Let’s Share What We’ve Learned This Summer

It’s the end of July and that means it’s time to share what we’ve learned! Remember, this is a place to share all kinds of learning – both the silly and the not so much. So make your own lists and share with us below for my favorite link up ever.

what we learned this summer

Here are 10 things I learned this summer in no particular order:

1. My kids don’t need me to make their plate anymore. When we have a buffet style dinner or when we go to someone else’s house, they can serve themselves and don’t need my help. I think this happened months ago, but I didn’t realize it until this summer.

2. Radio facts: Broadcast call signs in the United States begin with either “K” or “W” (this I knew). Usually “K” is for those west of the Mississippi River and “W” is for stations east of it (this I did not know).

3. Speaking of radio, my dad was nominated for a CMA. It was back in 2002 when he still worked in country radio. He and his morning team were nominees for Broadcast Personality of the Year in the Large Market category. They didn’t win, but it’s an honor just to be nominated, right? (Here’s the proof – his on-air name was Gary Dixon with the KASE morning zoo in Austin). I think I knew this at the time, but forgot until this summer. So it was kind of a learning again.

4. Speaking of radio (again), John and I did our first podcast together for Hope*ologie during the month of July (still available through the end of the day tomorrow for subscribers) and I learned I enjoy experimenting in that format with him. Maybe we’ll have more of that to come in the future.

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5. I don’t like live versions of albums. I reflexively want to shout a collective Shhhhhh to all those clapping screaming annoying people. (realized this once and for all while listening to Guster: Live with the Redacted Symphony).

6. Until July 6, 2014, I thought Kim and Kanye’s baby North West was a boy. She is not.

7. Not having cable has perks. We were forced to watch the World Cup with other people at their house. And this was much more fun than watching it without them.

8. I found a bracelet that doesn’t make me crazy! I admire all the bracelets but I’m like a fussy baby with a bonnet – I will never keep them on. But then I found this one and wear it always. Does this even count as a bracelet?


9. I could power my house with the energy I get from kittens. My sister got three kittens this summer and I forgot until I held one how much I love kitties!

kitten10. Just because you take a break from something doesn’t mean you’re resting. Sometimes you have to work for that. For me, it took a few weeks of a break to finally move into resting. My soul needs an even longer runway than I realized. When I decided to take some time off from writing on the blog, I thought maybe it would be a few weeks. That stretched into seven. And I needed every one of them.

Once I began to move around in this new rhythm, I started to not only read books but finish them, to sit on the front porch at night, to linger on the cul-de-sac bench.

I’ve had to fight the urge to come back and be even more productive. I simply want to come back more fully myself.

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  1. says

    I CANNOT wait for my kids to be able to make their own plates!!!

    I generally don’t like live albums either. However, the one exception to that is the All Sons & Daughters live album. I live with it on repeat!

  2. Julie says

    Oh my goodness, I totally thought North West was a boy, too….until now! Thanks for saving me from social embarrassment. ; )

  3. says

    Yes to 5 and 10. I’m not a fan of live CD’s, they don’t capture the energy of the actual concert and I get annoyed. And to number 10, I’ve been on a break and actually truly resting but oh my goodness it took me a while to get there. It took a few weeks for my heart to tell my mind “no really. stop. you’ll be fine, just calm down for a minute!”

    Thanks for sharing! Love this community! :)

  4. Dyana Bounds says

    I thought North West was a boy too! I love KASE radio station here in Austin, tell your dad congrats and thanks for playing so much George Strait for me! lol and yes it was an honor just to be nominated. Enjoyed your post, thanks for being so real! :)

    • says

      well he was there 12 years ago so I’m pretty sure George Strait is out of his hands these days :) And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who though North was a boy. !!

      • Dyana Bounds says

        I’m sure KASE still plays alot of George these days, but it was probably 12-15 years ago when I listened to KASE morning show then for most of the day as well! In those younger carefree days! 😉

  5. says

    Well I just learned that his name is Kanye, not Cayenne…as in the pepper. I thought his name was Cayenne and Im certain I have called him that to another human before. That’s it, I quit life.

  6. alison says

    I agree about the screaming fans and singing along, but I by far prefer live cds. The music sounds more like itself… I often listen to new music thinking “this is ok but I wonder how it will sound when they do it live?” its like…. I would rather listen to you reading your book or on a podcast. I mean, I love your books and I am a very avid reader, but its different to hear it with your real inflections or your thoughts on a podcast. its more true. but perhaps its all about WHO you are listening to live 😉

  7. says

    Welcome Back! You were missed. I’m really glad you took the time though, it is so important. I hope you are feeling refreshed. As much as I wanted to rest in July, I somehow did not and realized I haven’t even opened one pod cast on Hopeologie. I better get crackin’!

  8. says

    What a cute picture of you and John…and I didn’t know about the K vs. W re: radio stations…adorable kitten…and it is an honor just to be nominated so hats off to your dad.

    And you’re right…it is work to learn to rest and it is also a gift :) Glad you were able to do what your soul needed.

  9. says

    Oh, the plate fixing. I have gotten around what they “need” by plating everyone’s food for every dinner. It makes me feel important. ROFL 😉 But yes, they grow up faster than we can notice sometimes.

  10. says

    I have just recently discovered how much I love kittens. My family growing up were dog people, but my husband and I got a kitten for our kids this summer, and I just adore him. He’s so much fun!

  11. says

    “My soul needs an even longer runway than I realized.” That might just be my favorite sentence I’ve ever read here. That could be the motto of my year. I’m just going to sign off now and go think on that one.

  12. says

    Love your list, Emily. I hope your rest has been just what you needed. I’ve missed reading your posts here in this space, but so understand the need to be still and quiet for a while : ) I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer as it slowly but surely slips away.

  13. Georgina says

    From a 20year old
    1. That people only see your progress in leaps and bounds but it is the little steps that matter the most, because they’re what transports me from A to B. Within myself if I can recognise that each step, no matter how small is
    moving me forward towards a goal, then that is the attitude I want to hold.
    2. I don’t need to be doing what everyone else is doing
    3. Sometimes I’m more busier in my mind then I am in actual real life. Perspective
    4. Being content, doesn’t mean settling or giving up, it means that I can find peace and happiness in what I have and won’t always be constantly feeling without
    5. The grass is greener where I water it
    6. Boundaries are for my own protection, and are important in every relationship
    7. Not to fall into the girl trap of dumbing myself down for the sake of a joke
    8. Stopping telling myself that I can’t do things, because when I do that, I don’t try. This also tags in to what I speak over my life
    9. Listening
    10. I don’t know everything, but I do know something’s and that is ok, a know it all attitude stops growth

  14. says

    Oh, kittens. There’s no way my husband will let me get another one anytime soon, but I’m holding onto hope for someday :).

    And I’m so with you on bracelets and live versions of albums. In fact, don’t you think the two are kind of related?? Distractions and all? Anyway… :)

  15. Kim G says

    I loved your dad’s radio show! I even remember when they were nominated. I no longer listen to KASE because I’m not a real big fan of the morning show, but I do listen to KVET and Rob Dixon is still there.

    Oh, and I love kitties and kittens. My husband will not let me get one. I had a kitty before we got married and she was with us for 9 years after we got married and he put his foot down and said no more kitties. I still keep hoping to get one again.

    Welcome back, sorry for the long comment.

  16. says

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