i need your help

If outward displays of service and compassion are the leafy foliage of a plant, the part you can see, touch, and point to, then our Christ identity is like the hidden roots that go down deep into the dark earth and hold it all up. Without the roots, the leafy plant dies.

I spent a lot of my time trying to make the flowers bloom out of sheer will. I wanted the beauty that came from a healthy, beautiful, blooming plant, but the only fruit I seemed to produce on my own was either dried out, too ripe, or simply not enough. Growing up in the church, I got the message that salvation is by faith alone, but life after that is faith plus my hard work and good disposition. I stayed strong when I felt weak and I faked happy when I wanted to cry because my ideal image had everything to do with put together and nothing to do with falling apart. I didn’t understand the mystery of Christ in you, the hope of glory.

I thought he wanted me to serve for him, to witness for him, to live for him. But that isn’t what he wanted.

I have become aware of the futility of my own efforts to please the God I thought was distant, passive, and expectantly waiting for me to get it right. I worked hard, I did the right things, I never got drunk, I sang in the youth choir, I went to Bible College, I married a youth pastor.

But it’s hard to bloom when you’re either doing so much for God and you don’t know why, or you can’t find the energy to do anything for him because it never seems like enough.

I was determined to get life right while also painfully aware of all the ways I was wrong. And so to cover for myself, I hid. I stayed hidden behind my sweet personality, my strength and responsibility, my fine-how-are-you’s and my servant heart, hoping that my paper face would cover for my inadequacies.

I was trying so hard to live for God that I missed the point. He never asked me to live for him. Through his Son Jesus Christ, he lovingly invites me to live from him. One letter makes all the difference.

Before we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world, before we can go out and love without condition, we have to first understand who Jesus is in us. Otherwise, we are living out a self-made gospel, a gospel that boasts all flowers and leaves but no roots, which is really no gospel at all.

The life of Christ in us makes the difference between the church and Hollywood or The Red Cross. And not just historical Jesus or on-the-cross Jesus or when-I-get-to-Heaven Jesus, but Jesus in me. Jesus living his real Jesus life through believers who trust that he died a real death and rose up to real life to make a true difference.

And so I’ve written a book about the roots, about kind of hiding we do when we fear we aren’t good enough, and the kind of finding God does because he knows he is. It’s a book about the hidden inside parts, about the invisible roots, about the impossible expectations I put on myself and about the God who lifts me up.

And this book has no title.

I am so nervous asking for your help. But help? Because I know you can. You are writers and creative thinkers. No idea is a bad idea at this point. I am stuck in my own head and I want to have some good ideas to offer to the marketing team. So if you have any good ideas, or even bad ideas, or medium ideas, this would be the time to put them in the comments. Or even if you just have a word or two words or an image or a fraction of an idea that you think could communicate the message of this book, that would be helpful too. Thank you and thank you. And thank you.


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    I just recently started to read your site – someone had linked you on their blog and I clicked on over. I have found your words for uplifting and very real to life. I just kept thinking about the word Vessel – “We have this treasure in earthen vessels.” — Vain Vessels – because we think we can do it ourselves — and we forget to tap into that treasure. Just a thought…so have been there…

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    When I was reading this, I was thinking “More.” More of him, less of me (or you, or anyone). Also, he’s so much more than we think and the Christian walk is so much more than a set of rules to follow.

    I’ll pray that you come up with the perfect title! I can’t wait to read your book!

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      So good, Kristy. Lysa TerKeurst wrote a book called Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl – her book is different from mine, but her title would nearly fit mine too!

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    “but life after that is faith plus my hard work and good disposition.” this stung to read… you’ve succinctly defined my recent struggle. it doesn’t lift easily, does it? yes, i am so looking forward to reading your book.


    “Living from God: leaving the hidden life.” (I think subtitles are fun!)
    “Hidden and Sought: How God Finds Us”
    “Found: Coming out of Hiding” (I liked that from Laryssa’s comment)

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    It has been so great to “be” a part of this process with you, Emily. I can’t come up with a whole title but as I read what you wrote here, I can’t help but think of that old game we played as kids–Hide and Seek–we are always hiding and our Father is always seeking us out. You’ll come up with something!

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    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I have been here. I am here. And I’m pretty sure at some point in the future I will be here. This is my life long struggle – the cycle of doing, being and trying to earn and then the remembering to simply live from Jesus’ grace. Clever I am not, but maybe something like Out of Hiding: Learning to Live from Jesus’ Grace?

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    what about something with the words “roots” in it. i love your topic. i love you! God will bring to mind the perfect title – of this I’m sure!

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    I love your analogy of the flowering plant without roots and feel it encapsulates the message of your book.

    Well Emily, I’m thinking out loud here. These are probably really bad, but I’m nothing if not a brain stormer, so here goes: From Fake to Flourishing. An Artificial Jesus Girl Grows Roots (haha! that one’s REALLY bad!). The Hidden Me You Never See. Unhidden. Uncovered. Uncovered and Loving It. Surrendering the Mask.

    I don’t think there are any winners there, but I had to give it a shot. I can, however, pray for you:

    You are the God of all creativity, and You already know the name of this book. Grant Emily divine inspiration. Cause her thoughts to become agreeable to Your will, and then her plans (and book title) will be established and succeed. Let Your creativity flow through her, and give her peace while she searches her heart (and Yours) for this title. Bless her efforts and grant her success. In the wonderful name of Jesus, Amen.”

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    Oh, your book sounds fantastic! And so necessary for so many women, myself included! Can’t wait to read it! Don’t have any suggestions just yet for a title, but with your creativity and the help of all the women out there in blogland, the perfect title will be found for sure. When will we see your book on store shelves?

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      Can you believe it will be ONE YEAR!? The book is already written and it will still be a full year for it to be released. Thanks for your sweet words, Jen.

  9. splumier says

    When I was reading this post (before I knew you were asking for title help) I wrote down the words Hope of Glory. I hear those words often, but somehow they jumped out of your post. Don’t know if that would work for your title–but I definitely like the idea behind those 3 words.

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    “The Paper Face–My Christian Mask”

    “Falling Apart–It Buried Me In The Good Soil”

    “And Then I Cracked–The Hidden Life Of (un)Perfection”

    “Excuse Me, While I Fall Apart–Being Christian Isn’t Being Perfect”

    Ooo, this was fun!! Thanks for inviting us to to do it!

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    I need to ponder this for a bit Emily. I promise I will (why is it that the title is nearly always the hardest part?). I just want to tell you how much this touched me. It is my story too Emily. It truly is. I know that the Father is going to use this precious gift of writing He has given you to touch many hearts.

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      Thank you so much, Linda. I think it is a story that resonates with a lot of women, women who may think they have a boring, vanilla testimony. But death to life is never boring, is it?

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    Lately God’s been showing me how much he wants to be KNOWN… so how about something like – A God to Know, A God who Knows Me

    I also thought of the Hide and Seek concept a couple people mentioned….

    Praying God give you just the right words!

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    Wow, Emily! I knew your book would be good but girl… that is awesome! So wise and just, well you GET IT! I so love that about you!

    These are the only titles I thought of… Blooming from Within or Digging Deep in Good Soil

    I can’t wait to read it!

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      Thanks Amy! It’s funny because in my book, I talk nothing about the roots or the blooming. But when I sat to write this post to explain it to you all, that is what came out. So interesting…

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    Love the root/dirt analogy –

    What about (with an awesome tag line, of course):
    Feet on the Ground
    Breaking Ground
    On Shaky Ground
    The Root of the Problem
    Putting Roots Down
    Take Root

    Okay, my job here is done :) And now, my real job of laundry and potty cleaning must resume.

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    I just came across your blog recently, and while I don’t have a title suggestion for you (I’m horrible at that), I just wanted to say that I think your concept for this book is amazing! I have a (somewhat) similar story, though mine does have a “prodigal” element to it. Either way, I will be watching for your book in a year! It sounds pretty amazing!

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    Oooh… I too like the peeling off of paper masks. Two years ago God used Peter Scazzero’s ‘Emotionally Healthy Spirituality’ to show me how many I had to peel off and burn. Something with ‘Masquerade’?

    Isn’t this the book for girls? They love to talk about their skin, but no good skin ideas are coming to me.

    Does it also relate to Jesus’ picture of the cup that is clean and bright on the outside, but filthy on the inside? My shiny china teacup with the stains inside.

    Happy brainstorming!

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    your words take my breath away. the honesty. the real. the true. and simply beautiful.
    a title? i can only think of beauty and the root that is Jesus. so… Beauty from the Root. i know whatever you choose, will be straight from Him. i’ll be waiting in line at the bookstore til then :)

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    Everyone has amazing Titles–how amazing fun! I can not wait to read this book. I still find myself hiding now, even though I have been found.

    Jesus IN Me: The Hope of Glory
    My Hiding Place
    In Plain Sight
    A Seed Must Die ‘this one is kinda morbid…doesn’t sound like you’ :)
    What did we all say as kids when we couldn’t find someone and we gave up? Olly-Olly-Oxen-Free
    Come Out-Come Out-Whereever You Are Oooo…I think I love this one

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    The book sounds wonderful & honest & real & I can’t wait to read it!

    There have been so many great title suggestions, it will be fun to see where the Lord leads you.

    While I was reading this morning (Colossians 1:3-6), From Confident Hope, kind of jumped out at me…and I thought it was so interesting here how you talk about for vs. from…that’s just my 2 cents!

    Blessings to you!

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    Because I always go with less is more, I don’t have any snazzy long titles with big descriptors. You used the words that are always swirling in my brain and is the title of the book I have in my head but probably won’t ever put on paper.

    “Good Enough”

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      I’m a less is more girl, too…as you know. And this reminds me that you owe me one descriptive email of your book idea. (I’m tapping my foot in love, dear.)

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    Have you heard the song by Natalie Grant, The Real Me? It came to my mind while reading this post. I love the concept of your book and I look forward to reading it. You described the book to be about invisible roots, so why not that? ‘Invisible Roots’. Good luck and I will be praying for your decision.

    Becky Jo

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    what about Rooted? (with appropriate subtitle about identity in Christ, bearing fruit, blooming…)

    it calls to mind ephesians 3 and colossians 2–two favorite passages of mine. there is such rich imagery in scripture about
    having deep roots in Christ, God uprooting sin, and rootedness being the key to growth.

    i know you’ll find the perfect title. this is a book i want to read:)

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    so excited to dig into this book! here were a few titles that came to my mind:

    “no roots, no flowers” was what came to me first, but then skimmed thru the comments that you do not talk about roots or blooming in the book, just in this post description.

    “a desire to live from Him”

    “determined to get life right”

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    Oh Emily, this will be a wonderful book. And I think we can all identify with it. I’m excited you wrote it.

    As far as titles–I’m more of a brainstormer, most likely to have a fragment of an idea to build on. So for what it’s worth, here are some fragments:

    cut flowers (picturing flowers without roots)
    (an invitation to ) Stop Trying
    not enough
    not enough to do it all right
    living from the inside out
    Facing Up
    Living From Him (love your idea of one letter making all the difference)
    From Him, not for him.
    ( a subtitle idea) an invitation to stop living for Him. OR an invitation to live from Him.

    That’s enough for now…maybe something here will trigger something in your heart to build on. Keep pressing on, I know this will be great. Remember that you don’t have to come up with this out of yourself…allow Him to birth it in you, just like He did the book. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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    I haven’t read all of the comments, so maybe this suggestion is already out there. In reading how this book came to be, the phrase “Living From God” jumped out to me and is sticking with me as a really important and intriguing concept. Plus, it’s really great to have a title that is a bit of a twist from an over-used phrase (“Living For God” in this case).

  26. Jenn Brown says

    I cant wait to get a hold of this book! A year really? sooooo not fair. I can already tell this book is going to impact MANY womens lives. As for the title I kept thinking of “rooted in the invisiable” Also because I am sooo visual person I was seeing a cover that showed a single flower in a field (including the roots) but everything but the flower and its roots as washed out almost black and white. I thought of this because of what you said about that one little letter making alllll the diffrance. Beacause if you dont root yourself in the correct image of christ it can change everything.

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    roots of the heart
    roots from the heart
    roots that form the heart
    gardening for the soul

    good luck. you are a beautiful writer i know you will come up with something. can’t wait to read the book.

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    “He never asked me to live for him. Through his Son Jesus Christ, he lovingly invites me to live from him. One letter makes all the difference.” I love these words. It sums up what I’ve struggled with and what I’m trying to lead the college and high school girls in our church through. Can’t wait to read the book.

    Using your words for a title suggestion :-)

    “One Letter Makes All the Difference”

    or just

    “One Letter”

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    Practically Perfect

    Get it? Mary Poppins! You just can’t lose with Mary Poppins!
    I think you would need a tag line though, like, “Finding My Way to The Cross” or something Jesus related, or “and miserable”, just so people wouldn’t think you were selling Perfect.
    Practically Perfect: Peeling Off My Paper Mask….oooh alliteration how I love thee.
    This probably isn’t helpful, but I had fun.

    Seriously a YEAR? Jeesh, are they having the cover art chiseled in marble or something?

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    when i was reading this post, i kept thinking of Psalm 139; how david describes all the ways we can try to hide from God and his omnipresence in all of them. and then there’s the portion of the psalm where he reflects on God’s deep knowledge of us. i love to think of the fact that before He had even begun to form me, He already knew me and planned me down to every last deatil. i was hoping to find an idea in that psalm but i don’t know that i can add anything to the discussion. i did look it up in the message and one phrase stuck out to me: never out of his sight.

    like others, the phrase “paper face” really resonated with me!

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    Okay, I am really liking the “paper face” phrase. Can’t stop thinking about that.

    How something like, “Peeling Back My Paper Face to Find My Jesus Within” and you can have a picture of a girl literally starting to lift a paper mask, with painted on features, off of her face.

    Can’t wait to read this!

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    Okay, so none of these are working titles but they may be inspirational snippets, a springboard of sorts. I’ll keep thinking.

    Good Girl Gets Jesus
    Good Girl Lives Real Jesus
    Good Girl Meets Jesus
    Jesus in the Girl
    Jesus and the Good Girl
    Giving up on Good, Living Free in Jesus
    Get Real

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    This made me think of Ephesians 3:17-19:

    And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

    Longtime reader, first time commenter. Thanks for this post.

  34. shayla cobb says

    You wrote this book for me and I desperately need it. The titles I always love come straight from the author’s words but are hidden within the text. You mention roots a lot in the description and I was drawn to the concept. Though I read in the comments that they aren’t mentioned in the book, maybe they could be part of the title. Here are a few quick suggestions:
    Blooming from Hidden Roots
    Hidden Roots
    Live from Him
    Jesus in Me
    Invisible Roots
    It’s going to be a great book because He is already using your words to work through others. Thanks for bearing your soul online.

    • says

      Thank you, Shayla. There is always that feeling as I’m writing that I’m the only one who will get this. So to be reminded of women like you who know that crazy that goes on in my head – well, it is encouraging!

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    Psalm 103 always comes to mind when I think about this topic… when I think about how God knows me, deep down, and loves me, and accepts me, and has called me his own… particularly verse 14, “…for he knows our frame, he considers that we are but dust…” and yet he looks at this mucky ball of mud that is me, and has called me righteous and holy and beautiful and BELOVED. And so, my suggestion would be along the lines of grit… The Gritty Life, My Name is Mud (kidding), Lose the Spackle, Bring on the Dirt (kidding), something along those lines. Not very helpful, but maybe it will spark some other ideas. Have fun with this!

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    Yup, I’m with the “Paper Face” crowd.

    or, for a lighter take (which I don’t think you want since you’re such a deep thinker and all) “Life Inside the Paper Bag” and then have your picture of women with heads in paper bags and eyes cut for slits.

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    This book sounds wonderful…I’m one of those “boring vanilla testimony” girls. God is pealing some layers away from me, though, and my journey sounds very much like what your book is about. I can’t wait to read it!

    So…here are some of my thoughts. I’m not sure that I have a title for you, but I know that when I write a blog post or any other writting piece, I often find my title from within the piece itself. As you look at your book, is there a phrase that stands out that captures the main point/theme? Just in reading your above description, here are a few phrases that stood out to me (others have already mentioned some great ones from above as well):

    Falling Apart
    Hidden Inside Parts
    Paper Faces (others have already mentioned this)

    With a subtitle:
    Falling Apart for Him…so that I can live from Him (or something along those lines)

    I’m sure you’re going to come up with something “just right.”

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    That’s the word that I keep thinking. Don’t know if it would make a good title, but the depths of who we are make us do what we do. Through Jesus, Whose definition of us is the only one that really matters. Or means anything.
    Maybe I’m way off? But you did say even if we have just an inkling of an idea. So, well, that’s my inkling. :)
    On another note, I’ve been praying for you this week, Emily. Hope you are well.

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    I may be repeating someone else here, as I didn’t read all of the suggestions before me, but my first reaction to your book summary, especially the part about trying to do and say the right things, was, “Free to be Me

    Good luck, Emily. I’m sure you’ll find just the right one.

  40. Kathy Frazier says

    A possible title: “Roots to Fruit: Finding Life Hidden in Christ” —-I can’t wait for your book to be published. Sounds like the very thing I need right now!

  41. says

    Wow! I’m nervous to even share my idea after all of these fabulous ones! What about something more figurative rather than literal? As I was reading your post, I kept picturing the front of the book with an Apple Core on it. In my mind, that is who we are, or who we should be, in Christ once we get through the peel and the soft outer layers. The solid, seed-filled Core of our faith! I have no idea how it would be titled (something about peels and layers) but that is my crazy thought for now! I am truly in awe of your writing and you have so inspired me to share more of my own faith journey on my blog in the future. Particularly how God led us through infertility and into the amazing world of Adoption!
    Thanks for letting us join you on the journey!

  42. says

    That’s interesting; I always choose the preposition with. As in, we are called to life with Christ. For me personally, the imagery of walking together with him is more meaningful, helpful.

    • says

      I like with, too. The reason I choose from is really because it gives a good picture of dependance for me, which is the element I tend to forget.

  43. beth shane says

    “It’s All About the Roots”.
    I normally do not leave comments….but your post today has touched me so. It is amazing how our God is always there for us, even thru strangers. As my soul is searching for something today…I think I found it. I will pray that God will lead you to know!

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    I am no writer…but here are my two cents…..

    I love something that you wrote…..so I am going with your words!
    “Behind the Paper Faces”

    also….this reminded me so much of Psalm 1…so it may be simple (and there may already be books with this title… but)
    “Planted by the Water”, or “Like a Tree Firmly Planted”

  45. says

    Your book sounds very interesting…..and helpful. Simple is best (at least I think so??)


    Being Fit for Heaven

    Loved….Just as I Am

    Transforming Love….From the Inside Out

    Praying God’s BEST for you!,

  46. Christy says

    Hide and Seek
    Living Will
    Good Enough
    Lost and Found
    Perfectly (un)Acceptable
    How about something from your sister…”I don’t have to be beautiful to be perfect.”

    Best of luck to you! :) Can’t wait to read the finished product!

  47. says

    Oh Emily! (tears of shared pain and joy) I am in awe of how you managed to put all of those incredibly complicated emotions and experiences into words like you do. Wow!

    Here are some thoughts…

    Shedding the paper faces

    Hiding behind the paper faces

    The invisible living inside me?

    He doesn’t want paper faces

    Is this really all there is?

    What happens after shedding the paper faces

    The crumbling of paper faces

    Where the roots are hiding

    Just some thoughts…hope they help…and Emily…I want you to know that the title is hiding inside of your heart…inside of your soul. Trust the God who is living in you to bring it out…Believe! You can do it! I am praying for you!!!

  48. Claire says

    “Shedding the Paper Face” was my first thought when I read your post and as I read the comments, others had the same idea. I will pray right now that you and the editors find the right title. Will we be able to buy autographed copies?

  49. says

    I heard Sara Groves talk about this very thing once. She was saying how we (Christians) spend so much of our time trying so hard at our faith, like we’re detailing our God car or something. We’re just staying right inside our own little vehicle, so focused on self, navel-gazing and cleaning out the vents while the depth of a life-giving relationship with Christ is right outside our windows. We don’t see it because we’re so busy scrubbing something that may not really even need cleaning. And the world spins on without our taking part in spirit driven life that touches hurting places and helps us see the face of God. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I just wanted to elaborate a little, maybe? To say that I KNOW the title will come to you, because you’ll be looking up and out the windows for it. :)

  50. says

    i love the imagery of paper faces…will the book for all genders or mainly for women? You could have something with paper faces and then the front cover could have paper dolls being put together…????

    behind the paper faces

    Miss Perfect and her Paper Face ..for all of us out there who have spent years behind the face or mask of perfection.

    Playing with Paper Faces (and then the image of a child playing with paper dolls?)

    it’ll come to you.
    He has not brought you this far to leave you hanging with the title…saying prayers that it is crystal clear to you..

    • says

      Thank you, Tara. I’m hoping the marketing team will do their marketing thing and come up with a good title. And the book is for women. The next book will be for younger women, teenage.

  51. says

    i can’t even begin to read all that is written before me (comment #96 i think ), but all that you wrote is so strong in it’s truth. i can’t even begin to come up with a title, but just wanted to encourage you. i have been able to sit at His feet this year, to see that He has set the table for me…i have spent too much time feeding the howling dogs of my flesh that tell me i am not welcome…throwing scraps to these dogs to get them to be quiet…while giving away what was meant for me. (this is especially poignant as our new dog ate 4/5 of an enormous loaf of cinnamon bread that was a gift from a friend for my birthday…and that i planned to make french toast with for my kiddos. ah, but i digress…)
    the Lord has uprooted so much in my life this year…the lies i have believed…i thought that living for Him would destroy me…empty me…i was afraid, but i have seen THAT IS THE POINT. i am being emptied TO BE FILLED with HIM!!
    okay, need to stop or i will be up all night rambling. He has called me Beloved and is revealing the Truth of what lies beneath all these empty seeds i’ve been expecting growth to come from (my own effort, etc.) He is the I Am…He is Enough!

  52. Chelayne says

    So, this is weird for me but I have been a phantom reader of yours for over a year. Never having anything huge to say or worth while (in my opinion). However, I feel so kindred to your writings and they often impale my soul in that, “hurts so good” kind of way.
    My husband and I also work with high schoolers at our church. The need for a book like this is desperate. I know The Lord is going to use it in a BIG way! Whatever name you choose, I can’t wait for it to be published!
    But, being a huge Sara Masen fan myself, I have always loved the line, “Spark of Something Small” from the song 75 grains of Sand. A book titled like that would catch my attention!

  53. says

    Taking Root.
    Paper Dolls.
    Hidden Hearts.
    Found in Him.

    i like the idea of Hide and Seek also – – or maybe a play on that like, Ready. Or Not… Here I come. – learning to embrace the real you

    from just what you’ve written here it sounds like a message so many hearts will soak up – including mine! look forward to it’s release.

  54. says

    what about :: “the good soil assumption”

    from the parable about the seeds falling in poor soil and not being able to take root. this past year i realized how easy it is to assume that you’re good soil and thats how we can all go so long not having any roots in Christ.

  55. says

    This is gonna be a great book. And I dont mean that in a “polite, I’m your friend kind of way”…I really sense the Lord here, and He always comes through huge…I just cant wait.

  56. says

    I keep thinking about Hide and Seek…Hid and Sought?

    Is the book more about the hiding or more about the being found? Wonder if some kind of use of the word “hidden” would be good–you were hidden because you were hiding; now the most important part is the roots, the hidden part.

    Jeepers, it’s much easier to come up with pages and pages of words that a few words that will fit on a book cover and catch people’s eyes in the book store and hint of what’s inside and not turn people off and . . . . I never before thought of how much is wrapped up in a book title.

    Whatever it’s called, I’m looking forward to having my very own copy, proudly displayed on the bookshelf that’s reserved for books written by friends. Or maybe I need two copies–one to be proudly displayed and one to be dog-eared and disreputable-looking because I’ve cried on it so much.

    I love you!

    • says

      It’s actually nearly equally about both – hiding and being found – but it is also about moving into a new type of hiding, one of being hidden with Christ in God.

      And you can have as many copies as you want!!

  57. Amity says

    I regularly follow your blog and your sister’s as well as listen to your Dad on the radio! How blesses you are to come from a family rooted in faith. I can only imagine that your book will radiate the grace that you have been given to see past facades and into your identity in Jesus.

    I didn’t read all your comments so you may have gotten this one already…From the Roots Up: Living past the facade

  58. Carrie says

    Your words today are dear to my heart!

    Finding Life ( An Identity?) Hidden in Christ
    Finding Safety in God’s Shelter
    Grace, a Place to Rest
    Finding Grace

    other words I think of: a life revived, refreshed from the living water within (because Christ lives in me)

  59. says

    Your post brought this to mind… http://utmost.org/usefulness-or-relationship/ I just read it the other day. My favorite parts: “If you keep your relationship right with Him, then regardless of your circumstances or whoever you encounter each day, He will continue to pour rivers of living water through you. ” & “It is the work that God does through us that counts, not what we do for Him. All that our Lord gives His attention to in a person’s life is that person’s relationship with God…”

  60. says

    There are so many comments that I don’t know if this has already been suggested or not. Sorry if it’s a duplicate. But reading your blog makes me think a great title would be “One letter” as you have explained, it makes all the difference.

  61. says

    “Before we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world, before we can go out and love without condition, we have to first understand who Jesus is in us. Otherwise, we are living out a self-made gospel, a gospel that boasts all flowers and leaves but no roots, which is really no gospel at all.”

    I love what you said. It is so true.

    Book, mmm?

    I’m not sure I have ideas for that. I’d have to know more about the book of roots and know what you are thinking of doing with the book to figure out how to write the book. The only suggestion I may have is to write with transparency. It’s what I do. The more real you are like this post the more people will relate and want to read more. The more they can see that it’s okay not to be the perfect, Christianly correct Christian. Sheila Walsh said in her book, “God is more interested in what He is doing in us than THROUGH us.” Most of the time, He wants us to move ourselves out of the path so He can show us He’s alive and Holy and powerful.

  62. Carolyn says

    I have no idea what you should call it, but I know I’m desperate to read it. Publish soon! Loved reading this post today.

  63. says

    What a great idea for a book! I can so relate and I am working thru some of the same things myself! A title? Hmm, would be hard to say for sure without reading it, but Removing Your Mask or Living for Christ is Impossible or Killer Expectations. Those just came off the top of my head!
    My recent post doesn’t deal with this directly, buy may give you some thoughts!


  64. says

    Oh Emily,

    This was so good, so real. I have been there. I was doing, doing and doing. Thinking that is what He wanted. I still struggle. Your words spoke to me. He spoke to me through your words.

    Bless you!

  65. Kathryn says

    Rooted in Faith

    Those who live in gratitude are firmly connected to the source of life. They have deep roots. Their lives have depth and substance.
    The Psalmist tells us:
    They are like trees planted by streams of water
    Which yield their fruit in their season,
    And their leaves do not wither (Psalm 1:3)

    Deep Roots of Faith

    Living From Him

    Faith’s Invisible Roots

    Prayer always helps too when we can’t see the answer. Best of luck – the book sounds wonderful :)

  66. Tracey says

    O.K. I’ll take a go at it since I am awake with ridicuuuulous cramps at 3 in the morning…i know tmi for someone you don’t know…love the post…can’t wait for the book. How about…The Blank Page. That would catch my eye…and as a writter you always start with a blank page…but you go to your “roots” and the hidden places of your heart to fill that page.. or “paper.”.. I think it also shows vulnerability…which you are with your readers. How about Revealing the Roots.. or just Revealing Roots without the “the”,,,,also I like the thought of a title and subtitle too. Hope my 3 am visit helped. Praying for your process!

  67. Jessica says

    I didnt respond to this post at first, but it was in my mind the last day or so and 2 words kept stirring. Not sure how they would manifest in a title….but…. Reside and Dwell were the two rolling around in my mind.

  68. says

    I’m not really an idea person, but I can be a praying person. May the promise of James 1:5 be your reality as you seek His face for a title and I commit to adding my prayers to yours.
    And I have never heard anyone say living “from” Him. That is pretty revolutionary and really gives such a clear picture of how very, very much we need His life flowing through us to truly live.
    Blessings to you, Emily.

    • says

      I am always praying for a title. For two years, I have been doing just that. Just nothing has come yet. Maybe it will have no title, just a symbol. Like the artist formally known as Prince.

  69. Vicky says

    Em, why is The Finding too short? I love that title! Of course I am not an author and know nothing about such things.
    And I know you are steering clear of people on the cover but that picture of the girls behind their hands is so great. One smiling, glad to be hidden, one serious faced, longing to be found. I am sure you have already thought about that picture or would not have put it there on your blog but, it is great.
    Btw, love the up close picture of Finn! Good thing he is so darn cute, you might get madder at him otherwise.

  70. says

    I havent written a book but if I did I would call it One Light Path. It has always seemed to me to describe what Jesus would want us to travel. When I close my eyes and envision the Path laid out before me I think of Jesus standing there with out stretched arms on a path of cobble stones with a beautiful glowing light almost as if Thomas Kincade were there to paint it. One , because of course He is the One to follow . Light, because it will be easier with Him to guide me .Path , because it is the only way to salvation is through Him. I too will pray for your answer. I wonder why I was so captivate by the title of your blog. Perhaps it was no accident, only a helpful servant.

  71. Ella says

    I don’t envy you your current challenge. Titles for books, short stories & movies are a lot like naming our children or our personal businesses. It’s so very trying indeed. Here is some food for thought to get your wheels started “From God (Him)… invisible to the world.” or short & simply “Hidden”.

  72. says

    i’m praying now for God to give you the title, He knows it already, now may He reveal it to you, and may the title in a word or a few words express the depth of His heart in this book.

    and this is a beautiful post. i look forward to reading the book.

    God doesn’t want us strong, he wants us weak. it is in our weakness his strength is displayed. after years of wearing “paper faces” i’m done, and quiet frankly God has had enough of my masquerade. i find myself okay with being weak. i see weakness as beauty making room for more Beauty.

    may God be glorifed through you.

  73. says

    Maybe it’s been said before this:

    Finding the Hidden Roots


    In Search of Hidden Roots


    Praying that The Title comes wrapped in bow with NO mistaking its Giver. Blessings to you, Emily.

  74. Krystal says

    How about…”good girl…Turned Perfect” because it seems like my whole life is about daily revelations and renewed walking in what is already true of me and done in Christ.

  75. Samantha says

    Some thoughts:
    The phrase “rooted and established” kept coming to mind. Here is the scripture–
    Ephesians 3:16-18 (New International Version)
    16I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ,

    Then I also thought about I don’t have to be perfect because I serve the One who is…

    Looking past the pretty foliage to see what kind of roots are there

    There is so much more to faithfulness than just being a “good girl”

    Putting down roots that will last and sustain

    All my attempts to be good and do good are like filthy rags…Rags to Riches??? LOL

    It’s late–I should go to sleep! LOL Good luck with your title. I can’t wait to see your book.

  76. says

    Honestly, I know how hard this is, I collect words and phrases for the specific purpose of a sudden burst of inspiration toward Titles ALL THE TIME! It drives me nutso, even to the point that I find myself rummaging around in my purse while driving on the highway to scribble something.
    I really love the way you bring God into the light of every day living on your blog. It’s so tender and often profound.

    Something catchy that begs a question… and yet simple:

    “…and I am the Vine” (vs “I am the Vine”) or something similar.

    Good luck and God bless! I can’t wait to find out what it comes to!

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