how to brush your teeth like a revolutionary


The greatest pursuit is not to chase a dream, free the slaves, build the wells, feed the hungry, save the children or fight for equality.

The greatest pursuit is Christ.

And it isn’t even my pursuit of him, but his pursuit of me.

Let yourself be captured by the love of God, so that you may chase your dream, free the slaves, build the wells, feed the hungry, parent the children and fight for equality.

But even the revolutionaries have to brush their teeth.

Christ is not just with you, but he lives within you. And together you make the bed, wash the dishes, finish the paper, pack the bag, work on the taxes, comfort the baby, and take out the trash again.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together – his energy empowers the radical endeavor as well as the morning conversation. There is no big or small – there is only Christ in you, your hope.

“Feed on Christ, and then go live your life, and it is Christ in you that lives your life, that helps the poor, that tells only the truth, that fights the battle and that wins the crown.”

Phillips Brooks


  1. says

    oh my word, you have just rocked my little world this morning… what powerful words and what an amazing message i needed to read this morning!!! wanting to do so much but realizing that i do everything with HIM!! thank you ~ wonderful words!!!
    ~ natalie

  2. says

    So good. We need these reminders again and again. We are so forgetful. We feel small and unimportant when really, we are small and SO important to God. If we could only remember how he loves us…

  3. says

    Brought tears to my eyes and life to my heart to read these words this morning. Thanks, Em. Packing up my house to move in a couple of weeks and needed the reminder that Christ is the one packing the boxes and washing the clothes (because the fam still needs them I guess?). Christ in me… THE REAL ONLY HOPE.

  4. Abbie says

    Yes! I just keep coming back to the quote of Hudson Taylor’s, “Bear not a single care thyself, one is too much for thee. The work is Mine and Mine alone – thy work, to rest in Me.” God says this to each of us. And using our own power, strength, patience, creativity or whatever never gets very far. But God’s is limitless. And it’s ours – if we rest in Him.

  5. says

    I love when scripture and the goodness of truth bring a smile to my face.

    Also – I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your book tomorrow. =)

  6. says

    Amen, amen, and amen! Thank you for such a fabulous reminder. I am going to read this out loud at my Bible study tomorrow :)

  7. says

    Some days it feels like all I get done is the dishes. It’s so frustrating, but, it makes it that much sweeter that He is present with me even in the mundane, even on my least productive days.

  8. Anna says

    Emily, I know you do sometimes write about what I’m going to ask for but I’d love to read examples of how you do this (what you talk about in this post) practically – what it looks like in your real life…

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