one task impossible to complete while watching TV

I had every good intention of finishing this weeks Artists and Influencers post while I watched the Super Bowl by myself last night. But there are three reasons why that wasn’t going to happen.

One. To finish something, you need to have actually started.

Two. My writing-something-coherent-while-watching-TV super power expired in 1995 after trying to write a paper while also watching the season premiere of 90210.

And three? It was all just a little too distracting. The Sandy Hook choir. That really tan sign language interpreter. Beyoncé and her hair. The Clydesdale and the troops and the farmers. The power outage!!


And then as if all that wasn’t enough, I go hang out at Downton Abbey for barely 15 minutes and I see on Twitter that the whole game turns *almost* around. Just so you know, by the time I switched to Downton, I had abandoned all hope of finishing an actual post.

All that to say, even though I planned this series to last only in January, I think I may extend it into February. I hope to be back next Monday with a complete Artists and Influencers post. I would say I’ll just post it tomorrow but I know I won’t so why would I say that?

In closing, I leave you with What Really Made Mary Ingalls Go Blind. Simply because, as the article says, “This is the sort of thing that is extremely interesting if you are interested in this sort of thing.”

What’s your favorite thing to do while watching TV? Mine is fold towels because towels have corners and you can fold them without actually looking at them.


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      crochet, yes! Though sometimes I have to backtrack if the pattern is complicated and the show is riveting. I don’t know about the cereal thing. That might be more multitasking than I can manage. :)

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    I had the computer on my lap while watching the Super Bowl last night. I fell asleep before the big turn around in the game. Oy. Now to stay away from places that will give away what happened on Downton Abbey before I get a chance to see it.

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    Okay, were you as mad as I was that they killed off Sybil last week? Hopefully I’ll catch last night’s episode tonight, taped, since of course the hubby man wanted football on the screen… like it was a big game or something.

    I fold towels, too.

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      I was, but then I heard she didn’t renew her contract so I transferred my anger from “them” to just her. That helped. A little.

      Also I didn’t finish last night’s episode yet either – no spoilers, people!

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    I love it, you are so real! We spent the eve with family and played cards WHILE watching the superbowl. (I mostly enjoying at least some of the commericals). I have never been one to write and watch at the same time, but felt very frustrated at missing Downton Abby!

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    Thanks for making me laugh. Totally need it today. And YES, what about that really tan sign language interpreter? I thought I was the only one who noticed.

    Nothing but applause for not writing that post. You’re the girl who writes about grace; blog-post guilt shouldn’t exist. {Types the blogger who is also opting out of the post I’d planned to write this morning. Real life calls instead.}

    What do I do while watching TV? Um, nothing as noble as laundry. Usually I’m sipping red wine. Or eating Ben and Jerry’s really slowly if I’m feeling splurgy.

  5. Melissa says

    Who can do ANYTHING and watch Downton Abbey? I have tried to knit but get so tired of ripping it out for my lack of concentration. It was another stellar episode! We watched the game and the too many distasteful ads and half time show until DA began. After Downton, we then switched back to see the start of the 4th. I promptly fell asleep and woke up with just seconds left in the game. I guess the drama of Downton WORE.ME.OUT.

  6. Denise M says

    What to do while watching TV: Laundry – organize coupons and go through grocery ads – occasionally (key word – occasionally) exercise – go through magazines and pull out the articles / recipes I want to keep – checking emails or FB. I cannot seem to justify just sitting and watching something on TV or a movie without doing something else! And I am one who just doesn’t have to see every little thing. I’m ok to just be listening. That may come from the times we didn’t have a TV, but had a TV band on our radio so we could listen to programs but not see them! Guess I just can’t sit still for long!

  7. Barb says

    Oh Emily, you are so real. I love it (and you!). I really don’t do much while watching something like Super Bowl (and yes, I noticed the really tan sign language guy!). For Super Bowl I need to see ALL the game and ALL the commercials (most of the commercials were awful but I did love the Best Buy one and also the Clydesdale one). Most football or other sports games, I read my Nook or Kindle during commercials.

    I don’t watch Downton Abbey. Am I still allowed to read and post here? LOL I tried once and thought it was boring. Oops! Maybe I should have watched more?

    Anyhoo, you are totally forgiven for not blogging last night. :)

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    I used to HAVE to do something else while watching TV. Sewing, crosswords, chores. I find that with “old age” my ability to multi task isn’t what it used to be, so if I’m watching TV, I’m actually watching it…

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    Ohmahholysmokes, last night I was all “Is that sign language interpreter related to George Hamilton?”

    Anyway, I often pay bills in front of the television because the treat of television gives me incentive to get ‘r done.

    Have a great week, Emily!

  10. Sarita says

    I usually DVR everything that I watch so I watch the show to know when to fast forward through commercials. Watching downton abbey I think you HAVE to just watch it in case you miss an eyebrow lift or shrug from the Dowager!

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    The total honesty here is just exactly what I needed more of today. Towel folding yes….but I hate folding laundry anytime. I do “mindless knitting” (or crochet) while watching tv. And of course snacking. Popcorn and chocolate are at the top of the list.

  12. Mandy says

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but I was appalled watching the Super Bowl. Most of the commercials were ridiculously distasteful and Beyonce’s attire and dance performance were dripping with sexual immorality. As soon as she took the stage, my husband gathered up our 4 children and we headed outside to play in the snow for a while. Our family doesn’t generally watch TV (we were at a party yesterday)…and yesterday I was again reminded why not.

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    I’m laughing because I prefer folding while watching TV too. My kids are in a habit of not asking if they/we can watch something but instead, “Mom do you have any laundry to fold?”
    My daughter asked me the other day if I had been reading this series here at chatting at the sky. :-) Yours is on a very short list of blogs she is allowed to subscribe to. Thankful for you Emily. And thankful that my young writer likes reading your blog.

  14. Tricia says

    Emily, I’m pretty impressed that you can fold laundry while watching tv! If I’m watching tv, I really can’t even do that – I don’t know why – if I’m watching a movie or tv, I’m watching it!!

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    Big screen time is my exercise time: treadmill, bike, mat work, trigger pointing. And sometimes polishing my nails.
    Unless I’m really tired, I have a hard time just doing nothing while watching TV (type A ,anyone?).

    But really, kudos to you for just writing about not writing. You managed to make even that interesting. :)

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    I’m glad I’m not the only one with projects that need finishing, yet haven’t actually gotten started! My favorite thing to do? Sit on the couch with some kind of indulgent snack–a huge chai lattte, a warm brownie, a glass of wine AND not move for the duration of the show. What I do more often than not, fold laundry…isn’t that a common theme for so many moms?

  17. Christine says

    Thank you for the laugh. I read this while my kids were doing homework and they wanted to know why I randomly laughed. I read them the part about towels having corners and they looked at me cluelessly, like their mother is a complete nutcase. Which only made me laugh more! And… Mary had a form of meningitis? Can’t wait to drop this factoid into conversation somehow and somewhere!

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    Laundry, and towels are my favorite too. I used to fold towels for the hotel my Dad managed. Very meditative. All those corners.
    I also crochet. And lately, I “fake” knit. Fake because I don’t do patterns. I only know one stitch, so its pretty much just back and forth on The Scarf that Never Ends. Good TV project.
    And I liked that article. Love that the doctor’s takeaway is to be more understanding and clear in communicating with patients.

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    I love this! I do laundry, work out and even post. Although the post is typically already written so it’s doesn’t take a whole lot of my attention. Recently I started to play Words with Friends while watching TV. There are a few shows that get my full attention though…

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    I crochet with long pauses between to catch all the witty remarks between oh, everyone on Downton. I loved the realness of this post and that we do all get distracted and hey, that’s okay.

    I also text my sister if I’m watching Downton because I need someone to exclaim over things with. =)

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    I attempted to edit blog posts while watching Downton last week. Fail. I will stick to stuffing cloth diapers and folding laundry (very apt observation on the towels). An interesting side effect of this habit is that every time I diaper my son, my mind drifts to Mary and Matthew. Hmm.

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    someone gave me the third season of downton for my birthday and so i sat the other day with my 2 huge laundry baskets full to watch – yes, usually my to-do thing of choice too while i watch tv!

    but emily.. oh my word. i was only going to watch the episodes i had missed but ended up watching right till the very end!! no spoilers from me. but let’s just say… not one single thing got folded!!!!! :)

    happy week ending!

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