one question people ask me a lot (and $5 books!)

Someone emailed me this question again the other day and I realized it’s one people ask a lot. I’m in between ages for your two books – which one should I read?


Here is a little guide to help you decide which book would be best for you (your daughter, niece, sister, etc):

read Graceful if:

  • 6 youthyou are a girl in high school, 9 – 12 grade.
  • you love to read and are a girl in 7th – 8th grade
  • you are a mom who wants to learn more about your good girl daughter (elementary, middle, or high school age) who is showing signs of perfectionism, anxiety over school and relationships, and/or a genuine desire to know God.
  • you are taking a gap year between high school and college.
  • you are a high school girls small group leader – this book makes for great discussion and I wrote a free small group leader’s guide to help you out.
  • you are a freshman in college.

I’d say anything below 6th grade is definitely too young. But if you have a 6th grader and you’re on the fence about it, just get the book and read it yourself. There may be some great conversations starters for you to bring up with her as she enters the tough middle school years. Visit the book page to find out more about the book, watch the trailer, or read an excerpt.

how to buy Graceful for only $5

If you think Graceful would be a good fit for you or your daughter, niece, sister, small group girls or son’s girlfriend, this is your super lucky day because LifeWay is running an amazing sale –  you can buy Graceful at LifeWay for only $5! The low price is good both in stores and online.

read Grace for the Good Girl if:

  • 5 for writersyou are 18 or older – I’ve had women read who are from college-aged up to 90 years old.
  • you are looking for a book to use for your women’s Bible study (small group leader guide is included in the back of the book)
  • you are 16 – 18 years old and already read Graceful but want to know more about what it means to let go of the try-hard life you’ve been living

Obviously any aged girl/woman can read either book. But these are just some suggestions for which one to choose if you are on the fence about it. I’ve talked with Cru leaders who have told me they used Grace for the Good Girl with their college groups. I’ve also visited with my mom’s group of friends who all read the book together as well. Visit the book page to find out more, watch the trailer, or read an excerpt.

how to buy Grace for the Good Girl for only $5.60

I knew about the sale on the teen book, so I checked around to see the lowest price on Grace for the Good Girl – Amazon has it as a bargain book right now for only $5.60. I don’t know how long that sale will last, but I wanted to let you know about it when I saw it.

Have you read both/either book? If you have any tips about which book might be best for a certain age, please leave them in the comments and I might just add them to this post. It’s one thing for me to offer suggestions but it’s even better to hear what you might recommend as the reader. I hope you enjoy the $5 books!


  1. says

    I’ll add a piece of advice about which book to read. I would absolutely concur with the idea that if you’re 18 years old or older, Grace for the Good Girl is for you. But I’ll add something to that. **If you’re a woman of any age whose “good girl rootedness” started in adolescence, then I think that reading Graceful can be a huge blessing.** I read Grace for the Good Girl first, long before Graceful was released. I bought a copy of Graceful just because I thought it might be a good resource for some young girls I know. After I started reading it, I could scarcely put it down. I saw my teenaged self in some of those pictures, and I realized that I needed healing from things that originated at that time in my life. Reading Graceful and “reliving” some of those experiences in my mind helped me to invite Jesus into all of those situations, right where I needed some healing.

    Overall, my advice would be to grab a copy of both right now while they’re on such a good sale. Read the age-appropriate one first. But keep yourself open to reading the other; you might find it helpful as well. Great blessings can be found in both books.

  2. Connie says

    I am 41 and my best friend is in her 30s. We have been working through Grace for the Good Girl together. Though we are 13 hours apart geographically, it has been an amazing adventure. We’ve both grown in our relationship with God, with ourselves and with each other. I believe women of any age would benefit from God’s message presented through this book.

  3. says

    My 26-year-old daughter and I both read Grace for the Good Girl and we each found it astronomically helpful. We still reference our gleanings frequently…in fact, just this morning, I commented to her that I did something yesterday that demonstrated that I wasn’t a Good Girl anymore. :-)

  4. says

    Perfect timing! I was just about to let you know that a friend and I just finished leading a small group of girls through Graceful and it was wonderfully well received by all of our girls (6th grade-9th grade). In fact, the 6th grader, just texted me to let me know how much she felt like she grew from the study. She hadn’t experienced as many of the good girl masks as the older girls, but still connected and I have no doubt it will influence her as she moves forward. We found your leader’s guide to be really helpful. The girls opened up and really connected with the book and with one another. It was my first time to lead a small group of teenagers. I’m usually a little kid person, so thanks for writing this and encouraging me out of my comfort zone! It really was such a blessing.

  5. Abbie says

    I read and then used Grace for the Good Girl for a high school girl’s bible study. This was before Graceful was around. They liked it/grew through it even though some of the things were aimed above their heads. And maybe, in a few years, they’ll open it back up.

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