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lightSlipping in here to wish you a happy last weekend of December.

Two years ago at the end of the year I posted my favorite posts of 2011 written by some of you. I liked the practice of picking my favorites so much that I did it again last year.

But then 2013 happened and as of today I’ve only saved 3 of my favorites and what in the world?

So I won’t have a best-of-your posts this year, but I do have at least one more post planned for 2013 and it’s one of my favorite kinds we do here. At the end of every month I like to share a list of what I learned – from random celebrity connections to new-to-me iPhone tricks. I started writing these in February and enjoyed it so much I knew the only way to make it better was to have you write one, too.

Monday we’ll have our last What I Learned community link up of the year, where we all share our lists of what we learned in December. If you’re new here I’ve made a list of all the What I Learned posts in 2013 (minus October because I was traveling too much to learn anything that month):

I hope you’ll join us Monday!

P.S. I know you’re wondering what are those three favorite posts I remembered to record this year. Here they are:

What is one of your favorite posts you read this year? Feel free to link to it in the comments.


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    EMILY!!! I just discovered your post and it made my day!

    Thank you for remembering a day that was so important to me…and continues to have effect in my life now.

    (Since it was published before my site was redesigned, I updated the post you linked to on my old blog (it’s not automatically redirecting yet); BUT if anyone would prefer clicking directly to the new site, I hope it’s okay to include the link here: http://robindance.me/changed/ )

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    Oh my. You are so sweet to post my article. I feel somewhere on earth we are kindred, and if you lived close I’d have you over and we’d stew cinnamon and drink mulled cider and we’d laugh at ridiculous things and I’d text you about my bad dates and we’d laugh and cry at how God weaves us all together into this big girl quilt where we rest in each other’s words so often. Cheers to a new fresh year, my wonderful writing friend. I’m so proud of you for your new book – it’s on my shelf to read. My first book of 2014!

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