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Linda has been married to her high school sweetheart for 43 years and is in the midst of the lovely season of life that includes Grandchildren. She enjoys time spent with her family, quilting, knitting, writing, playing the piano and Bible Study. To learn more about Linda, visit her at Linda’s Patchwork Quilt. Her voice is calming and sweet. I know you’ll enjoy her.

Before we can even get the car doors open they are there, spilling out of the house with cries of “Papa!  Grandma!”  I bend over to grab a little one in my arms, reach up for a hug from a grandson who seems to have grown six inches in the past few weeks, and caress the cheeks of a beautiful granddaughter. Everyone is talking at once as we make our way into the house. There is so much they all want to share. I feel like the most loved, important person in the world.

Try as I will, I cannot make time slow down during these visits. How I long to make a few days stretch into weeks. We play and laugh and talk. I lean in close to hear their hearts – the things that are deeper than words. I carry a camera in my hand wherever we go, trying to capture the moments. I know from experience how quickly they slip through our fingers.

We walk slowly to the car when the visit is over  – one last quick catch, promises to come again soon, hugs and one more hug. The car doors close, and it is time to go. They stand in the driveway, waving until we are out of sight. I miss them before we reach the end of their sub-division. They are so precious to me.

I think about a Father who feels the same way about me. He loves me unconditionally and longs to spend time with me. He wants to hear my heart and share my joys and sorrows. He is never too busy. He has all the time in the world.

But what of me? Do I make Him feel loved and cherished? Do I look forward to hearing what He has to say or has prayer become more like a duty?  Do I rest in His presence without counting the minutes – my mind already on the next thing I must do?

Surely He is deserving of so much more. I want Him to feel the way I feel when my grandchildren run to greet me. I want to give Him one of those hugs my grandson gives – the kind that make me wonder if my ribs might actually crack! I want to love Him with my whole heart, and I want Him to know it.


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    Thanks for your post. This makes me miss my mamma and daddy. They are faraway and missing out on my little one’s baby days. But I am thankful for any time we do get to spend together.

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    Glad others are getting the opportunity to read the thoughts of my
    sweet and encouraging friend, Linda.
    This was so touching, Linda. I feel the same way about our
    wonderful Daddy. He has a love for us that is so true, so all-encompassing
    we can’t comprehend it! But, I’m certainly going to keep trying!
    Love & blessings,
    Sandy :-)

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    Welcome Linda! That is just a beautiful rendering of love. Your writing made me feel like I was there with you and your grands. I remember well the love that I had (and still have) for my own and how I cherished the time with them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, tender, inspiring words with us.

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    So true…. and I miss Him when I have walked away for a while and just plodded through days with no direction. He IS like our precious children and grandchildren….we should visit Him as often as we can.

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    One of my favorite memories is of my grandparents standing at the end of the driveway, waving at us until we were out of sight. I am always struck by the analogies in parenting, but perhaps the ones in the grandparent relationship are even stronger, as we have less of the stern disciplinarian and more chance to cherish the sweet times. Thanks for the insight.

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    So lovely to see you here, Linda! I know my mom and dad feel the same way when they see the girls…grandchildren are a blessing and I can see the difference from the way they spend time with my girls and how I spend time with the girls. And sometimes, quiet honestly, I need to be more like grandma…always attentive, not trying to rush to the next activity, but ever so present and cherishing every.single.second with them.

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    What a beautiful post! I could feel your love for your grandbabies! I have been trying to become closer to Him especially lately. (teenagers!) I want to make sure that I will recognize Him when he comes again!

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