Sharing the Right-Now Stories

Yesterday I told you about that time I was terrified of sickness. It was a fear-filled time in my life that I am now able to look back on in an almost puzzled kind of way, wondering how I could have gotten so worked up for so long.

sharing the right-now stories emily p freeman

It’s easy to say that seven years later. What isn’t so easy to consider are the places I’m walking through right now, the ones that maybe aren’t so easy to talk about because I’m still in the middle of them. It’s important to tell the stories we’ve lived and come through. It’s also important to tell the one’s we’re living right now. But these aren’t as easy to find words for.

Today over at (in)courage I’m attempting to find the words where I am at present – hanging on to hope when the fog rolls in. You may read it and think well you still didn’t tell us much about where you are right now and to that, I will agree and simply say that is one reason why it’s hard to share the present, especially when the present involves fog. Because it’s not only hard to see where you’re going, it’s also hard to see where you are.

But writing helps. Hope*ologie helps. Routines and breath prayers and stillness helps. Spring break will help (starts tomorrow!) And hearing from others who are in similar places helps, too. Hope you’ll join me over at (in)courage.


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    Will love to join you over there. Warning: don’t put too much hope in the power of spring break. The expectations can get built up about all-the-things-that-will-settle-down and you end up coming out of it less rested and more frustrated than before. Not that I would know anything about being 3 weeks post-spring break and in a deeper fog than before. Eight more weeks until summer? 😉 See you over there!

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    I did join you at (in)courage today… before visiting here actually. And I recognize this so much… I am going through a painful season right now and after having blogged privately for years, I opened up my blog a year and a half ago. It is HARD to write about things that are in the NOW. And yet, I have jumped. It’s scary, for some reason it’s scary to think people will have opinions about what I write and how… when I am this raw it’s hard if people disagree or have an opinion. Still this is me, writing in the midst of pain and being real. You are awesome for having taken that step today over at (in)courage and here… sharing as much as you can now. You are the boss over what you expose and what not. God bless you in that process. Just one thing I constantly remind myself of is this: “Nothing I go through is abnormal, there are always others feeling the same or recognizing what I mean. So write Maddy… write… Unite!”
    Much love!

    ps. I’d love to be part of Hope*ologie but financially we have to make different decisions but it seems AWESOME!!

  3. Rachel says

    I think it’s hard to articulate the particular storms we all go thru until they’ve passed & we gain a bit of perspective. That’s why deep meaningful friendships come in handy, the face to face kind with honest vulnerability.

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    I push publish and cringe but in the being vulnerable and in the brokenness we heal and we encourage. On the hard days and in the sunny!
    Keep on posting! I am blessed when you share the now!

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    You’ve given those of us who aren’t sure exactly where we are or even where we’re headed a place to park – God’s Word. There is comfort and assurance tucked within the pages of the Bible that will lead us through our uncertainty. Thank you for pointing us to HIM.

  6. JuliaC says

    Welcome to Spring Break! Emily, enjoy your break! I am 2 weeks past my spring break and counting the days until summer vacation. I was feeling very “foggy” this morning (and cooold) and I am so glad that I took time for hot tea before school….your post and comments reminded me of Hope! In anticipation of Easter, many Christians call this week Holy Week as Jesus enters his suffering and I often think He allows us some fog and grief with Him. The stone rolls away on Easter morning! God bless you all.

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