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last days of summer

May your weekend be a beautiful waste of time. May you feel free to linger with your people, to dawdle over meals, to loiter in your own front yard. And as time spills through your fingers and your to-do list gathers dust, may you remember again how you are a human, not a robot. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Today marks my 50th ‘for your weekend’ post – one of my favorite kinds of posts I do here at Chatting at the Sky. Writing them comes easily, but sometimes I wonder if I’m being presumptuous (is that the word?) to offer a blessing for your weekend. Somehow I manage to get over myself and do it anyway – taking the risk of being misunderstood, which really isn’t that big of a deal.

When I get to them, writing these has become a few moments of worship for me – time to remember my smallness, practice truth for myself, and share little glimpses with you.

Here’s the very first ‘for your weekend’ post if you’re interested: May 7, 2011. Thanks for always coming back.


  1. Bethany says

    I like your weekend posts. And am glad you get over yourself and offer them to us. Right now for us the weekend means coffee and music and doing nothing. After our omelets we are going to work on sorting and boxing up more of our belongings in prep for moving next month.

    • verna lee says

      I love your post, they always encourage me, I am a widow who had been in the ministry for over 40 years, so life is much slower now and too quite it seem, so love your posts very much. Just wanted to share that. Don’t usually comment on things on the computer. :-)

  2. says

    I read the first part of this in my feed and came over to comment. Then I saw the gray box part. I love your “for your weekend” posts.

    This one touches my heart. Those are my exactly my plans this weekend. We’ve already loitered over breakfast and are getting ready for a water fight later today. 😉

  3. says

    Oh my goodness Emily, we said almost the same things in our weekend blessings. I also used the words “waste time”. I love that. And your weekend blessings always bless me too. I know, I feel a bit presumptuous too but I always pray God will speak through my words. And I would like to think that our similar language is His heart beating for the world.

  4. says

    These posts are beautiful blessings and reminders to savor the moments. Thank you. I love the term a “beautiful waste of time.”

    Deb Weaver

  5. Trace Kennedy says

    I so needed this blessing and reminder to enjoy the weekend instead of checking things off my list weekend, especially with school haing started this past week. A good opportunity to simply hang with my kids and enjoy the rest brought by the weekend. Your blog is such a sweet blessing in my life. Thank you for making the time to write and share your perspective.

  6. Mandy says

    These are my absolute favorite posts to see in my inbox for a weekend. The way you use words and images to capture a thought or state of being always meet me where I am and force me (sometimes) or allow me to find grace and joy, regardless of the circumstances.
    Love For Your Weekend so keep em’ coming :)

  7. Jami says

    Please don’t stop making your weekend posts! They remind me of what’s truly important and get me refocused. An absolute blessing to me and my people – even though they don’t read the posts, they benefit from a mama who gets her heart and mind in the right place. Thanks for helping this fellow sojourner.

  8. Leslie Hawk says

    I get wanting to bless, and fearing being misunderstood. Thank you for doing it anyway. It truly does bless, as evidenced by all these wonderful people in the comments. And by the work that the Lord is doing in my heart through your words and others’ in your sphere. I am so excited for the barn, the dreams, the art He is making through you. I wish I lived on your coast, as I would so be there! I love that I get to watch it unfold from here. May YOU have a blessed weekend resting in His peace and delight in you.

  9. says

    I FEEL the blessing behind each weekend post and look forward to them. I love the reminder this week to waste time for I feel that by wasting time we are really relaxing, spending it on and with the important. And that is far from a waste. Bless you and your weekend!

  10. Kendra says

    Your weekend posts are wonderful!! And just what I need on a Saturday morning. As a single mom with a joint parenting schedule, weekends are most difficult for me because I am often alone. Because the other inspirational bloggers I follow don’t post on weekends (I completely understand! I would rather spend time with my family on weekends as well), I get filled up during the week (to overflowing!) but when the low points come there is rarely anything new to read from my favorite bloggers. I am so blessed by your calming, peaceful words on weekends. They are truly a great surprise and a breath of fresh air and inspiration. Thank you!

  11. says

    Oh Emily, please don’t fret and go to that place in the mind that detours us from the true essence of our Spirit. It is so clear God is coming through you in your weekend posts, and after reading them, I truly feel my soul is able to breath.

  12. says

    I, for one, would miss your “for your weekend” posts. I look forward to them – like a gentle breeze blowing through my heart. Thank you for faithfully writing your heart Emily.

  13. Vicki Blohm says

    Oh Emily, as I got on the computer this morning…actually afternoon :)… I was thinking,
    “I hope Emily has posted a ‘For your Weekend'”. I so look forward to them. I have written some of them in my keepsake journal of favorite thoughts and quotes. They always help me remember to keep things in perspective….and most importantly, slow down and savor the gift of THIS day!!… And be grateful!
    May God bless you with the sweetest of blessings this weekend!
    From a KY sister~

  14. says

    I absolutely love your “For Your Weekend” posts. They are such a blessing and it’s almost uncanny how often they actually relate to my weekends. Thank you for writing them.

  15. Christine Ann says

    Hi, Here in the UK, it is a Bank Holiday ( the weekend and an extra day) across the country. I love the idea of wasting some time.. Today my husband and I ‘wasted’ some time offering our services to a community project in a local school. Up to our eyes and ears in paint decorating.. It was fun and great to meet other volunteers. Tomorrow we are definately going to enjoy ‘wasting time’ in our green oasis of a garden, rest and thank the Lord for all good things..

  16. Renee says

    I absolutely LOVE your “for your weekend” posts! I always share them on my Facebook page and all of my friends love them. Please don’t stop!

  17. says

    Hello there! I got a new job teaching school, which starts in 10 days, and I am in full panic mode. Your blessing for today is PERFECT -to enjoy a seventh day of rest. So I’m going to put all the preparation down for the day. Thank you for your encouragement!

  18. Michelle Holland says

    Thank you for writing the weekend blessings! I love to read them. The flip side to blessing someone is that you are blessed in the doing! God is so cool like that! :+)

  19. Fay says

    Keep them coming:-) In a way they are like love-letters, and maybe that’s why writing has become an like an act of worship to you. To love is to worship

  20. Nicolle Moffat says

    I read all your posts as I am a huge fan. But I read this one aloud to my mom and she was especially blessed. I feel like your writings gives me permission to rest and enjoy. So thank you for that- so much.

  21. Jinny says

    This is my first “for your weekend” post to read. It has made me an instant follower of your blog. It was beautiful, and as I scrolled through your archives, I found myself with a lump in my throat and a smile on my face. There are so many of us that need these gentle and beautiful reminders – please don’t stop writing!

  22. says

    I love your “For Your Weekend” posts, Emily, and often, your words are exactly what I need to hear… exactly what God wants to say to my heart. I completely understand the feeling presumptuous, the getting over myself, the doing it anyway, and the risk of being misunderstood. As a writer, I wrestle with all those things as well, but like you said, writing is worship so we must keep on keeping on and doing what we do. (smile) Blessings…

  23. says

    Emily: Even though it is Tuesday when I am finally reading your “For your weekend…” I’m still enjoying it. Thank you for your blessing. It is what I need.

  24. says

    I love your “For Your Weekend” posts. In fact, I’m going through right now and reading only those posts. They bring comfort to my heart. Thank you for sharing the gift of writing God has blessed you with.

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