if your Christmas feels upside down

Is this Christmas season filled with a heaviness you can’t shake? A loss you still can’t believe you feel? Empty hands you grasp desperately to fill? Whether this is your first Christmas without someone you love or the last Christmas before a big change, Grief doesn’t take off for the holidays. In fact, sometimes it seems he works over time. We’re having this conversation over at (in)courage today and I can’t help but notice the  hope and depth of insight coming through in the comments section. If you are walking a bit upside down this week, I want to invite you to join in the conversation and hopefully, be encouraged that you are not alone.


  1. MarLaney says

    Just came over from your sisters blog and read this post. I’ve been on the verge of tears these last 2 days, not crying because I didn’t really know why I was feeling this way but couldn’t shake it off. Reading this very first post, the first 3 questions finally brought those tears flowing. I have been missing my mom and family whom I only get to see once every 2 years for Christmas. I feel better now…thank you for this short but touching post.

    • says

      MarLaney, I’m so glad that these words dislodged the pain you’re holding onto. Perhaps it will give you some room to breathe a bit more deeply in the coming days. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. says

    Thank you Emily for writing this post. It’s so hard- and expected, unfortunately – to put on a happy face this time of year when there’s still plenty of unhappiness and angst to go around. I wrote about this same thing on my blog last week . I hope it’s okay if I share the link here… http://bit.ly/rCe2rS

    Merry Christmas, and may we feel God’s presence and peace even in the difficult times of the season.

  3. says

    Most years I would be upside down. This year I have had unbelievable joy. And still I am missing Mom and Dad and special friends who live far away. We are facing yet another change down the road. Loss in transitions are long in overcoming. I just looked a few other posts that happened to have Mom’s china, now mine and Advent in a church like my hometown one. Teary eyed for sure.

  4. Wanda says

    Emily, so glad to receive your post. My Dad passed away 10 years ago and my Mom remarried last January. So many red flags were evident but my Mom did not accept my counsel or that of my brother and sister and the fall out has been nothing short of a train wreck in our family, which has, for me, highlighted dysfunction that has not been dealt with in myself and my siblings for far too long. We are attempting to bring our families together tomorrow evening; it will be the first time we have all been together, in what used to be our family home, since my Mom remarried. I guess I have been subconsciously pondering it because my emotions have been all over the radar this week but I am determined to be Christ-centered and focus on all He gave so that I can draw strength to love as He would have me to throughout this visit tomorrow evening. Heading over to (in)courage and so grateful the Lord brought this post at this particular time.
    Merry Christmas (I’m anticipating finding Grace for the Good Girl under my tree Christmas morning) E-mailing a hug…wanda

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