how to listen to a friend

Hollie Chastain print
“afterschool” – print by Hollie Chastain

“When spiritual friends share their stories, the others listen without working. They rest. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to improve. A spiritual community feels undisturbed quiet as they listen, certainly burdened . . . but still resting in the knowledge that the life within, the passion for holiness, is indestructible. It needs only to be nourished and released.”

-Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community

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    I LOVE this picture, and what a wonderful quote! Do you think Hollie would mind if I use it on one of my 31 Days of Playlists posts? (I of course will link back to her page for info to buy the print and credit where credit is due of course :) I am loving your series – one of my faves!

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