on consequences

crooked wall

The wall’s not crooked, the candle plate with the f on it is. But I didn’t want the shot with the foreground wrong, so I changed reality a little. I tend to do that. I like for the thing up front and here now to be right and hope that the thing later in the background works itself out. Sometimes it does. Other times, I regret my neglect of the crooked walls.


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    The squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? But have I ever lived to regret the neglect of those other wheels. God grant us the wisdom to know where to spend our time. . . .

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    Girl, you are so smart. I love it when something so simple and succint makes me really think…and then think some more. I can tell some stories of crooked walls and picture-perfect foregrounds. Pretense eventually sucks the life out of you. Your words apply to so much of life.

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    So true- love it! I am curious- is the color on the wall Tobacco Road? I just bought some today to paint my hallway and I am sure I will end up painting more- I love it!

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