Permission to be Unremarkable Today

Last night we made fish tacos and talked about the day while slicing tomatoes and warming beans. It was a good day, a full day, a hard day in part. We ate together at the table like usual, making plans for summer. After dinner John took two to the … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

May we let the weekend do what the weekend does - end the week. May we reflect on the joys, the losses, the conversations, and the everyday routines we've just lived through, keep what we need from them, and leave the rest gently in the past. … [Read more]

Who Else Wants to Find Hope in the Dark?

We drove through dusk on I-85 several nights ago, the sun sinking behind the trees next to the highway. The car faced mostly north, the moon rising higher out my passenger side window. I kept my eyes trained on the clouds ahead of me, knowing it was … [Read more]

What I Learned in May

Update: False alarm! The link up is working now. Carry on. Amen. May is over and that means it’s time to share what we’ve learned. If you’re new around here, this is a regular practice we engage in together, as we are learning the value of looking … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

May your weekend be simple, open, and free. May June rise up to greet you holding sweet gardenias and a drink made with lemon. As we continue the seasonal dance from one month to another, may we be willing to release our tight hold on familiar and … [Read more]