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chatting at the sky

This weekend, may I not be surprised by my own ability to mess things up. May I refuse to be shocked by my own, jealousy, stubbornness, impatience and indifference. May I stop trying to find my own way out.

Instead, may I be surprised by grace, delighted by God’s presence, and comforted by his unrelenting acceptance of me.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Have you taken the 8 question Chatting at the Sky survey yet? It takes about 2 minutes. Would love to know your opinion. Also, a reminder that next Friday March 28 we’ll share What We Learned in March. I hope you’ll join us for one of my favorite posts of the month.


  1. Nicole says

    Reading this at the end of my weekend. Wish I had seen it BEFORE…what a mess of a weekend it was. Yet, these words are what I needed to hear. To confess my mistakes, the messes I made: the jealously the overtook me, the pride that dominated me, the cutting words that I spoke. There He is. Standing with His arms open wide. Forgiving me. Loving me. Accepting me UNRELENTINGLY!! Thank you. I will be checking your blog now on Friday night 😉

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