for your weekend

Elm Street, Greensboro, NC

May I take the time to celebrate my starts, my finishes, my first steps and my knowing-when-to-quits. May I learn, even more deeply, the value of waiting, listening, and a good, long laugh.  Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are a few reads and updates:


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    I love your Saturday blessings, Emily. And the good reads, too!

    I’m in the midst of doing a little series on blogging and wanted you to know that you are one of 5 bloggers whose work I honored this week …

    ‘There’s a lovely uncrowded spaciousness, a distinct lack of visual overstimulation, an expansive lightness that allows these oasis crafters’ messages to shine front and center.’

    Thanks for influencing me in so many beautiful ways. Have a restful weekend …

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    I am doing the GiftList with Shaun Groves. I am loving it. It’s making me think out of the box and get creative. I’m having so much fun with it.

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