how my mom changed the world :: a mother’s day giveaway

She told me not to touch the Jell-O as it settled in the fridge. It needed time. But I was only a little bigger than 7 and I just wanted a peek. The cherry red shined under the light. Was it wet? Was it gel? One finger in, that’s all it took. One finger to discover if the magic had happened yet.


It hadn’t. I found that out quick as I lost my balance, finger deep in red goo. It came tumbling off the glass shelf, onto the jam and the pickle lids, the linoleum and the pink jelly shoes. But that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is she was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, watching. And I didn’t know it.

There I was, unable to hide the sticky guilt of my disobedience. She could have yelled. She could have lectured. She could have scolded with a pointy finger and a go-t0-your-room. But that isn’t what she did.

Instead, she wore calm like a cloak as she moved towards me, a soft look on her face, love in her green eyes –mercy standing over me. And then, she began to help me clean it up – grace on hands and knees.

The yelling would have been easier to take. But I would have forgotten it.

I got my first glimpse of the power of grace that day in my mother’s kitchen. She didn’t change the whole world, but something shifted inside mine.

It was subtle, but it was powerful, too.

She will be the first to tell you that grace wasn’t always her response. Grace isn’t always my response, either. But for today, I love the reminder that grace leaves a deep impact on a child’s heart. The influence of a mother is a powerful force, one that deserves a celebration.

a mother’s day giveaway!

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One person will win all seven gifts – to give to your mama or to keep for yourself! (Translation: you don’t have to be a mom or have a mom to enter). All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. And of course you can tweet or Facebook for extra entries. Just come back and say you did. When you comment, be sure to include your email address in the email field or we won’t have a way to contact you if you win (your email address will not be made public or used in any other way). An apology to our international readers, but this giveaway is available to US residents only. Winner will be announced Wednesday May 8 by 11 am EST. Happy Mother’s Day week!

UPDATE: Thanks to all who entered – the winner of the giveaway is Laura Boggess!

The content in this post is a re-edited version of a post written for my 31 Days of Grace series.


  1. Alana Morgan says

    Beautiful story and so true how grace impacts all of us. Thanks for the reminder and the chance to win these lovely gifts.

    Shared on FB too!

  2. becky bailey says

    what a beautiful reminder of how I need to show that same grace to my two girls! thank you for sharing your heart and for the giveaway! have a blessed Mother’s Day!

  3. says

    Beautiful gifts, I’m in Nova Scotia so I won’t be entering but I will be adding to my wish list. =)

    I needed the reminder about a grace-filled response today, thank-you. I just threw my girls into a bubble bath while I cleaned the paint spattered dining room. But there was a lot of non-grace words before the bubble bath.

  4. says

    :) love your story-telling self… especially because your stories are the real life kind. And the reminder that there is grace for the grace-givers (mommies and daddies) is one I need constantly. My response isn’t always grace, either.

  5. says

    I like how you say you would’ve forgotten being yelled at, but you haven’t forgotten grace. Such a good thing to think about as a mother!

  6. Melissa says

    What a great lesson for me… I have one who is forever spilling and making messes at 10. I need to extend MUCH MORE mercy and grace.

  7. Deanna says

    What a beautiful story and a great reminder for me as a mom of a 2 year old who likes to push buttons and get into trouble – grace is a great response. (And grace for me when I don’t respond as I should. :-))

  8. Nancy Steiner says

    I love this post! My mom is in heaven as of December 17, 2 0 0 6. She suffered for 19 years with physical infirmities but never complained.She taught me so much. A lot of it I am remembering now that I have 4 kids like she did and 2 teenage daughters. I see her everywhere ~in my daughters, in the mirror and in kind and sympathetic words that I hear coming from my own mouth. And when I feel like complaining about my own suffering I see her the most. Happy mothers day to all grace giving mothers. We couldn’t do it without the grace of Jesus.

  9. says

    Wow. Thank you for this post. I believe something has shifted inside of me as I read too. Calm and grace over yelling and condemnation… Just a reminder, but needed all the same.

  10. says

    What a wonderful picture of grace… and such a powerful reminder to choose that in our own lives, with out own kids! LOVE this! Happy Mother’s day!

  11. Ro elliott says

    Wow…mercy standing over me….grace on hands and knees….what a beautiful description of how a mother should be….thanks for the opportunity to win such a generous gift…blessings

  12. Jenny Trask says

    Winning this for Mother’s Day would be such a sweet gift. Thank you for being so generous with this giveaway!! The winner will be so blessed!

  13. Ginny says

    It’s amazing the things we remember. Great story! I hope my kids have moments like this. Unfortunately I choose the yelling too often. I needed this reminder.

  14. says

    Beautiful post – it feels familiar like you wrote about it in your Grace for the Good Girl book. I would love to be entered into the giveaway. Great gifts to give!

  15. Nicole Cooper says

    A beautiful reminder of the impact grace has in a child’s life. I would love for this to be my response every time, although I know it is not.

  16. Morgan says

    Such a sweet reminder!

    This is my first comment- I’m a quiet fan. So thankful for your blog and books- they’ve certainly impacted me in my faith journey!

  17. says

    Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks so much for a fun giveaway! Everything is amazing and would be so much fun to win! Thanks for your wonderful blog posts. I always enjoy reading them!

  18. Michelle says

    Words can’t express how grateful I am for how God has used you in my life, my friend’s life… and in the lives of so many around the world… Also exciting is how God is going to be using you through my friend who’s going to be moving to Africa as a missionary in August. I know that her ministry there will be richer because of how God has used you in her life…

  19. Jen Glatt says

    What a great reminder to put on grace without ever needing to say a word… Thank you for the post and the opportunity to win the gifts.

  20. courtney dozier says

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story and thoughtful reminder of love and grace.

  21. Heather Bivins says

    I love everything! Every single thing. We just celebrated my dad’s birthday this past weekend and in the card, I thanked him for modeling grace and mercy to me. What a powerful gift.

  22. abigail carpenter says

    Wow!! What a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing. I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and I hope to share a copy with a friend.

  23. Heather Bivins says

    Shared on facebook and now I’m teary thinking of the models of grace in my life. Thanks for making my morning!

  24. says

    Great offer and even better story of grace! I am cringing at the thought of all that bright red runny Jell-O everywhere. I think that tells you what my response would’ve been rather than your mother’s grace-filled one!

  25. Tracy says

    Beautiful reminder! I need these reminders daily to knock me over the head on just HOW to respond.

  26. Tamalin says

    What a beautiful example and great reminder of how to show grace. It reminds me to resist the temptation to prove that I knew best and to give the person what they need best instead.

  27. says

    What a great story! The longer I have been a mom (almost 19 years), the more I know what is REALLY important (and what is not), the more I remember to offer that grace to my kids. Still… it’s not often enough. Thanks for the reminder. I continue to be a work in progress.

  28. Kristy Lynn says

    Love this story! I remember when my oldest was little and I would make a custard pie, such as pumpkin, and inevitably there would end up being a little finger stop in the pie while it was setting in the fridge. Thank you for stirring up precious memories! Also this is a beautiful giveaway to celebrate mothers!

  29. Holly says

    I only hope my legacy will have a sprinkling of grace that my girls will hold on to as well… Thank you!

  30. says

    As a mom of three young ones I would love to show grace and mercy like your mom showed more often than the frustration, exasperation, fatigue, and impatience that usually slips out.
    And of course I would love to win this cluster of books.

  31. Jenn says

    If I can see through my tears to type…thank you for this beautiful post and its incredibly perfect timing.

  32. Audrey Elizabeth Pace, LISW says

    Hello there!
    I am new to your site. I enjoy it SO much. I have always dreamed of being a writer. You inspire me:)

  33. says

    Oh my, this post convicts my heart today, Emily. How I want to be the mom who chooses grace over yelling more often than not. Thank you. I really needed this. (And what a fabulous collection of gifts! I would’ve commented anyway, but I hope I win, I hope I win!) :)

  34. says

    I was 13 years old. My Marine father had once again been given orders to move us from being stationed in Japan to a new base- Hawaii. I should’ve been excited but 13 years old is an age that’s tender and change is difficult and when we boarded that train i cried the kind of tears that take your breath away and make you heave for air– and my mom pats my back and says what can I do? Tell me what is so hard? And I tell her I don’t want to leave my friends- and she pats me and hugs me and says she will be my best friend. I have never forgotten that day– and at 38 years old she is the best friend a person could have.

  35. says

    I had the treat of hearing Christa Wells lead worship at an event this past weekend in Raleigh…loved it…such beautiful talent. I’ve been wanting to read your book for quite awhile now…so I would love to win this giveaway!

  36. Courtney says

    Sitting here with my swollen, pregnant belly, alive with the kicks of my first child, your story brought tears to my eyes as I remembered times when my own sweet Mama’s grace was given to me and as I anticipate motherhood and the incredible responsibility and privilege that it is. I’d love to win the giveaway, but I also just wanted to say thanks for your story today!

  37. Jennifer Wellington says

    This is a wonderful reminder. As the mother of a 27-year-old, I am often surprised by what he “heard” me say while he was growing up vs. what I “thought” I said. When talking to mothers of young children I encourage them to really think about the message they are sending their children. Additionally, oftentimes children cannot clearly identify or articulate what is behind an emotion. Excessive questioning in these cases results in frustration for both the parent and child.

  38. Heather Spreen says

    How this story convicts my heart. I hope that my children will remember movements of grace in my heart and in their lives.

  39. says

    Grace, it’s the thing I find lacking in myself. Mothering is so hard for me. My mom died when I was 9 and from then on my view of the world is skewed. Every Mother’s day I tend to get snarky toward my own kids because I’m hurting. This year, I’m aiming for being more gentle to me and my children.

  40. says

    Oh mylanta…what grace indeed!
    May I be remembered for my mercy while standing and grace while on hands and knees…

    Beautiful giveaway, Emily. Thank you.

  41. MH says

    Your beautiful story encourages me to have love in my eyes during trying times. That is the best way to speak grace to others.

  42. Amanda says

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet story about your mom! Sounds a lot like my mom- so inspiring!

  43. says

    Beautiful picture of grace. A stick-to-your-ribs story. So interesting how grace is often depicted with someone on his or her knees. Would love an opportunity to win the package, but I’m glad I stopped by just for the life lesson!

  44. Juli vrotney says

    that is definitely showing grace…I try to do that too…though I fail a lot. Would love the boold, etc. what a great gift.

  45. says

    Just shared the link on FB…love your blog btw….been a reader for sometime, just never have commented. Thanks for sharing your heart with all of us…you inspire!

  46. Kristen says

    Oh my :( I constantly beat myself up because I don’t show enough grace to my children. But truthfully, I don’t KNOW what it looks like sometimes. Your post today was a very vivid picture of EXACTLY what grace looks like. As well as the long-term effect it can have. Thank you so much.

    • says

      This story reminds me of a quote from the novel “When the Morning Glory Blooms,” which deals with the aftereffects of unwed pregnancy from three different eras. “Quiet grace speaks louder than noisy shame.”

  47. Keri says

    This is the first time I have read your blog and this story touched me. I too have lived through an experience like this but mine included a lemon loaf :) My mom has shown grace over and over and my prayer is that i am showing this same grace to my babes. Thank you for posting this. It’s a gift in itself.

  48. Laura says

    Such a great post Emily. I wish that was the type of mother my kiddos could say they remember me being. Thank you for sharing this moment of pure grace in your life. What a blessing!

  49. says

    Calm and graceful…. that’s what the good girl in me wants to be. (sometimes it happens) But the “me” inside of me very often gets in the way. Thanks for the reminder of what we strive for and the reminder that we are not alone in our “real lives”. Wonderful giveaway! Would love to win these to share.

  50. Karen says

    Loved reading the story about grace and jello. I could use that reminder every day as I feel my kids and I are always rushing and I tend to lose my patience easily. Great gifts for the giveaway too!

  51. Becky MacDonald says

    Yes, I believe that for many, grace is harder to accept than condemnation. Beautiful story, thanks for sharing. A great reminder to all of us moms.

  52. says

    What a lovely giveaway! And an even lovelier story about your mom. {Thanks for telling us she didn’t always respond so perfectly…otherwise I’d be tempted to feel quite badly about my own mothering.} Her response, and that you remembered it, well, it’s encouraging and inspiring on a Monday littered with mess and mayhem and moodiness. : )

  53. says

    Powerful words and reminder today of what our example says to our children. More than words they will remember the “doing”. Thank you for sharing.

  54. Elizabeth Smillie says

    I love how her action, which she probably hardly thought about and might not remember, is still impacting – what a great reminder! Not just as a mommy, but in all of my daily little moment type interactions – thanks so much for sharing!

  55. Jeniffer says

    Ah yes, Grace. That’s what it looks like! Thank you for the lovely and gentle reminder.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  56. says

    “…grace leaves a deep impact on a child’s heart.” Indeed. Thanks for sharing this story and for the giveaway. Would love to win :)

  57. Kimberly says

    So thankful for this reminder of a grace-filled response – I needed this after the crazy, fun-filled, exhausting weekend we had & I’m feeling a bit drained. Thanks for sharing it & the opportunity to win all this fabulousness!

  58. Tina says

    I have so many wonderful memories of parenting my small children. My son and daughter are grown now, living successful lives and we are a close family. I love this example of a mother’s love and calm example of grace. I remember one particular day when my daughter was about three, I didn’t show grace. I will never forget that day. I have been forgiven and loved a thousand times over, and I learned a lot from that day. I asked God to help me become a different kind of mother after that day, and, as loving and forgiving as He is, God answered my prayer. Thank you for posting this simple story. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  59. says

    What a beautiful post… Even when we don’t deserve it, juts like our mothers, God grants us grace every day!!!

    Shared this post on my Facebook! :-)

  60. Jonna says

    What a perfect reminder that I needed today. Thank you for the chance to win such wonderful gifts, as well!

  61. Julie Pizzino says

    Oh, I still aspire to giving this kind of grace characteristically in my life! Thank you for the beauty of your mom’s example today. And thank you for the opportunity to win. I’ll share on FB.

  62. Cara says

    ‘Grace on hands and knees’ What a beautiful reminder to witness rather than react. I’m going to hold that little gem in my pocket this week during the times I want to lash out or correct my children. A reaction that’s not always warranted, but yet seems ingrained in my parenting DNA. Thank you Emily. Many Blessings. -Cara

  63. Amy Chaney says

    Loved the detail in the writing…I felt like I was right there next to your mom watching. If I had quarter for every time I was faced with the same choice your mom was faced with I would be a rich lady. With 5 kiddos, this is a daily battle. My PRAYER is to choose grace more and anger less. This was a beautiful reminder! Thanks for sharing.

  64. says

    I’ve read the Repurposed Recycled Life by Michelle Rayburn. Excellent book for this gift package! It will fit in well with all the other wonderful offerings.

  65. Brianna M. says

    What a beautiful description of what grace looks like in life. This struck me deeply. Thank you for sharing and putting together an amazing giveaway!

  66. Penny Riggs says

    Such a beautiful story of a mother’s grace…truly a gift that keeps on giving :-)…thank you for sharing and a chance to win a lovely gift pack! Happy Mother’s Day<3

  67. says

    This week grace was the children’s pastor at church reassuring me, as soon as I stepped in the door, a full 30 minutes late, that it was okay. “Don’t feel bad about it any longer, ” he said, and I sighed in relief. I’d spent the whole 30 minute car ride there feeling guilty, even though I don’t own my own car and didn’t have friends leaving early enough to get there on time to set up for nursery. His immediate grace and accompanying hug freed me to walk into the nursery and serve with an open heart. It was a living sermon.

  68. Greta Eelkema says

    Thank you for this touching story!
    A beautiful reminder to show love and grace especially when our children disappoint us!

  69. maria says

    i would love to win! i’m a first time mom and so excited to celebrate my first mother’s day! thanks!

  70. says

    How many times have we been tempted as mothers to be negative instead of letting the lesson be learned? Your mother gave grace…and a memory!

  71. Amy says

    Oh, to hear this today. Makes me want to be THAT mom for my kids. This spoke to me today. Hopefully, my children will have a similar story to tell their friends when they’re older. Thank you for this.

  72. Kay says

    Grace is unforgettable…and changes hearts. Thank you for the story and reminder. The giveaway looks amazing!

  73. Jayne says

    What a wonderful reminder. I hope to have this Grace with three daughters. I’m always so quick to scold.
    Thanks for the chance to win!:)

  74. says

    What a wonderful story of grace! What a wonderful giveaway!

    Going to remember this and try to show unexpected grace to my son!

  75. says

    There were those: millions of tiny moments when my mom did the same–showed grace instead of what I deserved. This post is reminding me of those that went uncounted. And this is something I need reminded of. So. Thank you.

  76. Cynthia says

    I hope my kids remember my grace moments more than my not-so-graceful moments…thanks for the giveaway (and story).

  77. Julie says

    “Grace leaves a deep impact on a child’s life.” Love this! Now to live it, giving grace to those littles!

  78. Melanie says

    What a beautiful story and reminder of how I should strive to be more towards my own children. Thank you.

  79. Amy in AL says

    What a beautiful, beautiful story!!! I probably would not have shown that same grace if it had been one of my children – which gives me pause! Thank you for sharing.

  80. Sara S. says

    I hope to be that kind of mama! What a beautiful story to remind us that sometimes our kids just need grace and that can make such an impact!

  81. Jeannie S says

    You have touched my heart and inspired me to be more gracious and merciful. Blessings on your Mother’s Day!

  82. says

    I remember “don’t just sit there and stare at it!!!!” as a response to spilled milk. I was really good at staring at spilled things when I was a kid. I appreciate the reminder that grace is ALWAYS an option.

  83. Cassandra says

    Sweet story with an awesome Truth, priceless… Lord, let me have days like that to extend mercy to those around me.

  84. says

    Beautiful… your story gives me hope that my kids will remember grace, even when I mess up and get angry all too often. May they remember the moments of grace…

  85. Gloria Chiras says

    Such a nice entry, which reminds me of both my mom and my daughter who is the mom of 6 year old
    triplets and a 5 year old. My daughter has an impressive ability to remain calm, gentle and loving in the midst of constant demands for her attention. I am in awe of her.

  86. Julie says

    what a wonderful memory, so glad that was burned in you! what if you had forgotten? so glad you didn’t.

  87. Jen L says

    Love your story…grace is just another thing that I hope our daughter sees in me. Thanks for sharing!

  88. Tiffany H. says

    A beautiful reminder. Some days I respond this way and some days I don’t. Love the giveaway too!

  89. Michelle Holland says

    Your jello story brought a tear to my eye and makes me want to show more Grace to my daughter and my granddaughter. Thank you for sharing!

  90. Kathi says

    thank you for this reminder of how wonderful it feels to get grace and also to give grace to another human being! …and for having this great giveaway as well!

  91. Kate says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for offering extra encouragement & inspiration to celebrate Mother’s Day. :)

  92. says

    Thank you yet again for the crucial reminder: the most life changing gifts- and lessons- often come in the tiniest packages, and rarely do trumpets sound… Loved reading this, as always. :)

  93. Lindsey says

    What a sweet, lovely story! I’m going to cherish it and remember it as I wait expectantly for my first boy!

    I’d love to share some of these gifts with my mom and mother-in-law. :)

  94. beth says

    love this sweet story. jello chilling dates the story and makes me nostalgic for my younger mom and avocado fridge.

  95. Mary Kay says

    What a great reminder… I pray that my future holds more grace for others than my past did.

  96. Adrienne says

    I wish I could say I had the graceful mother, but unfortunately I had the latter, yelling mother that’s all I remember her as. You story is hopeful that mine could change! I also commented on this Facebook link!

  97. Missi Jacobus says

    I shared this post on my FB timeline, not just because I know it gives me
    ‘another entry’ into the contest, but because I know that the guilt & condemnation that instantly flooded in when reading of this gracious mom’s response to spilled jello is not my own usual response. But coupled with the admission that it is not always hers either gave me the reminders that I do need to stop & give God glory for the times His spirit is present in some of my responses to my children when the enemy loves to highlight the times I ‘lose it’ instead. Oh, how many of us Moms, especially me, need to be reminded that we rob God of glory and credit when we choose to walk in that guilt that we are always messing up & not choosing to be grateful for the many times He shows up as we respond in His strength, wisdom & obedience to His spirit’s prompting :-)!!

  98. Candice says

    Oh how I need to show my active, independent son so much more grace each moment. Thank you for this reminder.

  99. Art Douglas says

    I appreciate your story…it’s a great reminder for us dads as well.

    Not to mention, my kids would love those giveaway items for their mommy.

  100. says

    how i love this story. i would have wanted to comment with or without a giveaway, because that sweet and perfect picture of grace is too little shown in our world…in my world, in my kitchen. but oh, how i need to have that mercy standing over me, and standing over my little ones. this was a definitely a needed minute to let my soul breathe. thank you sweet friend. ‘grace on hands and knees’ might be my new mantra.

  101. says

    Emily this is a beautiful picture of grace. Thank you so much for sharing this precious lesson. The biggest take away for me is the fact that your Mom had received Grace; she knew what it was to feel loved in spite of wrong committed. Her gift received was the gift readily given. How blessed you are!

  102. Denise says

    I loved your story! Oh, if I could only give as much grace that has been given to me!
    God bless!

  103. says

    i was going to post this anyway whether or not i would get the extra entries. this post is one of those that i just can’t help but share it. but then, i saw i would get extra entry, so there ya go… thanks!! :)

  104. maria says

    I am truly amazed at the way your mom responded; I hope to remember this example the next time I have the chance to show grace instead of anger. It certainly is powerful! Makes me sad for the times I did not!! Thanks for the encouragement to do better in the future!

  105. says

    What a great reminder of what grace played out can do to a person. Thank you for sharing this story.

    Oh, and pick me! pick me!

  106. Amy Schultz says

    I love that story! My mom has become much more gracious over the years (I think those early childhood years are just plain rough), and I am learning to be too. It feels so good to both give and receive grace. Fingers crossed!

  107. says

    Beautiful reminder of how one moment can be THAT moment. And so the challenge is to lean into His strength for all of the MANY moments that come at a mom/woman in one day, and to know that any one of those might be the one that LASTS the lifetime long.

  108. says

    What a blessing – I loved “Grace for The Good Girl” so much. And I love your jello story. I have a similar story, with a jar of Marischino cherries. :)

  109. says

    If only that could always be my response! What a beautiful memory and reminder. I, too, have memories of such grace with my parents (and also memories of the other kind…which is just as helpful to me when I “blow it” it my kids). Great post and wonderful giveaways!

  110. Caralynn says

    For some reason, your story made me think of Les Miserables, in the early scene when Jean Valgean is shown grace by the priest after he steals the valuable items from the altar. Thepriest not only lets him go free, but even gives him the valuable candlesticks…when we really get grace – really experience it, it is life-altering, isn’t it?
    I pray I can do something similar for MY kids.

  111. Mandy says

    Thank you, Emily, for that beautiful (and convicting!) reminder of just how much our words and actions influence our children!

    I shared on facebook. :-)

  112. Carla says

    What a wonderful picture of God’s loving-kindness towards His children! Choosing to parent with grace is one of the hardest things I’ve done and I’m sure it will be the thing that leaves a lasting impression. (shared on Facebook, too)

  113. alison says

    I love that! So often I find myself yelling at my children when I want so desperately to show them love and grace.

  114. Ashley Clark says

    What a beautiful story and a wonderful reminder for me as a mommy to pray daily to be filled with grace.

  115. says

    Thanks for the great reminder of grace. Don’t we all need this? Thanks for the great give away.
    bveinotte at juno dot com

  116. says

    What a wonderful and refreshing read to start my day. Grace and mercy – Yes! And the encouragement that we might not do it perfectly but when we pause long enough for His power and grace to settle on us, it does flow to our children and make a difference. Thank you for these words today. (I can’t enter the contest to win as am an English gal living in Canada – however I do know a wonderful mum in the U.S I would honour with a gift if I am selected and would love to bless her for mother’s day ;-))

  117. Ashley A. says

    Grace. Such a lovely thing to give and receive! – And, thanks for posting such a fun prize package. :)

  118. says

    I love this story. I need an extra dose of grace today in dealing with my two year old. Thanks for the reminder.

    I also tweeted, shared on FB (on personal and blog page), and shared on pinterest.

  119. NCJill says

    I pray my kids remember moments like this. I pray I remember to act with grace in moments like that. Only Jesus.

  120. Echo Caraway says

    Thank you for this encouraging reminder. What a blessing for you to have this memory! May my children be so lucky :)

  121. katie says

    This is my first time to your blog! I love it. What an amazing writer you are. And how badly I needed this reminder today. to give them grace. to choose grace. each day. each hour even. for my babes.
    can’t wait to read your book! ordering today!

  122. Melissa D says

    What a beautiful story, and such a timely reminder with my 4 year old. Thanks, Emily!

    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  123. Laura says

    Have been looking for another book I couldn’t put down! I already downloaded and started reading Sparkly Green Earrings–thanks for the recommendation!

  124. June Russell says

    How I wish that grace could be my default, but alas, no. I KNOW my go-to respnse should always be “I should give a lot of grace because I get a lot of grace.” But then I get my big-girl panties all wadded up and that great idea simply flies out the window. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that I only lose when I give up on tryin’ to be a more grace giving gal :)

  125. Linda says

    Beautiful depiction of a mothers grace — and a conviction of how much we need to stop and put our reactions into perspective before acting. Grace, Grace, God’s Grace; Grace that will pardon and cleanse within……

  126. Robin Hollis says

    My Mom is the best….I pray that my heart and love for the Lord will be as big as hers 😀

  127. says

    What a great set for mother’s day! And I love the example of using grace. What a reminder for me, as I often can’t show it so well to my own kids. Thank you

  128. Nicole says

    OOH! I love this beautiful picture of grace. We don’t often hear about your mom, but I’m loving this beautiful picture of her! :)

  129. Sarah says

    What a lovely story about your mom :) And thank you for the chance to win such a generous package!

  130. melissa moore says

    My little girl heart needed just this type of grace from my mom, and it is my privilege to endeavor to extend this type of grace to my son. Thank you.

    I shared this on FB as well.

  131. Cathy says

    Always and encouragement and a blessing to read your blogs. Something I read today is a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer while in a Nazi prison camp.
    “Blessing means laying one’s hand on something and saying:Despite everything, you belong to God.”
    Laying my Grandma hand on you today Emily..

  132. says

    I love this example of God’s grace. Thank you for this encouragement today. I don’t have any of my own children yet but I’m a teacher and this is such a helpful reminder for the classroom.

  133. Emily says

    Moments of grace are so powerful and formative. Thank you for sharing your story. It reminds me of my own lessons and moments of grace I have been given.

  134. Kimberly says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win this awesome giveaway! I couldn’t ask for a better mother’s day present to receive and share!

    Blessings to you.

  135. says

    Wish I had acted with grace more often with my one and only son. Too often I passed out consequences and discipline. I hope he does remember some grace on Mother’s Day this year. He turned out to be a fine man, in spite of his imperfect mother who loved him with all that was within her.

  136. Celeste Lin says

    Thank you for sharing! As a mother of three, I am trying to learn each day how to be different than the story in my head of the way I was brought up! To be gracious, forgiving, to listen, to love and to stay present in the moment. I realize my children are all gifts that God blessed in my care. Thank you for being a woman with Godly wisdom and for reminding me what it takes to be a graceful mother!!

  137. Rachael says

    That fleeting look of disappointment before my mom helped me fix whatever new scrape I managed to get myself into helped me keep from repeating my mistakes. It has yet to get me to stop making mistakes altogether, though.

  138. says

    Such a sweet story… My mother was more of a yeller, and a go-to-your-room sort, not very patient at all. But my aunt was quiet and calm, and the grace with which she treated her children, nieces and nephews, stayed with me always, and formed the way I would want to react with my own children. I am not always successful in being calm and graceful, but I do try. Though not always evident in two teen boys, I love glimpsing grace’s positive effects in their mannerisms, and hope more will emerge as they continue upon their path towards manhood.
    x, Val
    PS. I posted on Facebook about this lovely giveaway!

  139. says

    Mothers look through the eyes of Love and it is amazing. I give thanks for my Mom and for her lessons of grace and love and patience. Thanks for the post, Emily – I love reading your blog.

  140. says

    Wow, wish I was shown a little more GRACE as a child. So much physical and verbal abuse as a child. One wonders what would have been if GRACE had been shown instead. Love your website. Thanks for the chance to win the gifts. happy Mothers Day !!!!

  141. Jeannie says

    Beautiful and powerful image of grace. . .thank you for sharing and inspiring us mom’s to respond to our children with equal grace. . .thinking of a recent incident with three broken bottles of bright nail polish all over the kitchen for. . .yikes. . .thank you also for the generous and lovely give-aways. . .love your heart!

    • Annemarie Vinci says

      What a beautiful reminder of how I need to be in those seemingly disasterous moments of life. Give grace!

  142. Emily says

    These lovely gifts make me smile :-) I’d love to win and share them with my mom and mommy friends.



  143. says

    Grace is not usually my first response, but I so want it to be! So thankful that God gives it to us again and again so that we then have the second, the third, the 50th chance to choose to pour it out onto others.

  144. says

    What a wonderful story, and a beautiful reminder for my today. Thanks for the giveaway! It all looks fabulous (well, I already know your book is fabulous, but the rest of it looks fabulous too!)

  145. jen says

    Grace is a beautiful gift! It reminds me of a story I told my kids after getting frustrated with them this week. When my sister and I were little, I remember my mom running after us with a wooden spoon. We ran into the bedroom and stood opposite her, behind the bed. She hit the wooden spoon on the bed. We began laughing. The spoon had broken. She didn’t understand the reason for our laughter, until she looked down at the broken spoon, and then she laughed too. Laughter is a beautiful gift!

  146. Molly holsteen says

    Beautiful! And, a great reminder to be gracious with my little ones! Thanks for sharing.

  147. Jennifer D. says

    What a great story and neat giveaway!! I’m reminded of God’s grace and how we should reveal that to others. So hard to do sometimes, but God gives us mercy too when we fail.

  148. Carrie H says

    What a good reminder to give the grace they so need, too often I jump to the angry/frustrated emotions rather then the grace and mercy they need and I have been given.

  149. says

    I just loved this. My mother once told me she felt like she yelled a lot. My siblings and I all say that’s not how we remember it at all. I remember lots and lots of grace. Maybe she was yelling on the inside, but there was grace on the outside: )

  150. Jennifer says

    I too jump to the angry emotions rather then the grace and mercy. What a sweet reminder of the grace we have been given. I would love to win!

  151. says

    what a moving story. I love your reminder that grace isn’t always the response, but it is sometimes and can make a bigger impact than yelling sometimes.

  152. monica says

    What a lovely story.Grace is something we all need to give more of.Your giveaway items are amazing!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  153. Lisa says

    Oh how I needed to read this today. I needed a reminder to show grace way before frustration with my almost 4 yr old and 1 yr old. Both of my daughters deserve to know grace in this way. Thank you!

  154. Katrien says

    Loved, loved, loved your story, reminding all that GRACE will always win the heart’s not only of our children, but all God’s children we are blessed and honored to touch life with! Along, with reminding us all that we too, shall have GRACE extended to us by our Father God, for we will all have moments when we our response is not so godly, not so filled with grace. Love to see, when we as women, are holding each other up with words that encourage and build up each other’s lives. Thank you, for sharing your wonderful memories of your mother and you!
    God’s continued blessings on all you are doing,

  155. Christine says

    I only hope to leave an impression of grace in my daughters mind. What a wonderful reminder to a mom of a 2 1/2 year old!!!

  156. larissa says

    Beautiful reminder of how one can extend grace…especially a mother!
    Love your blog. Hits me powerfully sometimes.

  157. Abby says

    Thanks for the timely reminder to show grace to my own children and the chance to win a lovely giveaway!

  158. Shannon ? says

    ? I may never have the chance to be a mother, but this is the kind of mother I would want to be! ?

  159. Alita Carter says

    I have a similar grace experience with my Mother. Although mine involved a bottle of perfume. At the time I wondered, “how did she know I had spilled it?” :-)

  160. Deb says

    I love your posts. The Lord has used you in my life to teach me more grace. Thank you.
    And thank you for the opportunity to win some wonderful gifts.

  161. Sallie Belle Howell says

    I love this post. Grace what we all need more of as daughters, parents, wives. Thanks for this.

  162. Lynn says

    This reminded me that now that my 87 year old mother lives WITH ME, I have to show grace at every corner. I hope that I make her proud knowing that she raised me with as much grace as she could muster during a difficult childhood. I look at her now and know that it is my turn to be blessed by taking care of her and overcoming the “sense of urgency” and “multitasking” effects of my age group. Just sitting with her quietly, holding her hand, listening without offering my solutions is one of the best ways I’ve found of giving back. My friend offered me this wonderful advice. When you are caring for elderly parents, there are no do-overs! Only moments in time that pass too quickly. Thank you for the wonderful description of your mom and her grace. As always your blogs refresh my day!

  163. Nadine says

    I’ve stuck my finger in too soon as adult, Emily! Your giveaway is extravagant, as well – thanks for the opportunity.

  164. Blenda says

    A great encouragement to be a grace-giver! Thank you for he opportunity to win such awesome gifts!

  165. Linda Barnhill says

    Also posted on facebook…because it’s worth it and we mamas need to hear and hopefully know the grace we need to extend the grace they need…

  166. club20 says

    How sweet that you can honor your mom, and the grace-filled moment resulting from her pausing those years ago. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom!

  167. Janna Reis says

    Oh to respond with grace ALL the times…that is my prayer. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  168. Kristy S. says

    Totally needed this reminder today as I yelled at my daughter all of an hour ago. I need to pray for the wisdom to give grace more often. Thanks for all your posts…love them and your books.

  169. Marian H says

    It’s so much easier to get mad than to have the calm, patience and love to show mercy. Lovely story.

  170. Sheena says

    That is the kind of momma I want to be. Most days I fail miserably but there is always tomorrow. Thanks for the chance to win.

  171. Kayla says

    This post is beautiful, and a special reminder of who we are to be as mothers. The books would be a wonderful Mothers Day gift!

  172. Barbra says

    For me it was finger licking all the icing off the cake and always acting surprised when my mama asked ” how did this happen?”…. Mama’s somehow know. My sweet 93 yr old one has lost most of her memory but still calls me her big girl. Treasure your mamas always !!!

  173. says

    Wow. I think I’m comment number four hundred and something, but I’ll give it a shot anyway : ) Would love a chance to win and spread the gifts to all the wonderful mamas in my life.

  174. Arneta says

    What a beautiful picture of grace. And what an awesome gift you’ve put together, if I win I think I will share it with all my little mamma daughters :)

  175. Barbara says

    This is the epitome of grace. It would have been so easy to say, “Didn’t I tell you . . .” Instead, she loved with Christlike love. I am 61 years old, my mother is 93. I have similar memories of her. I only hope my daughter has some of me, also.

  176. Monique says

    What a lovely example and reminder to breathe grace in and then to breathe it out into the lives of our children, “big” (like my three are now) or “small” like they were … oh, so many years ago! Thank you!

  177. Diane Lukes says

    Thank you, Emily, for your powerful message and reminder to show grace. Happy Mother’s Day!

  178. Sarah M. says

    I loved this post. Thank you! I’m pregnant with my first, and these little lessons and stories are treasures to store up.

  179. says

    What a beautiful memory. I don’t always respond grace-filled either, but it’s definitely something I want to work on as a mother. We all need a little grace in our lives sometimes, don’t we?

  180. Claire Cordes says

    What a sweet story and a great reminder of how we should respond in life situations. I love all the books you’re giving away…my mom would too!

  181. Andrea Smith says

    I thoroughly enjoy each of your posts. This one especially hits home for me and the four blessings God has given me!!! Thanks for sharing.

  182. says

    (I’m international, so sadly can’t be in to win, though I love! the ABC cards.)

    This is just what I am working on so much with my mothering at the moment! Grace, grace, grace.
    Currently reading Tim Kimmell’s Grace Based Parenting to help me along the way.

    Such a great moment to remember and help you as you bring up your own kids.

  183. ann blackard says

    Heard you this weekend at Hope. What a blessing! As I was reading The Jesus Storybook Bible today with my TK class, your message from Saturday was repeated. On page 340, Sally Lloyd-Jones is writing the story about Saul becoming Paul. “It’s not about keeping rules!” Paul told people. “You don’t have to be good at being good for God to love you. You just have to believe what Jesus has done and follow him. Because it’s not about trying, it’s about trusting. It’s not about rules, it’s about Grace: God’s free gift – that cost him everything.” Oh, to have heard this when I was only five!

  184. Amy Dixon says

    It is not easy to give grace to our children when they are intentionally disobedient, I know. I still think of the times I wish I had been a lot more forgiving of my kids’ mistakes, because God forgives mine…daily

  185. Marnie says

    What a beautiful reminder of the power of a grace-filled mama to heal the broken parts of our little hearts. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

  186. Marla says

    I’m 57 years old and this will be my first mother’s day without my mom. She died in January of a brain aneurysm. We believe she died either right after or right before she was saying her morning prayer. I like to think she went from her knees to the arms of Jesus.

  187. Jennifer L. says

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder that our first response to our children should be grace. It’s difficult at times to make that our response but as you said. Oh what an I pact it can make. Praise God.

  188. chandra Jonkman says

    I think I would say my Mom who was not very graceful gave me a poem of sorts that was meant to say sorry for all the things that happened that hurt. One graceful time I remember was being locked out of the house in grade 4 at lunch time as Mom who was never away was cleaning the new house. Well I cried that whole hour and went back to school hungry. That night we went to the church for pancake Tuesday (shrove Tuesday) and we had green jello. To get into our house Mom went through our neighbours house, (it was a double house) through the basement to come out the closet door and then unlocked our door. Who knew that the propane guy would lock the door in a small town. Chandra

  189. sandra says

    What a wonderful story! It is difficult to show grace when parenting sometimes, such a great inspiration to read about your mom’s reaction and what a big impact it made on you.

  190. Sally Graham says

    Not always my response but it is the one I prefer. I love the moments when I can teach my girls that quiet grace can be more loud than quick screaming. Happy Mother’s Day!

  191. Lori Fast says

    Thank you for a great image of grace… maybe I can remember this when my own children stick their fingers in the jello before they should.

  192. Victoria Griffin says

    Thank you so much for this sweet story! What a great illustration of the way God loves us, and an example of how we can look more at our children’s hearts and less at just their behavior! Thank you!

  193. Samantha says

    What a great gift for mom (and me, we share books a lot.) And also thank you for the lovely reminder of grace.

  194. Allison Jones says

    thanks for the chance to win! I love being a mom – and would share with some other moms I know, too!

  195. Lauren says

    Lovely story, and one I needed to hear (today especially!). Thank you for the gentle reminder that grace is more impact full any day! And thank you for the chance to win!

  196. Kjersten says

    I desire to choose grace with my kiddos, too, instead of yelling or lecturing. This was an encouragement today.

  197. says

    “grace on hands and knees..” i’m going to remember that this week as i clean up messes. messes in kitchens and messes in hearts. parenting leaves us if anything, always on our knees, yes?

    and i live in canada but i AM american ;)) and have an american address, so i think that still qualifies me!!

  198. Alissa says

    My mom changed my world when I broke a glass while emptying the dishwasher and lied about it… I’m not sure what kind of a girl I am anymore, but I think “Grace for the Good Girl” would be applicable to my life right now and I KNOW that More than Rubies would be.

  199. says

    A wonderful story. Makes me think back to the days when my kids were small. I know I scolded them some times when I should have had more patients and used the grace instead. The times I did use grace made me feel so good and peaceful. Now they are grown with kids and grandkids of their own. I loved raising them and I truly enjoyed them and still do. They were a gift from God and they still are. They are precious in His site and in mine.

  200. Alyssa R says

    I love your blog and I love my mom and I think she would really love these gifts! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  201. says

    Well, I’m not a mother yet, but as a daughter and someone who works with kids and teenagers a lot, this was a great reminder for the present. Thank you, Emily! (I tweeted as well :) )

  202. Becki Herrin says

    Why it takes a contest for me to post my first comment, is beyond me, but I’m glad you used the encouragement. The truth is I have composed several responses to either your blog posts or newsletters, but have never pressed the send button. Mother’s Day is a very difficult holiday for me. I lost my mother to breast cancer over 5 years ago and even though I try and do things to remember my mom…Mother’s Day is still a constant reminder that my mother is no longer here on this earth. But your post today of the Grace your mother exhibited, is the constant Grace in which my mother lived.

    Thank you so much for sharing Life with me. I am a huge follower and supporter of you. We read your book in our Journey Group. If I remember correctly, I think your husband sent a copy to my good friend Laurie Troublefield(who was leading our group) and she decided it would be a wonderful read for all ladies involved in our group. Long story short, I loved both of your books. “Grace for the Good Girl”…changed my Life! It reiterated everything we learned in the Journey. I now give “Grace for the Good Girl” as birthday gifts to many of my friends and I give “Graceful” as presents to girls in our youth group. I’m looking forward to your next book! I think I already preordered 5;) I’m a not obsessive at times. One last thing, I swear to my closest friends that God speaks directly to me through you. He has not doubted me once. I kid you not, every time I’m struggling with an issue and am open and honest with God about my struggles and or joys, your posts are directly related to God’s answer or direction He wants me to go.

    So I thank you from my Grace filled heart for your passion to share Life through writing and thank you for your post! I too will pray that I handle more situations filled with Grace!

    Gracefully yours,

  203. Shar says

    Today’s blog entry reminded me of my wonderful mom! She was the one who taught me about Jesus simply by living His truths daily – that and by making sure we regularly prayed, read the Bible and attended church! Mom is 89 now, living in a retirement home and some days her memory isn’t very clear, but my memories of how she raised me with love, patience and kindness will always remain. Thank you for posting this tribute to your mom.

  204. Mercelle Hanna says

    I would like to catch myself in the middle of showing grace to my daughter or husband. I tend to micromanage them or expect them to do a task the way I would do it. So when it’s not my way, criticism is often what I offer. Instead, I want to share grace the way God shares it daily with me. Thank you for the loving reminder of what grace and mercy might look like in our home.

  205. shenee says

    What a timely message and quite a sting. Im truly guilty of now showing grace especially with my little guy. Thank you so much

  206. says

    I needed that reminder. And that she didn’t always respond with grace but she did then, and you remember…there’s a beautiful grace in that, too.

  207. says

    I LOVE this!! I’m a mom of two girls – I just got done reading (for the 2nd time!) Grace Based Parenting and this fit SO well! I love how you refer to your mom as “grace on hands and knees” and when you wrote how you would have forgotten the yelling but not the grace she extended. POWERFUL! I would love to win this…I know so many mom’s I deem deserving, I may just have to give a little piece of it away to several of them if I win! Thank you!!

  208. Laura says

    Great giveaway:). Praying that as I offer more grace to myself, I can then offer more to others.

  209. Ryain says

    I love the story. I just became a mother and hope my son will have a similiar story to look back on. Thanks for sharing!

  210. Michelle says

    “The yelling would have been easier to take. But I would have forgotten it.” Oh, so true. I just took this approach with my girls yesterday — we’ll see if it has a lasting effect :) Thanks for your words — I look forward to them!

    P.S. I shared on FB.

  211. Becky says

    This is a beautiful picture of grace. I want to impact my world for Jesus by making my community a community of grace! Thank you for speaking to something deep inside of me.

  212. says

    I am so thankful for this picture, how she changed the world though her grace. I pray I can make a choice like hers today – so show grace instead of anger.

  213. says

    When my kids were little I was better at un-grace.
    I pray that as grace invaded they noticed the change over time and my grace-filled responses will be what they remember most!

  214. says

    Grace well learned! I used to love to tell my kids, ” your consequences should be this, but grace is ,,,,,,”. We all need grace!

  215. Michele Laramay says

    Such a lovely give-a-way. Thank you for this and for the story. Grace to you to you today!

  216. says

    I would love to win this because my mom is learning a lot about grace right now. She loves Grace for the Good Girl, and just yesterday I started reading Graceful. We just marked your blog to our favorites after reading The Nesting Place for a year or two.

  217. CarrieC says

    What a beautiful reminder of my need to show this kind of grace to others! Wow! Thanks for the fun giveaway, as well!

  218. kim says

    I have always enjoyed reading and sharing your posts. Some days they are what get me through the day.. a gentle reminder that there are wonderful people in the world.

  219. says

    I have a mom, I am a mom, my 3 daughters and a daughter-in-law are moms. Love your story about your mother. I wish I had always responded gracefully too – but we are not perfect. I do not remember my mother ever raising her voice to me. Have enjoyed your blog since I discovered it and have shared with the young women in my family and in our church. Would love to win – it would be a first! LOL

  220. says

    Emily, I love your stories. You’ve shown me it’s o.k. to not have all the answers. And I think Christ is telling me to stop trying to do “everything just right” and to just love HIM. Thanks for all your encouragement!

  221. Dawna says

    I feel like the evidence of my mom’s changing the world will continue to be realized in this generation of her great-grandchildren and beyond.

  222. Valorie M. says

    Thank you for sharing this memory! My mother raised me as she had been raised, with expectations of perfection and very little encouragement. “Grace” had to do with Jesus purchasing my salvation, but beyond that I simply did not experience it in daily life. Sadly I must admit I did not see that I was repeating the same pattern of taking my pain and frustrations out on my children in anger, much the same way my mom had done with me.
    However, I have been seeing evidence of growth the last few years, Thanks be to God!) I remember one particular moment He used to minister Grace to my heart when I was grieving over the revelation of how I had wounded my children. I was musing over how the glassware had dwindled, “I can’t believe I never noticed how few glasses I have left. So weird…” My then 16 year old son, who is our human dishwasher, offered sheepishly, “Um, well I’ve broken a few accidentally, doing dishes…” I very naturally answered with grace and a “oh honey, it’s just stuff. Really just doesn’t matter.”
    Later that day the Lord showed me that I didn’t even realize I had done well, as compared to how I so often beat up on myself for the times I fail. I have SO far to go, SO much to learn; but I did take a moment that day to celebrate the work that I have allowed God to begin in my heart. My little ones, in Jesus’ Name, are going to hardly remember the harsh, critical “hurting people hurt people” kind of Mama I used to be!
    God bless and thank you; I am SO grateful to have found your site!
    Gratefully, Valorie

  223. says

    There is plenty of joy to share in this give-away. Especially books that would make the rounds through several hands before stopping on a bookshelf. I love how the picture of jello instantly sends me back to grammar school. A lovely tribute to your mother.

  224. Hazel says

    This is a beautiful picture of a mother’s love for her child, and the best part is that it came so naturally for your mother. She probably wasn’t even conscious of the fact that she was teaching you a life lesson. When we as mothers do something out of our heart of love, it rings true with our child, and often we’re not even aware that we are “teaching” a lesson that will be indelibly fixed in our child’s memory.

  225. Ina says

    So beautiful the way you have both remembered and recounted that incident. I wish I could articulate in such a vivid way some of my own childhood memories. What a gift you have!
    And it would be great fun to share some of these with moms in my life.

  226. Melanie S. says

    Is it too late to post to win? I could really use the encouragement :)

    Emily, I LOVE this story. Just in time for mother’s day too. I’m so glad I know you (from SCS) even though it’s been like 15 years. You’re wonderful!

  227. Claire Faulkner says

    thanks for sharing this, emily! i’ve been reading your book, Grace for the Good Girl, and i feel like you’re inside my heart & my head! your words, both from your book & blog, have been a gift from the Lord in my life. through you, He’s speaking words of grace & truth deep inside this good girl’s heart. i’m not yet a mother (though we’re hoping to have kiddos soon!:) and this is a sweet picture of the type of mother i long to be – one that pours out the grace she’s been given. happy mother’s day to you!

  228. Abby says

    I love how the simplest of responses is so powerful when it displays God’s grace. Thanks for sharing!

  229. says

    Loved the jello story. Needed that today as we had a child tell us last night she was going to run away today. (!!??) Also, thought I’d mention, I was so bummed when I saw Shankle’s kindle-version was free only yesterday and thought I missed it but, lo and behold, Amazon still has it free today! :)

  230. says

    (I do have a US address, although I’m in Haiti currently!)

    Ah…busted by mom. You know it happened A LOT, but you only remember a few times. This is a memory worth keeping! I’m pretty sure I would have responded as a mom by simply fetching the clean-up rags for my daughter to do it herself… So, your mom is more patient than I am.

    Soupy jello sure is messy. But, it’s still yummy. I’ve been known to slurp it with a straw.

    Thanks for sharing, Emily!

  231. Mary Lou Kleveland says

    Love everything you write, Emily, because it always resonates with me. Thanks for sharing…I appreciated the message.

  232. Lady M says

    What a great story of maternal grace! Funny how jello makes a great story even greater. 😀

    Fantastic giveaway, BTW. My mom and I would love to divy up this loot. :)

  233. Amy Sasser says

    So thankful I had a few minutes of quietness to pop-in on your blog today. It is rare these days. What a fun assortment of gifts. :)

  234. Teresa says

    What a beautiful story of parenting~ I feel like I default all the time by yelling. I would love to respond in wisdom and grace.

  235. Kimberly Hill says

    Thank you for sharing your story. I do not always easily choose a graceful approach like I would like to, but I pray that God will bless my children with the memories of the times I did.

  236. says

    What a beautiful lesson your mother taught you. I’m humbled and encouraged by it; thank you for sharing. And these gifts looks heavenly. [fingers crossed]

  237. Julia says

    Grace amazing…covers a multitude! Thank you for the beautiful reminder! Would love to read, read, read those books!

  238. Karen Sims says

    Oh, how I would like to have a do-over with my daughter and lavish her with grace. Thank you, Emily.

  239. chris says

    Thank you for sharing your writing. I look forward to reading your posts. This was a great reminder that grace often surprises those who receive it and definitely makes an impact.

  240. April R. says

    Thank you for your encouragement. I love your blog! Thank you for the chance to win these gifts :).

  241. Milanya says

    Sometimes we older mothers wish we had the opportunity for do-overs. I would laugh over spilled jello more and fuss over it less.

  242. Julie says

    What a great story and reminder for us moms to react to our children with grace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  243. Emily H. says

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I’d love to send these to my mom for Mother’s day! I’m off at college and we are six hours apart, so I won’t be able to see her on Sunday, but would love to send these to her as a gift! :)

  244. Jenny M says

    Oh how I wish I could go back these 17 years and teach more grace than yelling. I pray that I can reteach what I am only now coming to fully understand for myself in the little time I have left!

  245. Leslie R. says

    Awwww! Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment…and providing me just one example of what grace can look like from a mommy, and through a child’s eyes. Great giveaway!

  246. says

    “she wore calm like a cloak as she moved towards me”

    Oh, do I need to “wear calm” with my sweet little girl. This post was just another nudge for me to treat her with more grace than I have lately. Thankful for God’s grace toward me…

  247. Bekah says

    What an important reminder that simple acts of grace can impart so much, and should be my response when accidents happen. I need to keep this in the forefront of my mind today, especially as my family and I are preparing to move in a few weeks. Grace is so needed.

  248. Karen says

    I love that story! I distinctly remember having something very similar happen to me when I was little, only I believe it was pudding in my case. :)

    Love the giveaway! I’d have to share grace for the good girl with my mom, as I already own a copy, but honestly, I’ve been meaning to do that anyway!

  249. Susan says

    may the Holy Spirit’s work be so in my life to naturally extend (t)his grace…the grace that heals and binds up the fallen…

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