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ellieMay your weekend be filled with soulful music, quiet assurance, and just enough blue sky to remind you not to give up hope. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are some good reads (and one good listen) for along the way:

I was in the room when she gave the talk she tells about in this post. It was a rare combination of humble and brilliant. So happy for her. And for us.

Her first full-length album released this week and y’all? It’s thoughtful and bright and so much more. Here is a six minute interview she did with OneOne 7 TV that you need to watch. And then you will love her and want her music. Amen.


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    Emily, you are such a giver! Thank you for adding such beauty to my weekend with Ellie’s music and the good reads!! I’ve already downloaded her album and you are so right – love her! Enjoy your weekend beauty-giver :-)

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    Ellie is Silas’s first official crush. I can’t even believe it. He only wants to listen to “your friend that’s name Ellie” then he asks to hold the cd so he can “watch it”. He thinks she’s pretty. :)

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    I first heard Ellie on the Rain for Roots kids album and have enjoyed her music ever since. It’s great to hear artists speak about their craft. Thanks for posting the interview so we could learn more about Ellie and her passion. She seems like such a lovely person.

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    Dear Emily,
    Thank you so much for the suggestion of Ellie Holcomb. I bought her album and I love it. The acoustic guitar ministers to my heart. I have already suggested it to our music minister at church. I think her song, Anchor of Hope, would make an amazing church worship song.
    Have a wonderful week.

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