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There is a time to live life and then there is a time to write about it. Lately, I’ve been doing some living and it has been nice. It makes the writing flow more quickly when the time for writing comes. I have taken a short break from the writing for a week or so to live a little, and it has been refreshing.These are some of the girls in my small group. That’s me, in the middle. They are rising 10th graders and I love them to bits and pieces. I am still learning them, the way they see God, the world, each other, and me. Because who am I kidding, I totally want them to like me. It’s funny how high school girls bring out my high school girl. They are smiles and youth and questions and silly all wrapped up into one beautifully dramatic package. They are gifts, each one.

Is there a person in your life who is a gift to you today? Is there a moment you would like to unwrap here with us? The guidelines for Tuesdays Unwrapped are here. In summary, link up with the permalink to your unwrapped post, or your link will be deleted. I would also ask, as a courtesy, that you would please link back here to Chatting at the Sky by either using the button or a text link somewhere in your post. Thank you.

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    I LOVE high schoolers! I’ve done many years of youth ministry myself–but not in a long while. However, I have my own high schooler now (as of this summer). I was writing about her tonight, and had to link up after I read your post. We parents are thankful for folks like your hubby and you who invest in our kids!

    I’ve been living more than writing too…if you say it’s OK, I feel better. :)

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    Sweet Emily, I totally didn’t see you in that picture at first because you look as young as they do!

    I love to hang out with high school girls too. Fortunately, I have one in my house and her friends love to come over so I get ample opportunity to be a teenager again. Last night I was feeling guilty for doing that (thought it was rather childish), but God used you this morning to give me permission to just enjoy being a kid again every now and then. THANKS!

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    What an awesome shot of you guys! I feel the same way about my 7th grade girls small group. What a treasure it is to be around them. We have been together for 2 years now , and with baby #2 on the way, I hate to take a break from them for even one minute! Love those girls and all they show me about our wonderful Savior! So glad I found you little piece of the Internet today.

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    You look like a rising 10th grader there yourself! I really like the side of you that picture reveals. It’s funny how we often share our deep voices here in our writing, but we’re also living and having fun on the other side of the screen. Thanks for sharing a bit more of you living. It’s so fun!

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    I still just can’t contain my silly, one day I’m going to grow up and when I do, I have big plans.

    Here’s to refreshing times, and to the fun fact that you look as young as them! Nice!

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    youth ministry is its own brand of crazy joy. i too love my small group girls to pieces…and it’s funny how much i haven’t outgrown, how i still ache over their losses and revel in their joys. (and i’m ever surprised and mildly-giddy to find they like to hang out with me.)

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    Emily! You look the same age as all of them! You are a beauty. I love it. And you are absolutely right that you need an active, lived life in order to write about it. It fans that creative spark, it really does.

    And as for your question – yes. My husband is such a gift to me, always — but especially this weekend. I’ll be linking up shortly. :)

    Glad you enjoyed your writing break, and I hope you come back at it refueled.

    xo elizabeth

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    Ahh… living a little is always SO refreshing! We all need to take the time to just live a little! :)

    Looks like you have quite a fun group of girls there!

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    This is my first entry for Tuesday’s Unwrapped. My friend Kristina links up often (A Joy Walk) and I always enjoy her reflective posts. I had already begun writing a post about the little yellow flowers that dot the landscape right now when it dawned on me that they are my gift. Thanks for the reminder to stop and savor those little moments!

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    lovin’ that picture.

    i work with the teen girls at our church so i totally understand It’s funny how high school girls bring out my high school girl.

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    Emily, I just want to thank you for what you do here on Tuesdays. It’s my favorite day of the week. When I first started reading I never participated, but gleaned so much from the links I clicked on. You are encouraging fellowship with women who have nothing and everything in common. I have been so blessed from your blog and those who read it. May God continue to bless it for His glory.

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    I can see the looks on their faces that my own daughter has when she is with her youth pastor and (especially) his wife. I hope you know what a blessing you are to others. What a calling to minister to youth.

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    Just so you know, you can totally pass for a high schooler smooshed up in there with those cute girls. Didn’t even know that was you until I looked closer! They’re lucky to have you…and I’ll wager three scoops of mint chocolate chip ice-cream that they just adore you.

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