Lamps. Our warm-lighted, mood-setting, friends. Lamps are kind of like shoes: I have way too many and not nearly enough. I hesitate to participate in this lamp showing party because I feel like y’all have already seen every nook and cranny possible in this house. But she’s my sister and I love lamps and I just can’t help myself.lamps-1

That lamp is really big. A Marshalls original. It is my favorite in the house.


The Nester says every kitchen should have at least one lamp and this chandelier counts since it has shades. Only problem is it is hung too high. I’m too lazy to change it.lamps-3

Our dining room chandelier is hung lower, as you can see. Notice how I like to put lamps in front of mirrors to make it look like more lamps. Also notice our kitchen cabinets through that door there before we painted them black.


Then you got your sheep lamp…


your shell lamps…


…and your bird lamp. I have more, but I’ll stop now. Head on over to Nesting Place to peek in other peoples houses and get a glimpse of their lovely lampage.


  1. says

    Love it! It’s like your lamps have so much personality. “our warm lighted mood setting friends” love that!

    love all your lamps. can I have them when you die?

  2. says

    yay comments are working now :)

    I don’t think I’d seen your lovely dining room before, so see…I am glad decided to snap away and share today even though you thought we’ve seen it all.

    Your lamps are fabulous.

  3. says

    Oh, my! Love your lamps, especially that bird lamp. And I’m totally going to frame a nest…I love yours in a metal frame. Perfect, as always. Can you and Nester drive down to Texas and style my house? Okay, thanks. :)

  4. Shelley says

    I love the paint color in your bedroom. We have the same color scheme in our master but boring builder beige walls. What is that color called? I tried to look through your archives to see if you said the color already but I couldn’t find it.


  5. says

    Hi Emily! I never get tired of seeing pictures of your beautiful home. Love that chandelier, especially. I have to ask~is the paint color in your bedroom the same as the sun room color? Gorgeous!

  6. says

    Love all your lamps…and I love your blog too :) One question…what is your centerpiece on your dining room table made of?? It is gorgeous!

  7. says

    Golly, I just love lamps, and these are wonderful – I’m DREADING the day I can’t find regular incandescent bulbs for mine… Thank you SO MUCH to the global warming people…

  8. says

    It never occurred to me to just put a table runner on the dining room table like that. When will I become a grownup? Does your dining room table ever have folded laundry and bottles of hair gel on it, like mine does half the time?

  9. says

    I loved getting to see your dining room! I don’t feel like we’ve seen every corner of your house. But, then again, I am that person who peeks in open windows on nightly walks. I do love the big lamp from Marshall’s!

  10. says

    oh, your bedroom looks so peaceful. I love your bedside table. We’re planning on redoing our bedroom and this makes me want to get started right away.

    I once bought a lampshade online at Anthropoligie because I loved it so much, searched in vain high and low for a lamp for it, held onto it for years and just now parted with it. I need more lamps in my life.

  11. says

    lovely lovely lovely!! and dont you love your kitchen all color- Ivoire? I just painted my 2 story living room that color. its so warm and yummy

  12. says

    Oh, I WANT that Marshall’s lamp and that birdie lamp! Ever since your sister talked about the Linden Street bird lamp at Penney’s I’ve been slightly (okay, obnoxiously) obsessed with it. My husband… not so much. Sigh. And it’s on SALE too! Not enough of one, though. Double sigh.

    Your taste is exquisite. Can you transplant some of it into me, please???

  13. says

    Hey girl,

    Totally had a Tuesdays Unwrapped moment this afternoon…it was anything out of the ordinary, but it stood out to me.

    My daughter called me, “Mommy.” She always calls me Mommy. But for some reason, at that moment, I heard her call me Mommy, and I realized she won’t always. Soon it will be Mom…and you know it never goes back to Mommy. I treat her like she calls me Mom all the time, but she’s still so young, and I need to savor it.

    Anyhoo, that was my moment. Thought I’d share, since you’ve been so instrumental in recognizing those little unexpected gifts.

  14. says

    Hi Emily,
    This is my 1st visit to your blog so everything is new to me! I love your sweet birdy lamp. Since I recently started blogging for some strange reason I have developed this weird obsession and attraction to anything birdy! You have a lovely home and it has been fun viewing it. ~Cathy~

  15. says

    Wouldn’t matter if you had already shown us every nook and cranny of your house; it’s so much fun to look at. There’s something about your house that says “Welcome–you’ll find peace here”–which is the way I think about your blog, too.

  16. says

    Love your lamps but even more I have loved catching back up with you! It of course would be much much better in person but reading your old posts will have to do!

    Love you!

  17. says

    W-O-W I love everything about your home. Everything. The lamps are fantastic. The animal ones are real eye-catchers!
    Just wow.

  18. says

    Thanks for the great idea of just going out to my yard for some greenery! I just did it this morning and put it up on my blog…thanks again!

  19. says

    Can you please tell me the paint color in your bedroom… I love it. You may have mentioned it before in your blog… so I can try to look and see… lovely.

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