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Thank you all so much for voting for Chatting at the Sky in the Weblog Awards. We are holding on to a solid third place position, which isn’t too shabby considering that the competition has wielded some pretty strong endorsements, not the least of which is Keira Knightly. You know, the hot actress? With lots of fans? And lots of computers?

Remember you can vote once per day per computer. Feel free to ask your readers to vote too, as I know my winning a very nice but somewhat meaningless award is certainly at the top of your bloggy priority list. Thank you June, Kendra, Dana and Daisy, Laura and Nester for already doing this! You are so great.

And just think: if all my readers AND all your readers voted once a day for the next four days, it could really make a difference. Throw in the entire state of Rhode Island and we just might win this thing.

Voting continues until Monday January 12.

Here’s a peek at my ballot for some contestants in other categories:

Best Parenting Blog: Blissfully Domestic

Best Diarist: Velveteen Mind

Best New Blog: Blog Nosh Magazine

Seriously, this has been fun. The begging for votes, the shameless promotion, the general selflessness of it all is quite refreshing.

As a thank you for voting, here are some before and after shots of my house. (Do I know my audience or what?)
The twins room the day we walked through the house for the first time and our heads began to spin…
And the twins room after our Fairy Godmother showed up to ready it for the ball. Cleans up nice, huh?
The downstairs hallway leading to the kitchen before we moved in. Check out the wood paneling.
The downstairs hallway now…with a little peek into some recent cabinet painting. But that’s another post. Curious? Good. Now go vote.


  1. Halfpint says

    Yay for pretty house pictures!! If I hadn’t already voted for you, those pictures would make me want to.

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. Mom in High Heels says

    I voted TWICE! I ran over to my neighbor (literally ran across the hall), banged on the door and told her, no wait, ASKED to use her computer. I no fear she may not let me back in her house. :)
    Now I want to see some cabinets!

  3. Trisha says

    I will vote again and again! I love your blog..but seiously and not to “hate” on the other blog nominees I really don’t get the other blogs. I am sure it is just me, but in our house if the kids can’t wacth/read it then we should’nt be either. Some of them are just a little too crass. You have a way of writting that makes me think and try a little harder…and you have pretty pictures! Like the cabinets! No Come on!!! Give us the goods!

  4. NCJill says

    We all still know YOU are the BESTEST for Best Small Blog, Emily, no matter what the (mindless, nasty, offensive….)other blogs say. You are our hero and number “Three” or number “Three-Thousand”, you rock. Someday (soon) we will say, “Oh her, she writes the best books ever. You HAVE to buy one!”
    BTW, did anyone ever mention online that you are a featured writer in December’s “Proverbs 31” magazine?! I forgot to have you sign my copy! LOL!

  5. My First Kitchen says

    You’re giving the people what they want to get what you want. You are SOOO turning into a politician. HA. I have a call into James McAvoy to try and sway Keira to your side, AND I’m cashing in a favor, so you should be getting a call from Gwyneth by Saturday.

    You’re welcome.

  6. emily says

    thanks for the support, y’all. Those other blogs are just doing what they do and I’m doing what I do. We are different, to say the least. But from what I’ve seen, they haven’t disrespected me yet. Course, they are beating the socks off me, so what would be the point?

  7. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam says

    well, your sis did say that Nice Deb was nice, right? Voted again…have been there every day…gotta go do the neighbor’s computer thing – ha!

  8. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam says

    Oops – completely left out a line in that comment….oh well….voted FOR YOU!! Not nice Deb…oops – to many things going on at one time.

  9. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    OOOhh, the girls’ room is gorgeous! Gives me hope (and some ideas) for when my girls are old enough to be roomies. I am counting down the days until I can have a guest room again. :) Great blog! I made sure to vote for you.

  10. Sandy Toes says

    I have voted…your child’s room is just wonderful..I love white sweet and pretty!
    -sandy toe

  11. Mommy says

    I have posted every single 24 hr period. I hope all of RI comes out to post their vote for CATS! LOVE the house pictures. You DO know your audience well.

  12. donna says

    I love the before and after shots….you did a great job. I am going over to vote for you. Good Luck – I really enjoy your blog.

  13. HeathahLee says

    My vote’s in for today! Oh, those paneled walls! I have paneling in my playroom, and I can’t wait to paint it! I also have paneling that has been papered over (who would DO that?) that I have procrastinated getting off. Your pretty rooms inspire me to get at it!

  14. DomesticDivasFancy says

    Still voting! I love the pic of the girls room! It is soooo adorable. How were you inspired to decorate the room that way? Or did it just come to you?

  15. Robin ~ PENSIEVE says

    I voted again and posted about it FINALLY! Been trying to since I heard so many of my friends were in contention :).

    Maybe you’ll pull ahead? I think I saw Rhode Island! :)

  16. AnNicole says

    I have been in awe of the transformations of the other rooms in your house, but I hadn’t seen these before. The twins room is absolutely amazing. You should win some sort of prize for that room alone! Good luck!

  17. Screaming Meme says

    It looks great, honey!…What color is that on the twins walls? I love it! I hope you creep into first place!…Where you rightfully belong! I hope your holiday was good! We had a great holiday!…And I delighted in the small things…thanks to you! I have pictures to share with you! I was wondering if you would like to write on my new blog…Project: {Create A Home}…Your wisdom is much needed in this crazy time…You are so wise beyond your years…You could contribute when you’d like…If I had it my way everyday…:) I could read your work all day if I had the time…Write a book, girly! You were meant to do great things…I see it so clearly! :) Love, Meme

  18. Pretty Organizer says

    Hey lady… I’m voting away because I dearly love your blog. I’m a newbie to blogging as of October but have fallen head over heals for the real women of blogland! So, I’m voting as often as I can AND contacting all the Brad Pitts in the phone book to combat the Knightly effect! Good luck girl! Wish I were coming to Blissdom to meet the blogging dynamic duo!

  19. Miss G says

    I vote every 24 hours! I posted on my blog a couple days ago for people to vote for you! I hope they are. I really want you to win this thing! Kelly

    Do you know how they choose the finalists in the first place? Kelly

  20. We're Blessed says

    Did you paint over your paneling? We have paneling, but I’ve been told that it’s best not to paint over it. What did you do? Thanks! Oh, and I’ve been voting as well!!!

  21. The Mrs. says

    I have now cast 4 votes for you in 96 hours…we’re gaining on Nice Deb..did The Nester get in touch with Dr. McDreamy? :)

    I can’t wait to see the cabinets. My old house had paneling and wood cabinets, it made all the difference in the world when we painted them. I wish I still had the before pictures, you better believe I hung on to the “afters” even after we moved.

    Good luck! I’ll be back in 23.75 hours.

  22. emily says

    Thanks so much for voting, y’all!

    We’re Blessed – You better believe I painted over that ugly paneling. Who told you it was best not to, the paneling itself? Because it was certainly best for US to paint that stuff! And I haven’t regretted it once. I highly recommend it. Paint the paneling!

    Miss G – I don’t know how they choose the finalists. I know that anyone can be nominated. My sister nominated my blog. Then, out of all the blogs nominated in the different categories, the people who run the awards narrow it down to 10 finalists in each category. No idea how they choose which ones. And thanks so much for asking your readers to vote! Every vote helps :)

  23. Kimba says

    Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that I’m begging for votes for you in my post today. :-)

    The girls’ room is beautiful. It’s amazing what a few coats of paint will do for panelling. Love it!

  24. Kari says

    We’re Blessed – I also painted over paneling.

    Here are the steps we took:

    1. We talked to some people who know these sorts of things and were told it was best to use a little bit of paint thinner over it because of the finish on paneling, so we put some paint thinner on a rag and ran it over all the walls.

    2. We primed. I am not normally big on priming, but we were told it was advisable because of the paneling and the color we were using.

    3. We painted. The difficult part was that we couldn’t really roll it because of the ridges in the paneling. And some parts really took three coats. But it was worth it.

  25. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam says

    Ok, I have voted multiple times since this post, and came to say I looked and looked and looked for you both AM and PM to no avail. :)I was gonna make you a good coffee tonight. I have conquered that machine – finally.

  26. Amber says

    What a dramatic difference in your home. I love what a change some paint makes! Did you just paint your paneling? Did you do something special to prep your paneling before you painted it?
    Can’t wait to see more of the kitchen!

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