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Some of my favorite spring things these days are  Kimba’s beautiful pins @ A Soft Place to Land. I am not the best accessorizer in the world. But these pins give a fun color splash to anything. I think I now own five of them. Here’s one. See?


Speaking of spring, there is a  spring cleaning party @ Simple Mom starting next week. I would like to think I’m going to do it. But I am making no promises.

I already have a jump start, though. We are having a neighborhood yard sale tomorrow. If you are local, come on over! You know what they say about one ma’ams trash.

Jen @ Balancing Beauty and Bedlam has a great post about yard sale tips and tricks. Just incase. Now I gotta run and go price my stuff!


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    We’re fixin’ to treasure up people’s trash tomorrow morning… my in-laws’ neighborhood is having their annual community yard sale. YAY! I can’t wait!!!

    LOVE Kimba’s posy pins. I’ve been trying to work one (or eight) into my budget for a couple weeks now. Oh, but I will find a way (insert maniacal laughter here)!!!

    HAPPY MAY DAY, Emily!!! Thanks for being a ray of sunshine year round to all of us in Bloggyville!

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    Oh my…your neighborhood? On the day that Gregg is running/dying in his first marathon? I’m coming – I will drive out of my way to buy your stuff.
    Thanks for the shout out, even though both your sis and my blogs have been down for two hours. UGH! Aren’t you glad you switched when you did? :)

    Love seeing your cute self in the mirror.

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    Love the pin! Good job at the self portrait…those are tricky. It took me like 10 minutes to do it for my last belly pic!

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    Just wanted to say “hi!” Also, I added your cute button to my blog but half of it is cut off. Maybe others have reported this. Or maybe my blog is just being persnickety…seeing as how it’s a free design and therefore generic and disobedient.

    I’m looking forward to joining your Tuesdays unwrapped parties. I’ve been bad lately about celebrating the mundane…but good at lamenting it. Hoping to change that.

    Happy yard-sale…wish I could come!

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    I have the same pin- I am currently drooling over the pink one with the bird button- decisions, decisions. Glad you did well at your yard sale!

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    I missed all your good trash. I am so sad that on all days, I couldn’t make it because I would have bought all your stuff up and I wouldn’t even have tried to talk you down cuz friends are like that.
    hope you did well….I want to hear about it.
    Gregg finished his first and only marathon. So proud of him, but I was afraid I might miss the ending if I stopped. Ha, sure didn’t need to worry about that. :)

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    I have loved looking at the pictures that you’ve posted from time to time of your house. So pretty and understated! I was wondering how I can find pictures of the room that you painted Oyster Bay…I can’t seem to find it in the archives or a way to do a blog search.

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    We are spring cleaning here a la Simple Mom – I have to say her ebook is EXCELLENT. I’ve been toying with the idea of a yard sale . . . thanks for the link.

    And that pin on the tank top is just DARLING.

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