items I got in my first Stitch Fix box. I was giddy is what I’m saying. Someone else shopping for me? Win. Then, it was time to try them on! Here is what happened next (I did these photos in the moment. Next time I will make my bed).

sent right backWomp, womp, those didn’t work out. But! There was still hope because I had two things left: A chevron maxie dress and a polka dot blouse.


I was happy with these two items – I don’t have a maxie dress in my wardrobe and that white blouse? I never would have tried it on if I saw it in a store. Stitch Fix encourages you to try on every item in your box and now I know why.

If I had decided to send all five items back (in their pre-paid mailing envelope) I would have had to still pay a $20 styling fee. But since I bought something (two somethings, in this case) the styling fee went toward the price of the items. I hope all that is clear, but here is a graphic to help you out:


kept it

If you’re still not sure if this styling service is for you, here are some of my favorite and not-so-favorite things about Stitch Fix:

What is not my favorite about Stitch Fix:

1. Some of the items are slightly more expensive than I normally spend for clothes. But these clothes seem to be well-made and I can tell they will last. I wouldn’t want to fill my whole wardrobe this way, but it’s worth it to me to have a few pieces that are nice and that I can pair with less expensive things.

2. There is a bit of a learning curve. When I got earrings with my first fix, I realized I should have requested them to not send earrings. These were $38, way more than I would spend on earrings. I realized then I never want earrings in a fix. I wish I would have said that up front so I could have had another real clothes option to choose from.

3. You only have 3 days to send your stuff back or you’ll have to pay for it all. I understand this one – they have to put a limit on it. And they make it super easy with the pre-paid envelope. But I was all anxious about getting my stuff turned back in because I didn’t want to be charged for things I wasn’t keeping. So that’s just something to keep in mind.

4. Learning how to take pictures of myself. Clearly I need help in this department.

What I love about Stitch Fix:

1. Someone else picks things out for me so that means they won’t be just black or white or gray. Never mind that one of the things I kept is black and white. At least the maxie dress is navy. Leave me alone.

2. It’s fun to get clothes on your doorstep.

3. You only pay when you get a fix. There is no monthly fee or anything like that.

4. It makes a great birthday gift to yourself. You can choose which day your fix arrives, so I signed up to receive my first (and perhaps only) fix on my birthday. I figured I would do it once and make myself keep at least one thing. In the end, I kept two things.

5. You fill out a lot of information about your sizes and for the most part, it seems they got it right. Minus that green shirt.

If nothing else, I think it’s fun to treat yourself once to something like this. It’s fun, it feels special, and you might just find a few items you love that you never would have tried on in the store.

Visit Stitch Fix to fill out your own style profile. If you sign up through one of the links on this post, I will receive a sweet $25 credit to Stitch Fix when your fix ships. But the truth is, I would tell you about this anyway because it is one of the most fun things I did in April. Amen.

Try it out, then come back and tell me how you liked it!

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