A Short Blessing for Monday

In the warm days of May, our daughter buried some seeds in the ground. They broke, rooted, sprouted, and bloomed. And all of them have withered by now. All except this one. I'm impressed with her stubborn commitment to life. She's the Mark Watney … [Read more]

For Those Who Wait in the Fog

At the beginning of this year, I declared that I wanted to practice writing words I can't take back. I did and I have, but I keep finding myself not doing that consistently. Like this morning, for example, I had grand plans to drive directly home … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

May we become so obsessed with our accomplishments that we wear ourselves out once and for all. May we stare at our reflection long enough to get on our own nerves. May we finally see our own inadequacy as a sharp reminder that we aren't meant to … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

In honor of the cold, rainy weekend we're having here in North Carolina, I thought it a good time to share with you a ton of great internet links for your weekend reading. This week kicked off the annual Write 31 Days Challenge, where writers from … [Read more]