still living a try hard life? (a video series just for you)

For the last few months, I’ve been working with New Life 91.9 in Charlotte to prepare some videos just for you. If you have read, are reading, or plan to read either of my books, you may want to check out these videos.

There will be a new video released every Wednesday in January, starting today. To watch the first one, simply visit the home page at New Life 91.9.

letting go of the try hard life

Facts to know about these videos:

1. We filmed all the videos at my sister The Nester’s house in Charlotte. So even if you are completely uninterested in what I have to say, you can get your nosey on and snoop around the background.

nester's house

2. Even though the girls in the video are fairly young, our intention is for the content to be relevant to all age groups. We wanted a resource you could watch alone or with others, so if you are part of a small group reading either book, scootch on up to the laptop together and watch!

3. One thing I know for sure about writing a book is that making videos will always and forevermore be part of my job. I did not expect this, but I’m getting used to it. Ish.

4. There is also a short devotional on the New Life website. You can read that here.

Click here if you would like to find out more about this month-long video series. I hope the content in these videos will encourage you in this new year as you consider what it means to let go of the try hard life. Now go watch the first video!


  1. says

    Emily, I finally have to read this book! It’s been sitting on my nightstand for 2 months and I am afraid to dig in because I just know it’s a message I need to hear. Silly fear!!

    Anyway, thanks for putting yourself out there to make the videos. I’m looking forward to the series.

    God’s best to you!

  2. says

    I received your book, Grace for the Good Girl as a Christmas gift. I just started the book and am already blown away. You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for writing a book for all “good girls.” I am very excited to continue reading and also watch the videos!

  3. says

    Well, you know I’ve read your book twice and I still watched this. And cried. Because receiving this truth is a discipline for me, something I have to continue to choose to believe each and every day. Years of “try-hard” make performance and others’ opinions my default. But God, in his grace, is slowly allowing it to seep in, holding my hand as I take baby steps toward freedom. Love the video.

  4. Lynn says

    I enjoyed very much the video today. It touches deep within my heart. There is something very real and special about what you have written and are conveying to the listeners that will do a divine work in whoever desires to know God more.

    Thank you so much and I am definitely looking forward to watching more. I bought your first book when it came out and love it!

    God Bless You!

  5. says

    Hi Emily!

    I am a pastor’s wife and I have heard about your “Grace For The Good Girl” book. I am thinking that I might like to do a book study with it with some of the women from our church.

    Is there a workbook with questions that go with it that I can buy? Thanks!

  6. says

    Your hair is getting so long – so pretty! {I realize this is the most shallow comment in the world…but I have the flu so my brain is not working…and I did notice your long hair right away!}

  7. Cara says

    I just finished watching the video! I read Grace for the Good Girl over Christmas and wow, it was so enlightening for me! Thank you, Emily! :)

  8. says

    Thank you! Once again, I’m crying. Gosh, every time that I see a video about your book, I cry. It gets me. It’s the name of my really destructive game. And I so, so love being called out! Thank you.

    I’m on my third time of reading your book, and it’s so good for my heart. (For the record, I NEVER re-read books!)

    My friends have heard me talk about it so much that a couple of them are reading it. They are about to start it for their small group time. I’ll send them the videos. Any other resources? Any advice or tips as they dive in? Any chance your’e going to be near Chattanooga, TN and would like to get together with them?

  9. says

    What a great video! I found it on your Pinterest and as I was watching, I found myself talking back to you with “uh huh!” and “yeah…” and “yep, me too” like we were sitting across from each other, clutching lattes. Except there was an expanse of beautiful space behind you and there was a pile of laundry two feet deep and ten feet wide behind me. But you pretended not to notice. 😉

  10. says

    Hi, Emily. God has me on this crazy, intense, amazing journey right now, which is difficult to articulate…but the part of it that I want to tell you is this: In blogging, I have taken time off from link ups. I am re-entering through Holley’s Dream Team and Bonnie’s Faith Jam. I have felt compelled to link with Bonnie’s recent prompts and have been pondering what I will write to this Thursday’s: How is God calling you to be the Beloved? What came to me is that He is asking me to receive…Then I opened my email and belatedly clicked over here to read your post–about receiving. Thank you for speaking words of life for my soul. I look forward to tuning in to your video series! Blessings, Emily.

  11. says

    I originally passed on reading GFTGG because I didn’t see myself as hearing that voice. I didn’t think I was what what people would consider to be a people-pleaser.

    However, after watching your videos:
    1. I can’t wait for this book to come out.
    2. I’m getting a copy of Grace for the Good Girl.

    Can’t wait for the 3rd and 4th video.
    I really hope you continue to do these…you are a wonderful speaker.

    • says

      Er, okay so I was thinking that the videos were to promote a new book.
      If they are from the content of GFTGG…then I really need to get that one :)

      (I think I saw on your FB page about your being in process of writing a new book.
      So, that’s where I got that idea from.)

      ~ D

    • says

      Ha ha! Dana I’m just now seeing these comments of yours and yes, I see how you would be confused about which book this is for. Who does a video for a book that came out a year and a half ago? This girl. Glad you’re connecting with the content of GftGG – I hope you end up enjoying the book. And thanks for your kind words.

    • says

      Yes! Week 2 and week 3 are both available – check them out here:

      Just scroll down on that page and there is a link to the first 3 weeks of videos. Enjoy!

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