For When You Feel Restless for More


In January three years ago, I wrote a post called How to Live Big. You can read the whole thing, but here’s a blurb:

God writes big stories, stories that seem impossible. And they are, if you think about it. He seems to take great interest in impossible stories, and I think they’re interesting, too. But I rarely raise my hand to live them.

I write small stories. Everyday, I write stories for my life that include comfort and fun and entertainment. I live inside my little story like coloring a sunshine yellow – I stay in the lines and keep to the plan. Suns are supposed to be yellow, right? I am a rule-follower.

I wrote those words before my first book came out, 25 days after that email from Annie when she declared 2011 the year of making art. It was a time when I was wrestling with my own fear, a time when I was stepping out of my own small stories. Looking back on that time now, I would replace the word small with the word scared.

In those days, I used those words interchangeably. Not so anymore.

It’s true, God writes big stories. But we can only see that from here looking back. His big stories started with smallness: five loaves, two fish, a foot washing, a mustard seed, a fisherman, a shepherd boy, a baby.

But I felt restless in those days, wanting to write words that mattered, wanting to parent in a way that meant something, wanting to have a voice, wanting my life to count for something beyond myself. If I’m honest, I also wanted to be successful, the definition of success changing for me depending on what success looked like for my peers. I still struggle with the definition of success, actually.

Last year when we were brainstorming titles for my third book, one of the phrases I tossed into the pile was the title of that post, How to Live Big. You should know that it wasn’t a serious contender, but in titling discussions, anything goes and you can’t be afraid of bad ideas.

When I said it, I was sitting in my parked car in my driveway on the phone with Esther, my agent. We talked for an hour, trying to find just the right phrase. When I said this one out loud, her response was this: “Meh. Do people really want to live big?”

I had to think about that for a while. In fact, I’ve thought about it now for a long while.

I don’t know if I 100 percent disagree with that post I wrote, but if I were to re-write it, I would word it differently. A lot differently.

Now, my restlessness feels different. I am careful not to color the word small in negative shades, as if it were something to run from or escape.

It almost seems like an oxymoron, but these days I’m feeling restless for smallness – not out of fear of man but because of my union with Christ.

I want to start small because I’m human and dependent, not in hopes that my small will grow into something bigger. Maybe starting small will remind me that is what I am – and Jesus will give me the grace to stay there – even when it hurts and even when it’s hard.

I’m restless to stay small in His presence, not because I’m scared, but because I’m His.

I want this to be a relief rather than a frustration.

I’m restless to accept  the beauty of smallness, hiddenness, and the secret work of Christ in the deepest part of who I am.

I’m restless to let Him come out of me in any way He wants, no matter how big or how small that may seem to me – whether that be in one big way or in a million little ways.

I’m restless for believers to see, as my dad often says, beyond what is to what could be. And this doesn’t mean I am to dream big and amazing things for God. Rather, it means I am to believe in a big and amazing God, period. I can trust Him to be Himself even as I dare to be myself.

And maybe as I do that, I’ll realize that starting small isn’t a means to a bigger end, rather I start small because it’s what I am.

And this is good and right and holy.


restlessMy friend Jennie Allen writes in her new book Restless: Because You Were Made for More, “We are called to dream but we’re afraid to. But because we are called, when we don’t act on it we become restless—restless to find purpose, to make a difference in the world, to matter.”

She urges believers to pay attention to what causes our restlessness, as this could be the very doorway through which the Spirit is urging us to walk.

During the month of January, we’re talking about some of these same concepts, what I like to call making art with our lives – this week specifically, what it means to make art in little ways. Maybe one little way you could make art today is to consider this question: Can you name the restlessness within you? What is pulling, tugging, and causing a bit of discomfort in your soul?

If you have an answer and would like to receive a copy of this new release, simply leave a comment telling us of your restlessness and from those we’ll pick five of you and share the winners on Saturday, January 11.


  1. says

    i am restless, but the struggle has been to pin it down. Being a military kid there is this alarm clock set to go off every 3 years or so for some kind of change. Learning to recognise that helps in the deciphering, and i can say this time its not that. But I haven’t gotten much further except in learning to better pay attention and listen to my God and my tears and move toward the discomfort instead of busy myself away from it.

  2. Joanne says

    I am restless to actually dream. I feel like I have been walking the same routine for so long, just trying to get through each day that I have forgotten how to look forward with hope and dreams.

  3. says

    I’m restless for change. We’ve got a potential move in our future this year, and I’m itching to know what that will look like and where it will be.

  4. says

    I feel restless for a focused and intentional life. There are times when I KNOW I’m doing the right things and feel totally motivated and inspired to move forward. I wish life was always like that. But then I’m realizing that might be a control thing and that God wants me to rest in the unknown and the daily mundane too. I don’t want to be restless in a way that isn’t surrendered to that…but restless in a way that is always looking for ways to be my best self, living art in connection with the greatest Artist.

    • Jamie says

      I am feeling so restless in my work. I feel like I should have a bigger voice in my field, but struggle with the fact that that may be more pride talking than calling.

  5. Tessa says

    I’ve felt restless for years. I feel like the Lord has called me to write. But I have been afraid to step out into that. I am so fearful to put words on the page. Why am I so afraid?

    • Megan says

      I feel called to write too. I’ve been blogging, but fiction writing is where I feel alive. It’s something I put aside very firmly when my son died. I need to write again.

      It’s scary because writing requires me to put myself out there. For me, fiction requires a different kind of vulnerability. Am I willing to let these made up stories come to life before the eyes of others? Am I willing to let these endearing characters find their way in a story, perhaps to be rejected?

      One step at a time… must write.

  6. Connie says

    What is causing discomfort in my soul? My weight. Not the number on the scale, but why that number is on the scale. I’ve always thought that I’ve been called to dream of a healthy relationship with food, but I’m I’ve tried and failed to enact that dream so many times. What I’m coming to realize, though, is that the dream is not about my relationship with food…it’s about my relationship with my God. It’s about the small act of leaning. Leaning on Him in times of stress. Leaning on Him in times of sadness. Leaning on Him in times of celebration. It’s about being addicted to interaction with Him, to His presence in every situation, instead of being addicted to sugar highs. Am I there yet? Nope. Dare I dream? Absolutely. Can I trust Him to make it right? No doubt.

    • Chelsea says

      Connie-I’m right there with you! I’ve had the same problem with food that you have! I want to tell you about the winter Bible study that Proverb 31 Ministries is doing: There’s the link…I encourage you to check it out! We’ll be reading through the book “Made to Crave” and learning to satisfy our deepest need with God, not food. :)

  7. Becky J says

    Right now I am restless with striving in oh so many areas of my life…I need to be small, so He can “BE”!!!!

  8. Linda B says

    Restless because I know God is calling me to step out of my comfort zone and give voice to what he has deposited into my heart the past couple of years.

  9. Alison says

    It hit me in early December as I was in about Chapter 9-10 of reading A Million Little Ways that I had been living afraid. At that moment, I decided that my word for 2014 would be Courage. It wasn’t until a few chapters later that the word “Courage”jumped off the page and in to my heart confirming that I couldn’t take another step without it….I have always been somewhat of a creature of habit, not liking change, sometimes allowing myself to feel trapped but through several books I’m reading right now and things that God is stirring in me, I believe that I am heading in a totally different direction! This feeling of restlessness is a new one for me and I know that it will lead to His Glory!

  10. says

    I’ve been restless for a long time. My heart yearns for a life of writing and working a farm and providing healthy, locally produced food for people that don’t have access and/or resources to get it without help. I dream of a traveling farmer’s market and a community program to teach children how to grow and preserve food.

  11. says

    The beginning of your post is exactly how I have felt for pretty much for the last few years. I have felt Gods nudging to do more, step out in faith more and yet struggled with how to do that. I keep telling myself just keep close to Him and He will show you. It is there I feel the smallest. Keeping close to God is comfortable, familiar and safe. Stepping out to tell my story feels very vulnerable and insecure. My hope and prayer is that staying close to God, staying faithful in the small, He will choose the time, place and way to share. It leaves me restless at times because I’m a “doer”. But that is part of my story too, I “do” too much and I try too hard. So I stay close and live small trusting the One who is way bigger then me to do His work in His time.

  12. says

    I am restless because God is asking me — pushing me, insisting — that I trust Him. I do, I really do. In fact, I just turned in my first book to the publisher and felt completely humbled to know how deeply I believed all that I wrote about Him. And the same week it was turned in, my husband was let go with no notice, no severance, no extended benefits. He and I left for NYC for a weekend trip we’d already planned, and now the trip has been extended by three (expensive) days because of a blizzard back home. Every day, things are turned upside down (ha — the title of my book is The Art of Praying Upside Down). I’m being challenged left and right. I KNOW these are the exciting times, the times He reveals Himself, the times when I grow and change. But I hate feeling like everything is topsy-turvy. Yet, I know it’s a lesson I need to learn. TRUST. So be it. Amen.

  13. says

    There’s been a fair amount of restlessness in my heart, you could say, between the dreams and reality. It’s not pretty. Last year the greatest call for me was to Be Still.

    Because you see, the most intense pull inside of me is to create beauty, to do more and greater on a larger scale. The reality of my day-to-day life is to keep doing the same thing: the same paperwork, the same cleaning, the same cooking, the same holding accountable.

    Yet as I embraced the day-to-day, and allowed my restlessness to seek God in that, beauty seeped through. I found moments to create. They weren’t on the grand scale I imagined and they didn’t validate me, but they did make a difference to myself and others, and they did point to God and give glory to Him. And that’s way more important.

    This year, the greatest tug on my heart is the balance between being still and moving forward. How do dreams unfurl within the daily? How do they give glory to God in the mundane while moving forward toward something greater? Is that something we “help” along, or is it all God working through our stillness? To borrow your words, Emily, how do we stay small and do a little, yet keep moving toward something bigger? And is that something bigger to be our dreams, God’s dreams, or some combination of both?

    I’m excited about this new book! I love the premise: to allow our restlessness to bring us back to God, right where we belong. Thank you for sharing this!

  14. monica thomas says

    i have been feeling restless for a long time. pin point it? i haven’t a clue as there is so much going on in my life. i am a full time caregiver to my husband with early onset alzheimer’s and i am constantly feeling like i should be doing more. everyone tells me i am doing god’s work by taking care of him so why do i feel like it is not enough? i also have an 18 yo daughter at home that i am trying to guide and teach and get ready for college and my heart aches as friends will be taking her to her college interview for a christian college not too far from home and i wish it were me taking her instead. we were involved with outreach ministries at our church until my husband’s alzheimer’s progressed enough that we could no longer participate and we have not been able to attend church in a long time (months for me and a year or more for him). restless, yes big time!

    • Joanne says

      Monica, I lived with my Grandparents growing up and my Grandmother had early onset Alzheimer’s. While the majority of her care was from my Mom, I did my fair share of caring for her and my aging Grandfather while I was in high school. Please know that you climb mountains each day while you care for your husband. If I may be so bold as to offer some advice, get help in caring for him so you can do the things like taking your daughter to her college interview or attend church. Though I do not know your husband, I would imagine he wouldn’t want you to miss those things either. I will be praying for you.

  15. Jessica says

    I don’t know if I would call it restless, but I definitely feel unsettled in my current season of life. I have two young children and have always worked full-time outside the home as well. I’m currently facing a job transition due to a layoff, and I’m honestly not sure which direction God is leading me from here. Do I seek out another full-time job to ensure my family’s physical needs are provided, or look for something part-time that would allow me to be more present with my children? I am very torn about how to move forward. I guess I’m restless for God’s leading and a clear voice of direction.

  16. Lisa says

    I’m restless for beauty of a rooted life.. peaceful rhythms, common old bonds, steady practice of goodness.. Moving mid-life has meant re-establishing and choosing what to renew, hang on .. Looking for a new root.

  17. says

    I am restless because my son is in a different country waiting to meet me, waiting to find his forever family after his was lost. The process is done on our end, but keeps getting delayed on the other end.. what’s left months, years? probably years. I’m restless because I’m trying to find the balance of still truly living while I’m still very much on hold with a piece of me very far away. I’m restless because I don’t know how to be both preparing and excited and waiting patiently. This book would be great and I would love to read it.

    • Amy Chaney says

      I am an adopted mom and oh how I know that restless feeling. It has only been 3 and a half years since bringing them home and that feeling is still fresh in my mind. I know this is hard! The best advice… learn what god wants you to learn during the wait. He is making you stronger for something that is to come… trust me. Its a tough road but one you will never regret!

  18. says

    I could stay in the city I’ve lived in for seven years, with the closest friends I’ve ever had and a job that is stable and pays well and feels great. Or I could pack up my things, move to a little town where no one knows my name, and work for a small church that needs new life. It seems that no matter how many times my mind decides to stay, my heart makes plans to journey. And when my mind says, “Stop it, slow down, stay here,” my heart argues back, “I can’t, not unless I’m giving everything I have to give – and ‘here’ is not the place that needs it.”

    Jesus said to Levi, “Follow me and by my disciple.” So Levi got up, left everything, and followed him (Luke 5:27-28). Am I willing to do the same?

  19. Sarah says

    I spent all my years in between college and babies, writing for a newspaper. But now that I’m a few years away from that I still feel restless, not for the rush of deadlines or even well-connectedness of it. But I’m finding myself a little restless, searching another story to tell. I don’t know if it’s my story or someone else’s I should be scribbling, but I’m trying to be still and listen (and spill a little ink in meantime). Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  20. says

    I’m not sure if my restlessness is because of one thing or because of the season of life I am in. I am in grad school, my babies are not quite pre-school age, we are a couple months away from moving [hopefully into a house that we can stay in for a while], and I blog. I feel I am in a constant state of waiting. So my restlessness is really on a continuum, with every day some sort of restlessness bubbling up from underneath. Some days I cry and feel depressed by the feeling of endless waiting. Other days I feel encouraged and hopeful. But always something. My word this year is simplify, and I hope that it will inspire much more quiet and less busy.

  21. says

    The tug of my soul right now is a tug to do something more, something bigger than the mundane, for the Kingdom of Christ. I feel called but not sure to where or to what, but called to do more.

  22. Laurie B. says

    Emily…thank you for putting words to my restlessness…”I’m restless to accept the beauty of smallness, hiddenness, and the secret work of Christ in the deepest part of who I am.”

    Embracing my “smallness” today with gratitude…<3

  23. Terri Wilkinson says

    What is pulling, tugging, and causing a bit of discomfort in your soul? Such a big question. My restlessness began six years ago when my mother-in-law was shot and killed when she answered her front door. We were in a new church (only having been there 7 weeks) and my husband was on staff. Instead of feeling held up by the body of Christ, we felt avoided and somewhat abandoned. My restlessness continues to grow almost daily. No one has been arrested and we continue to be given hope only to be slammed down again. We have moved again and are in another church. In general, people are very uncomfortable with being a source of comfort to those walking through very hard things. We don’t know what to say so we avoid saying anything at all and in so doing, add a little more pain to that person’s life. We need to take time to learn and practice what to say so we can be Jesus with skin on for those people who are hurting. We need to slow down and quit passing by those who are in desperate need of a hug in words or deed. I am restless to really heal (takes so much time and work to embrace the grief that comes from trauma) and to never be guilty of avoiding someone walking through sorrow.

  24. says

    Restless. Yes, that is what I am. That is what I have been for a number of years. I am a dreamer. And I can dream BIG! For many years I dreamed of being a missionary in a foreign land to those who had never heard the Great Love Story of God. But God has removed that dream, nailing it to the floor with my husband’s refusal to consider such a thing. And I have come to accept that, a little. So my “here, I am LORD, send me!” has been answered with something unforeseen. A surrendering of my all to Him. When we truthfully can surrender to our Great Creator Father, we can be sure His plan was never on our horizon. Or so I thought.

  25. says

    Restlessness! A word I know well. I am in the middle of a transition of a move and launching a ministry. The restlessness is the speed at which everything is moving. I have my speed, which is lets get going and God has his. BUT this is a good thing, because this restlessness leads me to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit more closely.

  26. Lori says

    I am very restless. I feel stuck and I fear staying stuck “here”. I feel restless to break out of this sick body of mine. I live with chronic pain due to a skull and neck injury and have hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion(producing no cortisol at all) and my sex hormones have stopped producing also so I am fighting to heal my body of this exhaustion and to feel like myself again. I am restless to lose this weight that I’ve gained due to my health issues. We are raising 2 grandchildren as our own and have had them since birth. They are now 7 and 8. Becoming a parent again while all my friends are in a different stage in life leaves me very lonely so I am restless for friends…for women to talk to. I am restless to serve God and have so many passions yet I feel so held back by this body of mine. I am restless to be free of pain, sickness and tiredness. I am restless to connect with other people. I want to believe that my life isn’t over and that there is more than this. I am fighting with everything in me to just keep my head above water so that I can be mommy to our 2 little’s and a wife to the love of my life.

    • Julie says

      Lori, I so relate to you. I also have chronic pain from a head and neck injury 11 years ago. I understand your exhaustion and need to feel like yourself again. I know what it feels like to be lonely and feel held back and different from other friends. Trust me, it will get better. I have found relief from much of the pain through various types of massage. Keep trying different types of therapy, something will work for you. As hard as it is, put yourself first sometimes, there is more to come. I will pray that you find it. God Bless.

  27. Tracey says

    I’m restless right now. Church doesn’t feel right, I’m going through major changes in diet because of illness, my husband is changing jobs and I don’t want to escape, but I’m restless. What is the purpose and why can’t I sit still and be still? It’s something underneath all of that.

  28. Candy says

    I’m restless to remain. Remain in Christ when control wants a grip. To remain with Christ when schedules want to be #1. To remain in Christ when all others leave and to remain with friends and women when all others have walked away.

  29. says

    I am restless because my husband and I are waiting – waiting to see if I will get a job I recently interviewed for, waiting to see what city we are going to end up in, waiting to see what direction God is going to send us in.

    Waiting. It does not come easily to me.

  30. Ro elliott says

    Emily…I love this post…yes…why do we despise small beginnings.? God and I have been pondering this upside down kingdom…all is turned upside down…the way we count and measure…His kingdom is where a cup of cold water matters…five loaves can be multiplied…to mature we must become like a child…the least is the greatest…etc… And restlessness…to be honest…for me…with age comes a way to keep me from the wide pendulum swings of my youth…I can feel the restlessness for more…more of Him…more of His kingdom..but now I able …not perfectly…to find an abiding with Him in these restless places…not in a lazy way…but actively abiding…vine to the branch …trusting Him to supply all the sap I need.

  31. says

    My One Word for this year is FOCUS. I am restless because I have allowed myself to become distracted in the past too easily. I know that I am called to write and to share stories that might be a catalyst for change not only in my own life, but in the lives of others.
    I pray as I become more focused…first on God and His Word and then step out in faith that I will find my rest in Him.

  32. Julie says

    I am restless to be me…to rediscover my own dreams, build a business for myself, put myself first for a change and see how high I could fly on my own.

  33. says

    I start feeling restless when I go for days without leaving the house. I’ve realized that it’s because I’m a communicator and an encourager, and a lack of face-to-face contact with other women causes me to feel restless.

  34. Melissa says

    I feel restless for the dreams big and small that God has placed in my heart: for the sea, for a full dining room table, for a heart to hold in mine, for little hands and feet.

  35. alison says

    I’m not sure what that restlessness is. possibly to be more and do more just in my home and within my roles of wife, mother, friend

  36. VHiggins says

    I feel restless to move on from this season, to move past waiting and into the life I want (having babies, living in a different state).
    But through that, I can feel God calling me to lean into Him instead… “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the rock eternal.” – Isaiah 26:3-5

  37. says

    The restlessness within me is to do what I was made to do in this one life. And there are lots of days when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.

  38. Dawn says

    “O calm my restless soul…” My restlessness comes not from routine, habit, wishes, dreams, or a desire to do or be something more, but from a hunger to know and experience God more fully, more deeply, more intimately – to know that He has a plan and a purpose and something beautiful just for me, and that He will be walking right beside me with every step and breath I take.

  39. says

    There are times I feel I can name it… Like this big moment when I finally see it for what it really is, but sometimes days (or even minutes) later it’s all gone and a fuzziness remains. Instead I’m confused…

  40. says

    Well said. My restlessness comes from the desire to always do more than I am doing and the struggle of not being physically able to do it.

  41. says

    I feel restless because I’m in a tug of war over whether my current situation is right for me or I should start searching for something else. I feel like my options are limited when in reality they are wide open — it’s just hard sometimes to know what is right versus what is comfortable, and I’m afraid that I’m comfortable because what I’m doing now IS right, but I just don’t know how to recognize it!

  42. says

    My soul discomfort is hard to pin down. Hard to define.

    I think it’s centered on inequity I feel in the church between women and men. And the conflict that touches women’s lives when they’re in relationship with one another. It’s like we are not meant to get close as friends because our impact would be so great for Christ it couldn’t be ignored. I want women to be molded together instead of cracked apart.

  43. Gina says

    For the past several years I’ve prayed at the beginning of the year for God to give me a word that’s from Him. Last year I heard Him say, “write”. So I journaled a bit more. Then I heard Him say “Blog”. I was afraid of that. I had no idea how to start or what to say, so I didn’t. But as with anything that God tells us to do and we hesitate or hold back in fear, a restlessness began to grow inside of me. It’s as if words started bubbling up in me like a shaken bottle of soda threatening to explode. This year I heard 3 words: Abide, Courage and…Write. So I’m in the process of setting up a blog and will move forward this week…before I explode.

  44. joann gray says

    For many years I think I’ve allowed myself to believe that my worth is based on what I do and have done, good or bad. Being newly married and a new mom, ministry has taken on a new form for me. I realize I’m limited and not as “successful” as I was being single. The restlessness came because I felt and really was divided. I just had to let those things go, as well as my striving to do it all, and be it all to everyone at the same time. The restlessness I’ve been feeling lately has been refreshing and its rooted me deeper in my identity as God’s daughter. Just belonging to him, nothing else :)

  45. says

    My restlessness? Wanting to write. I shouldn’t say wanting, I AM doing it. But working on a book proposal and excited about it, ready for the next stage.

  46. Shelly says

    I’m restless to know what God is calling me to do. I know there is something but I don’t know what it is. I keep praying, but I can’t seem to discern God’s answer.

  47. Ellen says

    One of the (many) things I enjoy about your writing, Emily, is that you paint such glorious word pictures! I almost always take a deep, quieting breath as soon as I display your posts…because I want to let your words wash over me as I read them. The restlessness I’ve felt most recently is for stillness. I am feeling led to re-prioritize my days…turning off the electronics and spending time and effort in my relationship with God. When I am not intentional about this effort, the constant chatter around me propels me forward and time passes and is gone.

  48. says

    This year has continued the abrupt change of the one before. I don’t know if I’d had time to be restless until now. But it was always there, it seems.
    What a great still moment to stop and think about naming this restlessness. I think that it’s restlessness for love. It is one thing to be surrounded by people who agree with you, by people who affirm you, even, it is another thing to be surrounded by people who love you.

  49. says

    I’m restless for my husband, who is in-between coaching jobs. Love your words, Emily! Your writing, specifically on transition, has been a balm to both my husband and I’s souls, pointing us to Christ. Thank you!

  50. Cathy Y says

    I love this question. It really makes me think and ponder. I would love to read the book. I am restless for work outside the home that uses my gifts but does not stress my family. I have been at home for over 17 years to raise my boys and homeschool them. They are in school now and one will graduate this year. It seems time for me to have another role and contribute to something else.
    My prayer is for God to make it clear.

  51. says

    I am restless with the words that I know are inside of me – the story of a little girl who lived on this earth only eight short weeks but changed my world and our family in ways we can’t even see yet. I am restless because I feel called to live in the reality of what I can’t see yet – that my daughter lives and one day we will all be together, that in the face of deep grief, His love never fails. I am restless because I know that God has given me a great gift through giving me my daughter. I have been changed through her life. But I wrestle with how that becomes reality in every day and with finding the courage to keep holding on to hope in the midst of so much grief.

  52. says

    Thank you, Emily. I gained some great insights from your change in perspective. I feel like I’m in your shoes several years ago – young children, a small life, a desire for something bigger, an effort not to define success based on others’ definition, etc.

    For now, I’m going to try to embrace the smallness. :)

  53. Susan says

    Dear Lacy-in-so-much-grief: may God comfort you deeply as you grieve for your daughter. We hold you up in prayer…….
    I feel restlessness to slow it down, my natural speed is lightening fast sometimes causing me to jump ahead of God’s purpose for me.

  54. Christy C. says

    I am restless to see my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher come to fruition. I am taking classes, but also working full time. It’s a long process. I’m also worried about the Common Core curriculum and how it will affect my dream. Trying to rest in Him!

  55. says

    i’m restless to be free from fear and fully surrendered to whatever God has. to trust Him more. to live the wild adventure He has for me instead of my safe little dream.

  56. says

    This is so good! It seems like these days we are wiring ourselves with an expectation for things to go viral, to succeed immediately, to skip the steps in the valley. To be faithful in the little…this post is great confirmation of some burdens on my heart. Thank you for writing!

  57. Bronwyn says

    Honestly, I am scared to even think about an answer to your question. I think I am restless for life without the self-imposed shackles but when you have been imprisoned for so long, freedom can be frightening. I know that I need to hold on to my Fathers hand and step out of the boat and trust in Him in order to be all
    He has created me to be and your blog and book A Million Little Ways is guiding and inspiring me to do just that. I appreciate your gentle wisdom so much Emily and thank you for a chance to win this book.

  58. Deborah says

    I am restless for more of God. Sometimes it’s an abstract longing, sometimes more specific, but always more of Him and less of me.
    I am full of regret for so much of my life lived lukewarm. What a waste. I am kneeling at my Saviour’s feet with thanksgiving for His mercy, for relighting the fire in my heart and refreshing my desire for Father God in a new way. And I give thanks for the journey of faith he is leading me into. Unfolding, unwrapping a new freshness in life, new directions, a path not yet trodden, requiring steps of faith, courage and a heart open and trusting in Him. I am restless and so excited to rediscover who God is, and who I am in Him, and how to respond to Him. I am restless to be the person he made me to be, every breath, every heartbeat reflecting my Creator.

  59. michelle h says

    I think my restlessness is a dissatisfaction with life in this fallen world, knowing we were made for more!

  60. says

    I think I was born restless, definitely a wrestler.
    When I am being “true to myself”, whatever that is supposed to mean, I am typically wrestling with something: a view of who God is, who I am, some doctrine or practice within Christian culture, etc.

    Recently, I have been reading and pinning a lot of what you have been writing because it is touching something within me that I have felt for so long but repressed; yet it always rises to the surface.

    I have a longing to lead and influence via communication, particularly speaking and writing. I am a homeschool momma of three, however, and homeschooling seems to be all the ‘extra’ I have capacity for. I wonder if there is more. I wonder if I am being held back by fear or circumstance and practicality.

    I am praying and asking for discernment to answer that question. Is it just not the time for me to invest in my passion and ability to communicate, or is it moreso factors that I am so painfully aware of:
    1. that I may not have the character or maturity to handle influencing others and
    2. I wrestle; I fluctuate on my opinions and thoughts. There is little but the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ that I stand confident about.
    I wonder if I am cut out for influencing others. DO I really want what I think I want?

  61. jenn in GA says

    i am not feeling all that restless, but i have a friend who is, and i would give the book to her if i won it.

  62. says

    Reflecting on my childhood, I see so many desires, gifts, quarks, traits, etc. the Lord weaved throughout my soul. For instance, when I was in elementary school, I used to set up all of my dolls and stuffed animals and teach them lessons everyday… Whatever I learned in school, you better believe my dolls learned it too. I wrote my first “book” in second grade. It was a fictional story about my sister and I at the park, illustrated and binded in a bright yellow folder. In middle school, I took a marine biology class that apparently mentioned something about dolphins getting hit by speeding boats in the gulf. So how did I respond? I started a “Save the Dolphins!” club and created posters and flyers to cause awareness. I think I even contacted local boating clubs about the issue. Somewhere in grade school I became a “counselor” to my gal pals and always handed out free advice/wisdom. Fast forward a few years to my now 27-year-old self, and 2.5 year walk with Jesus, I am restless. I graduated with a master’s in counseling, work at a university, and still love writing and dolphins, but sit in restlessness. Why? Well, last night actually I emailed the director of the women’s ministry at my church and poured out how deeply I wanted to serve more with the women. I expressed my passion for writing, teaching, counseling, discipling, speaking, etc. She replied with a beautiful response that encouraged me so much to continue growing and knowing and obeying Him. But the thing that stuck out to me most was: “…and most importantly, enjoy Him.” Enjoy Him!? Enjoy Him! Enjoy Him.. If I’m honest, I don’t know if I’ve truly ever enjoyed Jesus in my short walk with Him so far. I have been so busy doing and trying and striving, that I haven’t truly rested to just enjoy Him. THEN, as I’m reading “A Million Little Ways” today, I come across this, “…when I begin to sense an area where I might be able to offer something to God, I would be wise to first consider what Jesus is offering me. There is a place to shut the mouth, still the hands, and receive what Immanuel offers.” My heart just skipped a beat and then dropped to my stomach.

    I’m restless because I haven’t just ENJOYED God for God…. maybe not ever? And I am restless just to enjoy God. Just to rest and receive Him. Receive His washing of my feet. In a weird way, that is scary.

    Thank you so much for reading my terribly long response (I always write a novel). You gals inspire me!

  63. Emily says

    Well, I don’t feel all that restless really. My heart is just desiring to continue to be in God’s presence and get to know Him better. I’m sure this book would be a great read and I think I’d be blessed by it, so I’d love to win it.

  64. says

    Restless? Check. It’s kind of hard to pin down but I’m at a crossroads. All my kids are in school now. I have a career I could return to or freelance work to pursue or I could focus solely on being a wife and mom and homemaker {which is more than enough} or I could write my own words as I’m also a wife and mom, etc. Lots of prayer and trust and seeking and hopefulness in these parts right now. {Oh and I have the book so you don’t have to include me in the drawing.}

    • says

      I think we’re living parallel lives, Scooper;) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve decided to stop pursuing publication, only to change my mind days later. I’m torn between my writing dreams and the realization that perhaps staying home and writing online occasionally is enough. I feel double-minded and restless, wanting to commit to a path and pursue it with excellence.
      I’m praying for you, friend. Keep me posted on your decision and then be sure to share your secret on how to actually make one;)

  65. Lara says

    Restless… Because I seem to trip up over the same things. In the searching and questioning why, I’ve realized that I need to change my thinking but I want more than just to know what I should do, but a how to do it! Step by small step and patient persistance perhaps and a heart restless enough to pursue His peace in everything. Who knew restless could be a good thing! Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy:)

  66. Denise says

    I am restless in my heart and soul because after 25 years of marriage I am uncertain whether God wants me to move forward with or without the man whom I love who has betrayed me. What about our teenage daughters?

    • says

      praying for you….that God may show you where to go. With me, I was given a choice, I could leave or I could stay, both would have difficult consequences but God would take care of me wherever I went and He would continue to bless me. I chose to stay, it has been a hard road, but He continues to carve me into His. He has been showing me how to be gentle, forgiving, and completely His.

  67. Terry C says

    My restlessness is finding my purpose in who God created me to be. I long for the day that I find it. I think about it everyday. Time is too short, I desire to make an impact in the way God has designed me for. I don’t want to waste my time on things that don’t matter or don’t line up to my purpose. I’ve have been restless for a long time now, I am restless to find my purpose in life.

  68. says

    I’m super excited for Jennie Allen’s new book and the IF: gathering in February! I hate feeling restless. It sneaks up on me and makes me discontent and full out doubt. Right now I’m feeling restless about the stage of life I’m in, being home with babies and wanting to savor and enjoy it, but also itching to get out and make a difference, do something important. I have to keep reminding myself that what I’m doing right here and now might be exactly what/where God wants me.

  69. says

    How come I always get wet eyes when I read one of your posts? I am a Presbyterian pastor, so God knows how many gifted and less gifted colleagues I’ve been listening to in order to get nurtured myself, in order to listen to the Gospel. But when I read your posts, then it’s all Good News for me! Each of your words, of your sentences is just, well, right. Maybe it’s also because English isn’t my mother’s language…
    My restlessness, I think today at least, is that I feel I don’t make the best of what I know today is a gift of God: my smartness…

  70. says

    I have been reading “Kisses from Katie,” while reading it I had this tug/restlessness on my heart to pick one word or person to pray for each week. I had so much restlessness throughout the night I had to get up the next morning and do what I had thought of the night before! Can’t wait to read the book!

  71. Leslie says

    Restlessness for me comes in the choices…the gray areas where you are not sure the exact choice to make and are no sure where God is pointing you- but then the fun comes in with prayer and a leap of Faith!! Lord show me the way…!!!

  72. says

    Oh, how I can relate to feeling restless these days. I was moved by your book Emily-A Million Little Ways–and it inspired me to start a blog because I’ve loved to write for as long as I can remember. And I’d like nothing better than to write everyday and read inspiring books, but I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who needs my attention on the days she’s not in daycare. I’m facing the challenge of holding that restlessness in my heart of wanting to write more while staying present to my daughter when she’s in my care. This is the season of life I am in right now.

  73. says

    I’ve been trying to find the word to describe my heart and “restless” is just it. My past year has broken me down and brought me to the feet of Jesus, where I never want to leave. I am no longer seeking for what will be, but resting in the now. I too, long to be small in order for Him to be the big.

  74. Emily says

    I feel like God is calling me to engage with those in my community but I have struggled to know how to do it. I am restless for those answers to be revealed!

  75. Adrienne says

    I have been restless for awhile with the comfortable life my family lives… I feel like there is a change out there for us. Not sure what exactly it will look like yet but I know there are exciting things ahead…

  76. says

    As a result of persistent Spirit initiated RESTLESSNESS to mentor women in their faith journey, to be involved in spiritual formation within my church community, and in response to my spiritual gifts , after many turns and retraced steps, I have been facilitating women’s Bible study classes for the last several years. The sense of rightness, the peace that comes with being in sync with God’s design for my life is a source of humble gratitude.

  77. JennyB says

    I am restless in how I use my time; I long to write or create pretty things but because I am a perfectionist, it’s easier to busy and distract myself with all sorts of other things. Even when I have time, I just can’t seem to get started.

  78. says

    I feel restless in heart when I see all the poverty in the world and just want to fix it. As Americans we have so much compared to the rest of the world. I live in Africa right now and I see extreme poverty everyday. I feel God tugging on my heart.

  79. Veronica says

    Hi Emily,
    This post really resonated with me. Particularly the part where you mention that “starting small isn’t a means to a bigger end, rather I start small because it’s what I am.”

    I love the concept of embracing my smallness because it’s God given. We are constantly bombarded by society’s message that we aren’t enough…that we need more to satisfy ourselves. I am relishing the art of living simply, of realizing that I am enough and have enough because of Christ’s grace. Thank you for the reminder, kind soul.

  80. Paula Cox says

    God started preparing me for the big she-bang (or the lice catastrophe of 2012, as it’s commonly known at my house) a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t until August 2012 that the light bulb over my head surged and broke into a thousand pieces. And when it did, boy did I go a little crazy. My very patient and slow moving husband (bless his heart) was ever so kind as he listened to and supported me while I sold my iphone, renounced cable TV (much to my children’s dismay) signed up for a Medical/Dental mission trip in Guatemala and hopped a plane to Minneapolis for a last minute conference on Community Development. Hello, I found my people there!! Anyhoo, frantically and passionately I spoke to everyone who would listen about orphans in Africa, the evils of the American Dream, and the poverty; physical and spiritual in our own cities and towns. Honestly, I’ve never felt closer to The Lord. I had high ideals and there was no stopping me. In fact, if I had it my way, my family of 5 would be living in a 1200sq ft town home in the heart of “don’t go there after dark” SOMD.

    So, nearly a year later, I learned much from that Community Development conference, had many life changing experiences in Guatemala, got my iphone back, ended my new clothing fast, haven’t sold my house and moved, have lovingly served an underresourced community, committed to a foster care training that would lead to, voila…foster care, and still have a heart that is yearning for full immersion into a life of community that wants that as much as I. There are changes I see. I myself have so much work to do, so much hypocirsy to overcome. I wonder sometimes if I am even on the right track, if I even am making a slight difference in anything. I wrestle with God on this. “Oh God, if only you would have given me a different father, or brought this stuff to my attention much earlier in life, you know, before husband and kids and responsibilities, if only I was smarter, or could write or speak with any semblance of sense and rational (sorry y’all, I’m a feeler not a thinker). The truth is, I’ve grown fed up with the slow pace of my change, and have felt the ramifications of some of the choices that are harder to live with than I thought they would be, i.e. iphone. Seriously though, I need that :) I’ve seen my attitude go from, “how much do I have to give, God? to please let me give everything, unto death, back to, are you sure you don’t want me to have these new shoes? Surely, one pair of new shoes are ok” I struggle with how to live that way in the here and now of my life, and I revel in the romantic notions of far away countries with meals and prayers on dirt floors. I tell my husband often that if he would only allow us to be missionaries in a foreign field, I would gladly let my gray hair grow and never color it again. Well, maybe…:)

    So, I’m conveniently located at the corner of here’s what I think God wants me to do and put your money where your mouth is” and it’s uncomfortable and I feel very restless…

  81. says

    I feel restless to live the life I was created to live by using the gifts I was created to use. In my neglect of my gifts of writing, photography, teaching/discipleship, I feel a slow death in me as I go through a routine of life that is always waiting for “that day”…that day when I will have the job I love, that day when I am living an adventurous life, that day when my lifelong singleness will end…that day, that day, that day
    I am restless to live now, to be present in the mundane, the uncomfortable, and the difficult. To find joy in the eternal life I have been given NOW. To use the gifts I have been given NOW.
    While I am so restless for my circumstances to change, I realize that I am restless because I need to change. And through this journey, though painful and uncomfortable, I am being conformed into His image…and I can rest in His work.

  82. Megan says

    I feel restless in many different areas of my life. I am a mom to 2 young children and I have very little time for myself (as do most moms). I feel like I’m missing out on things for myself. I realize how selfish that sounds, but I’ve always put everyone else’s needs above my own for so long, that now I feel like I’m the one left behind and i’m trying to learn how to be content in this new role i’m in, even if it feels small to me. I have always wanted to sing for a living, but all too often, I let fear of failure and insecurity drive me to back off and stay small. As I read AMLW and even through your posts, I’m starting to see that I need to embrace the smallness of my life and the stage i’m currently in. I need to stop viewing smallness as a flaw or negative thing and just sink into the Lord and rest knowing that He has every detail worked out for me.

  83. Danielle says

    I am restless for stillness, quiet, intimacy with God so I can just follow where He wants me. The threads that seemed so random…rape, cancer, infidelity…where do they meet His story in my life? A year ago I became so restless to start a cancer ministry. He led me to leave my 60 hour work week for a 75% cut to my salary to chase this dream. A year later, the ministry has flourished and He told me to step back and rest. I was confused and angry. I feel my heart growing restless again after fearing I had somehow grown completely numb with compassion fatigue and confusion over where He was leading me. Now I am joyful to finally embrace this rest and grow deeper with Him.

  84. says

    I am restless to settle in. A schedule that allows for routine, time to sit and think and write in quiet. Time to be and rest in who I am. Right now my life is filled with changing routines and uncertainty.

  85. says

    I am restless for whatever change God brings us this year. Or perhaps more of the same. I don’t know what it is yet and I’m scared that it won’t look the way I want it to. But restless to see it through for His glory and be used by Him!

  86. says

    Putting Restless on my to-read list! I would love to be freshly encourage and inspired in this hard season of my life. I feel restlessness in my marriage from watching my husband struggle with restlessness and not live out his passions and strengths. And I feel the same in my own dreams and desires and wanting to be able to give people who are in need of healing.

  87. Crystal says

    I began a business 2 years ago that took off for me right away. It felt like I had finally found my calling. A year after starting this business I was saved. I had 3 women who helped lead me back to Christ during a time of darkness for me. Two of those 3 women I met because of my business. Shortly after being saved, my business began to level off. It’s been almost a year now and I have not been able to get back the momentum I once had. I find myself questioning if my business was only successful, so that these women would be brought into my life. I feel restless because I don’t know if I should be moving forward with it anymore.

  88. says

    I’m restless to do what I know God is calling me to do – based on my passions, personality, and gifts – despite the “life stuff” – money, lack of support, etc. – and to just trust Him that He will provide and make a way.

  89. heather says

    I am restless to dream. My husband and I had conformation over “imagination” over the summer and he is so wonderful at it. I am so practical it bugs me at times. I want my dreams to big and my faith to increase. I am restless for a big God to start working miracles for us and for our children. He is so able.

  90. says

    For the past few years I’d been restless with the thought that I would not have the opportunity to share all of the art inside of me or see the dreams manifested.

    Then one day I heard God’s reminder that He’s given me all of eternity! So now I rest in that…

  91. Amy says

    I related to this to a post in another blog, but it would be my answer here too. . . I think that sometimes my restlessness is longing. And that sense of longing, of waiting for something else, is our longing for heaven. As a christian I know my citizenship in not of this place, yet this is where I am. Stuck between the now and the not yet. We hear Aslan calling, “Further up and further in!” We just can’t see him yet. So sometimes, but not always, I think that restlessness is there as a reminder.

  92. Jessica says

    We are coming to the end of Grad school which included two moves and countless conversations, tears and restless feelings about what is next for us. I’m restless to find out what is next and start our next chapter where we are called to move.

  93. says

    Restlessness to me comes in the unknown. We are in the process of buying a house and moving, and with that comes a lot of change and unknowns. I am restless NOT knowing, but I KNOW that God has this already laid out for us. I need to rest in Him and trust Him to get us through this!

  94. says

    I am restless to actually rest in him. I have many fears and anxieties – especially fear of man. I am not sure how open I am to God’s will because of these fears. So, I want to know what it means to truly rest in him.

  95. says

    I know that the restlessness I’ve felt for years (and then recently, bigger, months) is that my words are as strong or don’t matter. I know know that that isn’t God, it’s the silencer, who won’t even get a capital letter. I don’t want his fear owning my words, thoughts, or attitude.
    Sarah M

  96. Kim says

    I’m definitely restless! For freedom. and direction.I want to step-out. Do …something. Be fully and freely me. and not submit to fear.

  97. Cheryl says

    I am restless to use my gifts to benefit the body of Christ, more than I have been. Serving, feeding, encouraging…and more recently there has been awakened (thanks, in part, to you, Emily!) a desire to express myself and to encourage my sisters and brothers in Christ, through art.

  98. Angel says

    My restlessness has always come from a sense that EVERYONE else knows how to live life and I don’t. I am somehow flawed and inferior. My Father is seriously challenging me on this- telling me to stop apologizing for who I am, seeing as He put me together. Years ago I wrestled through the physical aspect of how I’m put together, but now He is working through how I view how I’m “wired up.” He knows my quirks, my fears, the things I enjoy and the things I don’t. I am trying to learn to be okay expressing my dislikes without beating myself up for having them. I am trying to see even my personality as being designed by The Master Designer.

  99. says

    My husband and I started “going out” when we were 13 years old. We both lived in the same town, until we were 20. Then we moved to a city 1 hour away, which we have lived now for almost 21 years. I am feeling this pull to another state! I know there are so many adventures out there waiting for us. I do not want to stay where we are now forever. I am feeling RESTLESS about being too comfortable, and being scared to take a risk. I need to trust God. I have a hard time being patient. As of now, we have no starting point where to go. I want to take a leap of faith and just do it! I get butterflies thinking about it! I am very restless about “where”??? There is really nothing keeping us in this town, and we have family and friends in many different states. My husband is feeling about finding a job. He has been at the same job for 15 years. I know there is more to our story…and we are feeling another chapter is about to start! I know it is God’s timing, not ours..but I am afraid I am not hearing his voice giving us any direction whatsoever! I need patience!

  100. says

    I’m generally restless for MORE… more of Jesus and his life in me, more of what that looks like flowing through me to others, more of his dreams for me and more what he created me to be. After years of living quiet and small and tucked away by God, and having my heart stretched and tweaked and shaped by him, I’m restless to come forward in ways I haven’t before, ways I wasn’t ready for before, and in all the ways I hear Jesus calling my name and beckoning me.

  101. says

    I feel like your words here describe me. I feel restless, as though I should be doing something bigger. Something better. Something more meaningful as a mother. Something more helpful to others. Inspiring and uplifting. And yet I don’t know how to calm the restlessness or harness it into action.

  102. says

    I have been wrestling, and I don’t use that word lightly, because that’s just what it feels like- for a couple of years with this restlessness. I’ve even tried to label it as not being content but when I spend serious time reflecting I discover that it’s just as you said… A sense that I’m supposed to do more, God made me for more than this, I have an unfulfilled purpose and therein lies this unsettled ness. I have spent time thinking what could this purpose be- somedays I’m convinced that I’m supposed to write a blog, no maybe it’s a children’s book, wait its that my husband and I are to minister to young married couples, but I feel as if I can’t do anything if these things until I get it all figured out in my own life. So I sit & continue to wrestle & wrangle each day with my restless soul, filling it up by reading blogs & dreaming of all the things I could do but that I’m too scared to do. My hearts desire for 2014 is to start small & open at least one door towards truly fulfilling my purpose… Maybe then God can begin to make art with me!

  103. says

    I’m restless for the unknown that God will be bringing to me. I’m not exactly sure what He is calling me to. Straining towards it is that restless feeling!

  104. Jan Bailey says

    Almost 20 years ago, I dreamed/believed that I would be a mom. We built a house for our family, and I even bought a station wagon to haul my kids & their stuff (strollers, diaper bags, etc) in. I expected it to be simple. It was not. We had fun trying at first…then it became a cruel trick…hoping that the “natural” outcome would happen. A friend convinced me to see my doctor; it took a lot for me to follow through. Expecting that the doctor would magically make things happen, my hopes of fertility treatment were dashed when the OBGYN said that I had a thyroid disorder. This would need to be dealt with before pregnancy would be an option. I left with birth control pills instead of fertility pills. I was devastated…I felt like such a failure…as a woman…as a defective woman. Months later, I was able to start fertility treatment….yet nothing happened. There was so much tension & stress…so much disappointment. My mind/body/soul could only bear two rounds of the drama. I still hoped it would happen. I prayed it would happen. All of my friends & coworkers were having babies with little effort. It seemed everywhere I went, there were pregnant women and/or baby strollers. It was so very hard….believing in the depths of my soul, that I had truly failed in my duties as a woman.

    I thought I resolved this a long time ago. I’m approaching 50 now, had a hysterectomy several years ago, and have been chronically ill for 12 years now. A part of my heart is still broken from my failure to have kids. I feel like my husband has been short- changed by my failure…he would’ve been a great dad! I feel so bad…like I don’t fit in anywhere. I’m not old with an empty nest, and I’m not young, carefree & childless by choice. I have insulated myself from the world & put a smile on my face when I’m around others…most people have no idea that I’m broken-hearted. Deep down, I still feel like a failure! I’m realizing that I have lied to others and to myself. It’s a huge stumbling block & continues to be the source of restlessness in my spirit.

    My goal this year is to deal with this & to move forward. It’s so tough! I’m praying and preparing. Some days are better…but total despair comes so easily at times…even in the midst of an otherwise good day. This is not the life I had expected. I know that there is a purpose that I may not understand this side of heaven. I look forward to the day when God connects the dots for my life story! Till then, I’ll continue to listen to His prompts & do my best to follow where He leads!

  105. says

    I’ve felt restless for awhile. Wondering where I fit in in the midst of my husband wildly pursuing God’s dream for his life. Attending The Barn event helped open my heart to what God might could do through me. Reminding me that I have gifts to share that I don’t always realize. Anticipating great things for 2014!

  106. Marie Krum says

    I am restless for obedience for the will to submit to God’s call to enter into His will instead of gleefully run my own race. My “lust of the eyes” blazes through my life uncontrolled. And the enemy laughs at my feeble attempts to turn my ways to His ways, bring my will under the control of the Holy Spirit and transform my restlessness into that “Peace that passe all understanding.”

  107. Sophia says

    Restless with busyness that keeps me from doing the things I believe I’m supposed to be doing. Doing not because someone else tells me, but rather what I feel God is pulling me to. What is it that keeps me from jumping in both feet? The busyness is a smokescreen from something else…what is it? That’s the question that needs answers. Would love to win this giveaway. Thank you for your ministry of words.

  108. Kristi C says

    I think I’m restless to DO the things I dream about…I’m always planning, always dreaming, and then I end up getting caught up in the mundane, in the urgent rather than the important, in the busy-ness of life, or in my own fear…and then I don’t do it. I’m restless to know God more, to live a fuller life but a simpler one, to pursue deeper relationships, to simply LIVE.

  109. says

    Oh man, the restlessness seems to be at a record high for me. I don’t know if I can exactly name my current state, but I feel like it has something to do with the a huge sense of imbalance in my life. I just returned to work after a long and beautiful holiday with my family. I felt focused, free, loved and loving. As soon as I returned to work, the restlessness returned with a vengence. I come home irritable, uncomfortable and just ready for everyone to go to bed so I can sleep. Last night I was mentally and physically restless, my feet twitching and my skin feeling tight. When I am home on a break, vacation…I feel like I am amazing part of this family. When I am teaching, I feel like that is my calling. I just can’t find that balance. And the restlessness grow and grows….to turn to what?

  110. Teresa R says

    I am feeling restless regarding a book I feel led to write. Fear of being misunderstood/rejected keeps me from putting words to paper. Also I feel restless as I know God has a place for me in my church community, but I have no idea where that place is

  111. says

    I’m restless–where am I going with life? Do I continue on this same, vanilla (and fine) path of the expected or is there something GREAT BIG waiting for me?

  112. Nikki says

    I am restless for connection–with God, friendships, a church community, a spouse, a home of my own. Prayerfully hoping God opens many doors in 2014.

  113. shelly says

    What is pulling and tugging at me is a fear that I have allowed myself to not truly mother my children, from my heart and soul, for too long. I am in the final stages of ending an abusive marriage. It’s only a couple months more now. But, I have allowed myself to give up what I felt was good and true and right in the raising of my children for over 10 years. I was not even allowed to attend church without paying for it with stress. I know I am doing the right thing. I know I will survive this situation. But what is pulling and tugging at me is have I let too much “non true” mothering go on? To the point where I’ve let the best my children could have been slip away? I want to be intentional in my “recapture” of them, and myself. I want to show them how much the world has to offer if they have faith and trust God. I want them to know peace and grace. I feel a sure strong tugging to be a better mother to them now.

  114. Debbie Eaton says

    The expectancy in my heart to see more beauty in life, that the unexpected twists and turns be gifts that will turn into gratefulness, that the mundane and routine can be a place of refreshment and rest. The expectancy that the restlessness will draw me closer and more dependent on God so that I reflect His love to others.
    I really enjoyed meeting you at the IF Gathering in September. Love your books!

  115. says

    I , too, feel that restlessness to be small Emily. I am weary of the trying hard and wanting to be like others I admire. I want to live open-handed, moment by moment, listening for His voice and doing what He calls me to do. Whatever that looks like and however small.

  116. says

    I am restless to “go big”. The self doubt has been my friend for so long that it’s hard to shake. I want my voice, my opinions, my life to be heard. My voice has been quiet for so long; told to “sshhhh”. It’s time to awake.

  117. Kimberly Eisendrath says

    I am RESTLESS to serve like I have never served….and live like I have never lived…I have been buidling a repaltionship with God but how do I extend that to being His light to others better?

  118. Kimberly Eisendrath says

    repaltionship = being sommoned by my 9 year old daughter to tuck her in for the 3rd time and rushing because extra goodnight kisses were waiting for me. RELATIONSHIP….starting with God first and never passing up extra kisses from your kids. 😉

  119. Elizabeth U says

    I am restless to know God with my heart. I have known Him with my head for as long as I can remember, but it was only in the course of the last year that He opened my eyes to realize that what I thought was a heart relationship was only a head relationship. Over the last month especially I have felt Him tugging at my heart, and I am restless for Him to give me a new heart and make me forever His.

  120. maria says

    I feel restless to try my art in different typical ways like sewing, knitting, journaling, but also in teaching, and encouraging other women that might feel a need to dig deeper into our faith together. Still, I am in a season of life that limits me in those things though I sense it is very possibly to help me do what my heart craves all the better when the opportunity finally does come. Thank you for so much inspiration!

  121. says

    I am restless. I lost my husband a year ago. Through his brief illness I focused on living one moment at a time, trusting in the Lord to give me strength and courage. And He did. I became so adept at living in the moment that I’ve forgotten how to dream. I am transitioning from what was to what will become. I asked God to give me a word for 2014. Not only do I have a word, but an entire verse:
    Isaiah 43:19
    “See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
    I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.”
    I am somewhat fearful of the “new thing”. But praying for the eyes that will show me the way in the wilderness and looking for the streams in the wasteland. God has created me ‘for such a time as this’. It is hard to see where He is leading but I trust He has a plan and it is good.
    Yes, I am restless to become more of who He created me to be in this new year.

  122. says

    I needed to read this tonight, Emily. I’m so, so glad I did.

    I’m restless right now – more than I’ve been in a long time. Kind of began when I was there for Christmas, actually. But I think I need to decline the invitation to try and wrap words around it for now – and just let it be. Let it roll around in my heart a while longer and sort itself out a little bit more.

    <3 you.

  123. Amanda says

    I am restless about the future. I just graduated from college and got a job, which I LOVE, but not always what I thought I would do. I feel like I have this calling from God to draw into him during this time of restlessness. And learn more about who I am in Him.

  124. says

    I am restless. I feel the need to unplug. Simplify. Organize. Purge. Move to a potato farm in Ireland. :) To just not be so busy that I miss the simple joys of just being with my family, my friends, and my God.

  125. Nadine says

    My restlessness is often an inability to know when enough is…enough. And even when it isn’t, that’s okay! Thanks for the opportunity.

  126. Tressa says

    Restless to rest more in Him.
    Restless to be still and still create like Him.
    Restless to live for Him.
    Restless only without Him.

  127. Sharon says

    Emily, I have read and reread your last book, A Million Little Ways, and Ann Voskamp’s book, The Greatest Gift. They were my Christmas gifts to myself. I had asked God for only one thing this Christmas…more of Him. These two books helped me receive my gift. Thank you. However, it has stirred such and unbelievable restlessness for more of God. The more he feeds me, the hungrier I am. This morning my Bible reading was the sermon on the mount, in Matthew. As I read Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled”, I couldn’t stop weeping. God is so gracious and lavish in his love for us. I identify with your desire for smallness. It seems that the more I know God, the less I matter. It is liberating to finally realize that my success, achievements, or tasks are not as important as my love for God and His love for me. Thank you for such encouragement and inspiration. An added benefit has been that the less I matter the freer I feel to express the art that God has shared with me. It is like my energy level has sky-rocketed. Thank you so much.

  128. says

    Ultimately I am restless to know Him more, to be closer to Him, and to breathe Him in every breath.
    For this time in my life though, it’s my passion–and how that means that I’m going to have to blaze my own trail and create something out of nothing. I am restless to know that He’s in the middle of it all and to make my art for Him.

  129. Sarah says

    Wow. I had no idea so many out there were feeling just like I have been. God has stirred in me for the past year these thoughts and feelings that have been drawing me very very close to Him- closer than I’ve ever been. And now, I am restless. I have been seeking Him about what my calling and purpose in life is. I know I’m here for a purpose. I know it. And so I’m restless to find out what it is and to do that thing. I want to finally step into it with confdence and clarity-two things I have never had in my life. As I write these words, however, God is reminding me that Godliness with contentment is great gain. So as I seek to know Him and His purposes, I seek to be content with where I’m at right now.-in all of this…mess. He is here and He is using all of it. What a journey.

  130. says

    Dear Emily,
    I don’t need to go into the drawing, I got my copy at Allume, but just wanted to tell you how much I love this post…

    Keys to contentment: Rejoicing in God who called us to be His own for His glory to do the good works He prepared in advance for us to do. Regardless of whether they bring us to great heights or deep valleys…Simply, loved and “His treasured possession” .

    I see you resting in His plan. Lovely.

  131. says

    These past few years have been full of facing fears, slaying personal demons, and learning new things about ourselves and others (speaking of my husband and I). Together we’ve grown restless in our inability to do good from our current life situation, and ultimately have grown restless for change.

    On the heels of a year of leaning-in to that, I became restless for action. It feels like building an airplane (after having to figure out HOW) and earning a pilot’s license and overcoming the fear of flying and realizing that all of that is great, but it’s nothing if you don’t jump in the cockpit and see what she’ll do. 2014 is the year of “taking her out for a spin,” and it applies on many levels of life and art.

    Thanks for this thread, Emily! It’s been encouraging to read of those wrestling the same path.

  132. says

    I’m restless to write words that matter, words that make a difference. And I’m restless to live a focused life that accomplishes the same thing. I want to do something where when it feels tiring and mundane I can reason to myself why what I do matters, and that may be selfish, but I’d like to think I could find such an occupation. And most, I think, I’m restless to find something that melds my strengths with my passions, something challenging, something that encompasses everything in the former sentences as well.

  133. Kathryn B says

    Our youngest son died 5 years ago and Ithought I’d do something big after that, some kind of non profit or something and instead I’m raising his 3 big siblings all school age now (hs freshman, 6th grader, 2nd grader) and I know that ‘s important but i feel trapped and restless in the “is this all there is” phase of life..

  134. Laura K says

    I have had a restless feeling this past year. There have been lots of changes that happened in my life and I am restless about what the future holds. I want to be closer to God to know His plan for my life. The not knowing brings a restlessness to me.

  135. Lisa says

    I’m restless when I’m not present in each moment and giving thanks. I want to be able to talk with God like its second nature. Not just right before meals or other set times. Just to be.

  136. Johanna says

    I don’t know whether I feel restless but I definitely feel empty… empty and ready to be filled. I’m just asking God to keep my family healthy but I remember a time where I dared to dream big (so yes, there are people who do dream big!) and now I feel I can’t… Maybe I should ask God to get that fire back into my soul.

  137. Susan says

    I feel restless because I have really been longing to draw nearer to him…. to walk more closely with Him, but I have been resisting it…mostly due to FEAR of what He may be calling me to.

  138. Chelsea H Dudley says

    My restlessness lies in not being who God wants me to be (I feel). I make things complicated and more than what it should be or has to be. My restlessness lies in what I feel is lack of growth.

  139. says

    I have a name for my restlessness. Her name is eternity. And she has been with me since the day I was born. She tugs at me and urges me to be brave and creative. She knocks on my heart and reminds to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with my Father. Some days eternity is so loud and screams at me, other days, she is quiet and gentle and whispers, “be still” to my soul. Eternity will always keep me feeling restless.

  140. Judy says

    I think some of my restlessness is the good “holy discontent” with how things are and how they should be when God makes all things new and we see Him face to face. And I think some of my restlessness is the bad discontent and pain and striving, combined with still figuring out who I am in Jesus and what He has made me for.

  141. Emily says

    I am restless for reasons I don’t understand, and don’t really know how to explain. That tug on the heart and unsettled flow of the minutes in each day. God has blessed me with an awesome life, a wonderful and loving husband, a job in the field of my college degree, a home, and it all happened so fast and so beautifully upon graduation. And now, with these things that school and society teaches you to be good to make you happy, doesn’t always mean that’s the image-bearing me that God made me to be in this moment of life. Is this where I’m supposed to be? Is this the job for me? Does all this make me happy? And maybe that’s my restlessness. It makes me uneasy not knowing what comes next in the color palette He’s painted for me. I would love to be a mother and it makes me so happy see my husband as a father. I know God will bless our family in his timing and will. My prayer is never to become a dried up color in the easy and uneasy, flow and ebb of life.

  142. Amy Chaney says

    I am restless for living a life that is “different”. I read these books about how our lives as Christians are suppose to be different. But my life doesn’t look that different. The routine we have established for my 5 children meets their needs… not mine. If I am honest, I recognize my own selfish-ness in it all, hate routine and want to change things up. But how?

  143. Karen L says

    I am deeply restless, yet am unable to name it. Therein lies my frustration. I would love to read this book. Great post, btw.

  144. Julie says

    my not-so-serious restlessness right now comes from not going outside of my house for almost four days straight. so cold!

  145. B Marie says

    I feel like I am stuck in a rut. I was a teacher, turned full-time mom. I have two elementary aged children and a preschooler who is at home with me until fall. I am not sure what I will do when all of them are in school. My feeling is that I have not done anything “creative” for so long. I long to travel, to learn photography, write and more. Sometimes the days go by and I just don’t think I have done anything worthwhile. I know I should be happy because really I am blessed. It’s just so hard to figure out what to do. Would love to read this book. Maybe it would give me some insight…

  146. says

    sometimes i feel restless in motherhood- thinking there must be more… just more than what i’m experiencing… more than cleaning up after my kid… more than being a stay at home mom… but it’s not a good restlessness. i want restlessness that comes from not knowing God enough and wanting to be with Him forever.

  147. liz says

    restless describes me to a tee right now. i am restless as a therapist, wanting to do the kind of therapy for people who want to dive in and see change, for those who’ve been traumatized and crave freedom/healing/hope. i am restless as a wife, longing for a baby and for a place to truly call home with my husband of 2.5 years. and i am restless as a friend, longing for depth and a rubbing against of the kind only bosom sisters can bring you.

  148. Brenda says

    I am restless to walk into His calling for me. This year the fog has started to lift. I’m starting to see clearly what He would have me do.

  149. Amy says

    I am restless. I am living a life that was never mine to live. I am not living the life He made for me. Not walking in the path He ordained for me. I want to, I need to, so desperately.

  150. says

    I am restless as my husband and I sit in the middle of a lot of transitions not knowing how things will play out. The answer we keep hearing is “wait.” So, we will wait, but it’s difficult!

  151. says

    I have been restless in so many areas of my life for several years now. Restless in ministry because I want to go so far and I want to do it now, restless in my finances because I’m a single mother of three children, restless in my self-worth and value because of past traumas I’ve experienced. I feel like God is trying to ask me to seek him in the midst of all of these overwhelming areas that make me feel like I’m not enough, that make me feel like I can’t do enough fast enough, and put me in constant busyness. I don’t want to just do things for the sake of doing them, I want to live them and make a difference for myself and others. I feel God is telling me to give him my restlessness so that He can exchange it for peace. So He can help my visions and dreams flourish by trusting Him and laying my daily schedules over to His will. I think this book would be an amazing asset on my journey, and I would be honored to have a copy!

  152. Erin Messing says

    I am feeling restless due to too many yeses, too many commitments. This is a year of big moves and changes and I am so ready for those to happen so that paring down, stepping back, being more intentional with my time and relationships can happen.

  153. Lindsay says

    I’m feeling extremely restless as this New Year begins. Restless in my job, in my marriage, just in every day life. I have a list of things that I want to accomplish, yet something is pulling me back from going after them. Am I making the right decision?

    I can’t wait to read this book – I love Jennie!

  154. Ophelia says

    I am restless to be COMPLETELY dependent on God daily. There are so many things that make this life easy to be independent–microwaves, phones, money, cars. Something in me burns to know God more intimately simply because there is NOTHING else that I can lean on or use to fill my voids (even if only temporarily). I am restless for the day when Heaven becomes my home. There and only there will nothing else but God be vying for my attention.

  155. Teri Lynn says

    My restlessness comes from a direction in my life. Last year I felt like the Lord has been directing me to change my career path and do something with children but not sure what that completely looks like. So to start out I am going back to school to get a teaching degree. So right now I am working full-time, going to school full-time, I have two children, and now one on the way after a miscarriage on Thanksgiving 2013. So I am not completely sure what this looks like in terms of his leading me but I feel like all this has came from being asked to teach a 3-4 year old sunday school class in our church and really enjoying it and loving the children. So I am restless because I have not stepped out completely in the direction I feel that I am being lead due to waiting for maybe a “clearer” direction (for lack of a better phrase).

  156. Kendra says

    I read a blog by a woman who sails the world alone on her sailboat. I feel restless to discover what my personal sailboat is, so that I too can wake up every morning to the possibility of adventure.

  157. says

    i am restless to find my identity again after 5 years of birthing/nursing … easing my way back into the world a bit to allow for my kids to grow & me to do the same! its a good restless-ness that i feel Jesus is pushing me into some new, yet unfamiliar territory.

  158. says

    I have been restless in my own mind lately. struggling with anxiety stemming from my inability to control my life (ha!). Little things will collide & suddenly I feel overcome by the stress of the situation – not even things that are a big deal, just multiples! The dirty dishes in the sink & my toddler pees his pants & the dinner needs to be started & the baby has a dirty diaper & my preschooler just asks ‘mommy will you play with me?” So many things clamor for my time & attention. But GOD IS GOOD. & so faithful when I set my eyes on Him. I am working on my scripture memorization this January & my thankful list & blogging again & turning up the worship music to flood my home. My mind is always fortified by His presence in my days & I am so grateful. Restlessness is a great topic & I would love to read it. I wrote my #31days posts on being ‘small’ so I loved & resonated with your thoughts on how small isn’t unsuccessful. Thanks for sharing!

  159. Olga D says

    I have felt restless for many years. Hitting my early 40’s only intensified this feeling. At first I thought this is just how you feel when you are having children (3 here 4 in heaven) and trying to raise them. But now I feel the same restlessness and the kiddos are older so that’s not it! So what is it? I’m still not entirely sure but I know that I’m terrified to find out so this is my obstacle– fear. I’m praying to overcome this fear this year as I can no longer live this restless existence.

  160. says

    I feel like God is calling me to make HIM more the focus of my life, despite the every day hustle and bustle that leaves me dropping into bed exhausted each night. I want to immerse myself deeper in His grace. Talk less, pray more.

  161. says

    It’s taken nearly two days of sitting in your penetrating words, as well as reading (I think most of) the beautiful comments, for God to reveal the core of my unrest. This morning, I believe He has. I’m restless to be content. To be fully content in God’s presence, because it’s crazy that I wouldn’t be. I’m restless to be content with where He has me today. I want to see each new day as the amazing gift it is, and not want more. As a dog at a water bowl, I want to lap up with delight and gusto each person, need, event and chores my days contain. I’m restless for this life to be all about God and others. The days are long and weary when I make them about me. Some days I’m there; by the grace of God more days than not lately. I wasn’t there the day I read your post. In this, I believe my restlessness will turn to rest as I simply tell God His daughter longs to be content and then rest in and rely on Him to do. I am so thankful that He who began the good work in me will be faithful to complete it. I’ve learned through years of experience that striving for it will only make me more discontent.

  162. Nikki says

    At the end of 2013 I felt God asking for more from me. I feel called to travel and be away but I’m not sure to what or where exactly. I have been feeling restless for quite a while and I know God wants more from me but for most of last year I thought I was struggling with contentment. So I’m being pulled to give God more.

  163. says

    Like many others here, some of my restlessness comes from trying to discern my “calling” my purpose, and what to do with the abilities and gifts God has given me.

    I try to trust Him each step, knowing He is faithful and true, but some days, deep in my heart, I fear, I wonder, I wait for a clear, shiny blinking arrow that says: “This way!” There are other things I would like to pursue, but fear keeps those things at bay. So I dabble in different activities, falling back on being the responsible wage-earner, homework helpdesk, wife and mother role I have been gifted with at this time.

  164. Marie says

    “But I felt restless in those days, wanting to write words that mattered, wanting to parent in a way that meant something, wanting to have a voice, wanting my life to count for something beyond myself.”

    This really spoke to me – it is exactly how I am feeling currently. I have a great job that provides very well for my family, and I’m incredibly grateful for this and should be content, but something is off – I feel like I should be doing more. I feel like there is a bigger purpose for me – to do good, to share with the world something bigger, but I’m having trouble understanding what that purpose is. And maybe this is it – maybe my current career is what God has planned for me – and if that is the case, then that is okay. But I can’t stop feeling this pull like there’s something more, something I should be contributing that I’m not.

    I’m also struggling with understanding if the restless is a pull from God to something more, or if I’m being driven by my own selfishness. Sometimes it’s so difficult to tell.

  165. Linda says

    Wondering if I truly am “restless” or not naming my interior longings appropriately… so I had to look up the definition on line: unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom!

    Anxiety – YES! Boredom – NEVER! I am longing to find that rest with God that holds the anxieties opening up spacious places within for God and me to BE unhindered by the clutter of distracting lies and habits of thinking that make my time and space with God too small. Yet still He comes seeking me and I squeeze into His presence just as I am… the restless encounters where He faithfully responds in love to me as HE sees the longings lost in the lies… that is what LOVE does, comes into the mess and makes Himself at home… even if I keep jumping up to attend to the distractions!

    As in the interior space of my life I want to make more space to be at rest with God, so in the exterior is the challenge to make space to encounter Him in the daily art of living! Thanks for encouragement to press into the whirl of words and feelings to glimpse true reality with hope and gratefulness always found in the sweet company of God.

  166. Tanya talsma says

    I am restless when I think about my part time teaching job. It’s my first step back into the classroom after 6 plus years at home with our girls. While at one time my God-given passion, I’m not certain it’s His place for me now. I enjoy my job, but….that “but” is the cause of heart searching, wrestling prayer. Sometimes it’s a gift to be restless as Emily wrote, it may be God’s door to usher in the Spirit’s leading.

  167. says

    I cannot wait to read this book.
    My husband and I dealt with a long season of restlessness a few years that ultimately culminated in God leading us to plant a church sixteen months ago.
    Now we feel restless again, except this time, and we don’t understand it. We feel guilty because we know it’s not time for us to leave our church plant, and we feel like it should be the adventure that we were looking for. It took a huge leap of faith, and is extremely exciting at times, and yet this restlessness – it’s still there.
    We are still trying to discern what God might be telling us through our restless spirits – maybe something greater he envisions for the church, or maybe some personal endeavor that has nothing to do with the church. But as of yet, we can’t name, but we can’t shake it.

  168. says

    I have a restlessness in wanting to plan my life, in wanting to know what should come next for me and when. I am working on remaining in the moment and allowing things to come to me in time.

  169. says

    The new year always makes me restless, as I want to accomplish everything and make big goals and dreams for the future. This year, however, I’m resting in the not knowing, trying to be okay and even comfortable in here and now rather than projecting for what’s to come. I know God will do amazing things but I feel as though I need to rest in that truth rather than try to make these big things happen. Like you said, God does not need us to dream for Him! He more than takes care of that himself, thank goodness! :)

  170. says

    I’m feeling restless to feel like I’m actually doing something for the Kingdom of God. It’s hard to see it in the endless days of diaper changes and sassy toddlers.

  171. says

    restlessness, the remembering of that thought, that verse, or song. where is God leading me? I have a chronic health condition and know He wants to use me, how to i lean on Him? tired of doctors, shots, and chemo, God is bigger.

    Restlessness today for me is so stop fearing the fatigue and feelings that I am not of value and to wholly accept He has a plan and wants to share it with me, maybe now is prep time, it is hard to let the oven preheat. Learning to hear and wait. Thank you for your amazing blog!

  172. Kay B says

    I am restless waiting to see how God will move in me for his Glory. Maybe in small ways, maybe in not-so-small ways. I am available and watching for His leading.

  173. Michelle says

    I think that my restlessness comes from trying to still do it all by own might and not knowing who I am in Him. I am feeling restless as I’m yearning to let Him be God and allowing me to rest in His grace and love for me.

  174. Jill says

    I am restless to experience God’s grace deep in my soul. I feel like I’m always trying too hard to do more and be more. Having just turned 50, I wonder why I still sometimes don’t feel good enough. My one word for 2014 is GRACE, and I’m looking forward to really exploring God’s grace in more depth. I want to learn to stop and just settle into God’s grace and just be me, God’s child, without feeling the burden of my own too high expectations. I plan to start my year by re-reading “Grace for the Good Girl.” :). Thanks Emily for sharing your writing talent with the world. I loved going through your most recent book in the BLOOM book club, and I think part of my GRACE journey will be living the art I am, not by doing more but by being GRACE-filled.

    • says

      Jill, I can so relate to your story. I just turned 50, too, and struggle with the same issues. To be ME and be perfectly fine with who I am, imperfections and all! Have you heard of Brene Brown and her book the Gifts of Imperfection? So impactful to me, as well as both of Emily’s books –both Grace for the Good Girl and A Million Little Ways were HUGE for me. Blessings on your journey! Grace, yes grace.

  175. Ruth says


  176. Babs C. says

    I am restless inside because I am walking out of captivity and into the freedom to operate in the gifts that God gave to me, following His call more freely. I am restless because I have not been free to be myself for a long time and the relationship which prevented this has not yet been totally resolved/dissolved, so I have some restlessness from limbo-land. I am restless, because over the past several months my body and soul {and spirit too} have been recovering from a decade of trauma and abuse in professional and personal life; and frankly, my body is not yet to the point I could go back to scheduled work, though my soul/spirit are well enough to do so. So I am itching at the bit so to speak, while God and my body are saying to be patient yet, and my mind swarms with old dreams and new ideas of semi-passive income sources and part-time or work-at-home scenarios. I am restless because I will now be back “on my own” and though this really doesn’t change anything practically compared to the recent years, I am beginning from a state of unemployment, which is a bit unnerving. God is still my source, same as if I were working full-time or could rely on a spouse’s income, but there is a bit more of struggle to rest in Him peacefully as I follow His directions. And so I wait…and I know my art awaits me…and my heart reminds my mind that God knows all of this and more. And so I … Breathe.

  177. Amy says

    Restless…we recently moved and have been so focused on helping our family get “settled” that it has opened a door for doubt, insecurity, and lies to intrude into my heart almost unaware. Restless is where I sit as I find myself in battle for truth over lies and light over darkness.

  178. says

    I feel restless to write. To purge my soul of the story within. I pace with angst, wanting to be heard. I long to speak of the unspoken, to know it is safely cradled in my Father’s arms, captured by His ears and released, with grace. I am discontent, fidgety with delays and obstacles in my path, that once felt so certain, so sure. I churn with words, uncaptured and wait, impatient, for their release. And it is there, right there, in the midst of waves, pounding, I hear God speak:”Peace. Be still.” And I know, once more, that He has already heard. And the storm within? It does cease.

  179. says

    I’m on the verge of a BIG career switch. I am restless because very soon I will “retire” from a 19 year career in the banking industry, and apply to nursing school. My calling is to take care of kiddos with cancer: Pediatric Oncology.

    Restless and SO excited…

  180. Amy says

    I am restless to simply seek God for who he is–my Creator. Tozer writes that when we voluntarily “sell-out” to God, “His Christian life ceases to be the complicated thing it had been before and becomes the essence of simplicity.” I don’t think I know that simplicity yet. My tendency is to always go for the complicated, when God is calling me to simply be his and he will take care of the rest!

  181. says

    I feel like I have these God-given desires, gifts and passions that are lying dormant within me. I have taken steps in the direction I thought He was leading, only to have the door (seemingly) close on my dream. I’m restless to make a difference in helping people heal from emotional wounds, to find their real selves and to be free to be who they are in all of their imperfections. Free to live wholeheartedly!

  182. says

    I’m restless in the sense that I’m longing to see the kingdom of God made real right here where we live. I believe there’s more God wants from me, from our little country church, and I’m restless for really being the hands and feet of Christ in our community.

  183. Jocelyn says

    I have dreamed big for all of my parenting life. It was my dream to have a table where my children, their spouses and their children would one day sit. My sweet MIL was such a Godly example to me as she sat at the head of her table every Sunday, with her 5 children and their families all gathered around. I would dream of having this same family time. But a year and half ago, my dream died. As two of my children have made some very poor choices. Choices that will have deep heartbreaking ramifications on their lives and on ours. I have cried every single night since that day in May when this all came to light. I’ve prayed and pleaded with God to rescue these boys who are walking on the brink of disaster. I KNOW God is able and HE has a perfect plan for them. But the hurt and ache has left me restless and very sad.

  184. says

    Wow, so many great replies! It is wonderful to see so many seeking God with so much sincerity! I saw several common themes, mainly a deep yearning to know God more intimately and to follow His will. Blessings to all

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