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It’s hard to transition from a post like the one I wrote yesterday to one like this. But I think it’s important for me to do that. Yesterday’s post took a long time to write and I’m even wondering if I should have waited to post it, mainly because for every one thing I’m sure of, there are forty things I’m unsure of. If you’re wondering what this IF Movement really is, you’re not alone. On a good day like yesterday, I’m in. But I also have lots of questions and I’m sure you do, too. I am searching for my voice in what I believe could be something really beautiful. Yesterday was a step toward that. I hope you’ll do the same.

9048327931_faf1ac5771_oAnd so I continue to breathe in Lord Jesus and ask him to gather us to be with Him. Because that is really the point. There is more to come on that, to be sure. For now, though, I have this running list in my head of things I want to tell you about. And it keeps getting longer and feels like too much for a weekend blessing post, so grab your mug and your calendar and let’s see if we can sync them up.

Summer Reading 800px

1. The Growly Book Club: I’m so excited about this. My friend (and blog designer) Erin Ulrich and her husband Phil wrote a children’s book and my friend Annie Barnett did the illustrations.

Begin is the first in a series of three books and I can’t wait to read them with my kids. If you want to join in and read with your kids, they are hosting a book club from July 1 – August 11. You can read all about the details here on their site and you can go here to buy the book directly from them or here to grab your copy from Amazon.

Follow the Compassion Bloggers in Nicaragua
2. Compassion Bloggers: 
It’s been two years now since I traveled with Compassion to the Philippines. Now every time a team leaves, I pray and read and can’t stop thinking about them. They’re in Nicaragua this week – follow their trip and consider sponsoring a child?

3. Graceful (For Young Women) only $2.99 – Only two days left to get the ebook version of my book for teen girls for only $2.99. Download your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or CBD.

4. Things I Learned in June Link Up – Next Friday, June 28 we’re going to meet here to share the things we learned in June because it’s fun. Here’s some tips if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

5. She Speaks (July 25 – 27) – This will obviously only apply to a few of you, but it’s important for me to say it anyway. This will be my fifth year leading a writing session at She Speaks. And all five years, without fail, someone emails me after the conference and says she was in my session and wanted to speak with me afterwards but didn’t want to bother me.

What? That’s why I’m there! So this year, I’m thinking about having an intentional time to meet up with Chatting at the Sky readers who come to She Speaks. Maybe gather in a corner, connect with one another, share some encouragement for a few minutes?

If you’re going to She Speaks in July and would like to gather with a smaller group for a little conversation at some point during the weekend, email me emily(at)chattingatthesky(dot)com including “She Speaks” in the subject line and I will be in touch.

For now, I’m taking a few days away from the laptop. John has one week left of work as a youth pastor and there are a lot of emotions I’m working out about that. Look forward to sharing more and hopefully seeing some of you soon.


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    I came back to leave a second comment on yesterday’s post because it was so rich and meaty. And now this one is rich and meaty too :) Lots to soak in feast on and let marinate. Will I meet you at Allume or in Austin. You know as relationship people that day of meeting face to face…. there is something to it. Just wondering. Writing today I thought of you as I remembered again how grateful I was for your sharing my poetry and I wrote my second Triology. They are kind of fun. wonderful weekend wishes to you and your family, emily.

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    Emily, I’ll be thinking of you during this ‘final’ week of ministry. As I read your words, I immediately teared up. Letting go is hard to do. I know a wonderful new adventure awaits you, and you were able to choose this. Regardless…it’s all about relationships. And change, good or not, is challenging. What’s interesting to me is that your small group graduated this year as well. God’s timing is amazing. Savor the moments. And hug each other. A lot.

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    Oh yeah, my best friend and I totally stalked you and your sister last year at She Speaks. In the end, we couldn’t think of anything to say. I was like, “What do I do? Walk up and say ‘hi and I love you and I’m a recovering good girl, bye’?” I think sometimes we all stand in awe of published authors and we don’t know why you’d possibly want to hear us stutter and stumble over our words.

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    Yes. It’s tempting to get carried away with excitement about the IF Gathering. And I am excited, and I do think that God can and will do great things through it. But He is the point, as you said, and it’s not for now, it’s for February, and there are things to do and be and learn between now and then. There will be doubts and joys and breakthroughs. I want to be present for that right now, and also in February.

  5. Julie says

    Enjoy your break from the laptop!! I’m on a break too, from work and ‘life’ (kind of), but am still getting to peek into some of my favorite blogs:). You are an encouragement, Emily. Prayers for your family this week.

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