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We’ve talked about the Barbies here before, how my sister and I played so differently with them when we were little, how she made homes out of nothing and I made drama out of nothing. She nested, I storied. And still, now. She very graciously wrote about my book on her blog last night, and of course it made me weepy because, you know.

But this week, weepy is my new normal. So many of you showed up to support and encourage me and my nervous self, and I’ve been living in on the brink of the floodgates for days now. Ann I and have talked about how this book writing path is so very much like a birth – and then Amber said this:

“It’s been neat how open you’ve been about this journey – and now it’s like hundreds of us women are crowding into the delivery room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of this precious birth.”

Amber, Grace 2 Be

And so even though there are six months to go until she arrives, (the cover is finally up!) I have been so thankful for your sincere support and connection. Even though I’ve written the book to out her, that good girl still lingers. And she has impossible expectations of me. But your voices have been God-words, true and loving and received. And I wanted to extend a most sincere thank you.

It’s been work to close the laptop this week, to get down low to the ground with my son and enter into fantasy; to watch the girls move the dolls hands, watch them form the crayon circles and read the words, slow and sounding out. I’m breathing in their slowness, learning to keep with their rhythm. In the midst of new emotions beginning to unearth this week, I am letting myself embrace their smallness and let it be my own.


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    I feel like I’m privvy to something so sacred here. I’m amazed every day by your insight and your courage in sharing your journey. Six months seems a long time to wait, but wait we will– with hearts and minds wide open.
    Slip into those small moments with your little ones, because they are so fleeting, Emily… I feel it every day as my daughter winds down her senior year in high school and prepares to leave me behind to chase her dreams. Don’t miss a second if you can help it. Those moments will nourish you– now and later. :) Blessings to you!

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    Amber is RIGHT ON! <3
    And, geesh, this time it won't hurt like THAT! Just like childbirth, when it's all over you're going to look back and wonder what all the anxiety was about. Because it will be wonderful and we will all celebrate with you.
    Peace, sweet sister!

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    Emily, I so appreciate your writing about words, about writing. I can’t wait for your book, especially after watching you speak so gently and intentionally about it. And your post about smallness was God’s timing for me this week. Thank you!

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    Thank for the reminder to all of us to close the laptop and get close to the floor with our kids! You have encouraged me much in your journey, thanks for your honesty!

  5. Lisa says

    An amazing privilege, indeed!!! When I pre-ordered your book this morning, I thought about you sitting in your corner in Starbucks, leaning on God and pouring out your heart. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. You have so many of us out here loving you and feeling incredibly privileged to be part of this journey with you!

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    I loved the interview that your sissy posted yesterday. I am appreciative of your writing for the *good girl* I am one of those, always have been and Ive often wondered why this area of christianity hasn’t been addressed. I’m so excited for your book….I don’t know if I can wait for 6 months….! But I will have to be patient and wait. His love, peace, and blessing rest upon you and your family Emily.


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    The pace. The process. The slowness. There’s such a richness to the growth in these times. It’s hard, but so necessary.

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    “Days I could have done better – more perfectly” – the pretend of Christianity. The masks we all put on. It’s the secret pretense that is the hardest to uncover and overcome. It’s not just the girls – the boys pretend to be solid blocks of marble – when all of us have fracture lines running along the marble veins.

    There will be men like me that will treasure the pages of your book – as I treasure these words on your blog.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours Emily

  9. Michelle says

    Emily, you are a beautiful writer. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago after finding your sister’s, through one of the other blogs I read regularly. Your posts lately on art have really struck a chord in me, and watching your video post about your book brought me to tears. From one good girl to another…you rock! I absolutely can’t wait to read your book. (The cover is lovely, by the way!) Peace, love and blessings to you.

  10. Sheri says

    I just found your blog last night and could not wait to get up today and see a new post. You TOTALLY rock. I am feeling so blessed today for finding you. Definitely enjoy those moments with your little ones. I am the proud mom of a senior and freshmen and time is flying by. I am still trying to keep with their rhythm and still not trying to think about my son leaving for college in a few short months. Thanks again for sharing – have pre-ordered your book and have it marked on my calendar – can’t wait.

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    I love the cover and I’m so excited to read your book! And I loved hearing you talk about it in the video you posted yesterday! I recently allowed myself to embrace the reality that I’m a perfectionist, a good girl, and you’re right, I see failure everywhere in my life. I’m trying to focus on His incredible grace and rest in it, and I’m looking forward to reading your words about giving up the try-hard life. Thanks for your boldness, courage, and perseverance to write all that you do! And, btw, I’m the Laura Beth from that middle school youth group your husband led so long ago! I just got married!

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    I watched the video last night on facebook and was ready to cry happy tears for you. I cannot wait to get this book and hear your voice behind the words. I’m a “good girl” from way back. : ) I’m ready to get it, read it, and have you sign it at Relevant! Woot!

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    That cover – it’s so you! I love watching this happen for you. But really, I’d rather know you in person than read your book, you know that, right? Because you’re incredible. And a book just can’t hold that.

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    I’m looking forward to your book. It’s always so exciting when a huge project you undertaking is about to come to an end. The best is yet to come :)

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    I’m so excited about your book! I just watched the little video and it sounds like I could identify with you…with the exception of a few years of my life! Thank God for His GRACE:) Love your blog!

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    Emily, the cover is beautiful! The video is wonderful – it was so lovely to hear you talk about the book and the good girl. So very excited for you!

  17. Tisha says

    I’m also a sister who decorated Barbie’s house, so I hover over at The Nester’s site but check in here occasionally. Anytime I visit, I am always encouraged by your honest and humble look at life and the walk of faith that is so obvious through your beautiful writing. I saw your video this morning and will definitely be ordering your book!

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