paint avoidance

Last year, we painted our kitchen cabinets black. I do not regret painting them, as I like them much better than what they were before. Still, I have been thinking about how I might like to have the top cabinets painted white while leaving the bottom ones black.

But I am a lazy girl with two books to write. So instead I changed the curtains.

In the two years we’ve lived in this house, the curtains in the kitchen have been changed three times. Currently, they are dressed in this buffalo check from Country Curtains. They have brightened up my writing space quite nicely. And it has been a much easier change than re-painting the top cabinets.


  1. says

    I was thinking of painting my cabinets black, but I’m afraid. My mother painted her cabinets white once, and has recently spent a year sanding them down to their original woodly state. I have always hated my cupboards so I can’t imagine ever wanting to see them in their oak-ish glory, but one never knows with decorating, does one?
    Anyway, I think your decision to change your curtains was a wise one. They look cute!
    .-= JoAnn´s last blog ..Brought Low by the Bottle (of Antibiotics) and A Boy =-.

  2. says

    So who was standing on their kitchen island this morning? And the curtains are lovely. I’ve always loved that little eating nook. No pressure, but a built-in bench thing would rock in that window. Maybe once your books make you rich and famous…

  3. Sissy says

    Someone was standing on an island, taking that photo! LOL. Love it.

    If you are feeling like talking paint colors, you need to swing by my house. I have paint chips taped to my cabinets, trying to decide what color to paint over my red walls. I’m thinking a greeny-bluey-gray. Got any suggestions?

  4. says

    GORGEOUS! Love your kitchen! I especially love the white table and chairs with the added black chairs on the ends…so pretty! And it brings in the rest of your black kitchen so nicely. Love it! :) Oh and the new curtains are really pretty too. :)

  5. Tracey says

    Love the new curtains! Hey I have an idea (I am sure had the same but just incase I thought I would share). My mom painted her cabinets black as well, and then she sanded the edges of the doors and looks amazing. It lightened up the kitchen just with that touch. Also-I just saw a kitchen with white on top and black on the botton…loved it! It looks beautiful! Love this bog! and…waiting for 2 new great books to dive into-praying for you!

  6. says

    love the curtains!
    my question is
    did you take that first shot!
    i love it….did you climb up on the fridge you tiny thing?
    or are you swinging from the chandelier?
    ps–thanks for your tweet. i really truly honestly AM praying for YOU & the books…pinkie promise

  7. Beth says

    Love Love how your curtains look. Actually, I love each part of your house that you’ve shown to us! And that’s it…I will plead with my hubby to raise my living room curtain rod. Seeing yours up high has me convinced it must be moved!

  8. Becki says

    I *just* finished painting my kitchen cabinets cream on the uppers and black on the lowers. I am LOVING it! If you would like to see some pics let me know and I will email you some!

    And for everyone out there who thinks they want to paint their cabinets but haven’t taken the plunge….DO IT……TODAY….Like so many folks out there I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

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