for your weekend

weekendMay your weekend be filled with small, sacred moments of awareness. May you set aside your hurry, your pulling, your wishing for different. May you linger over meals and take walks with slow steps.

May you hold books with pages, mugs with steam, and hands who know your secrets. Set down comparison, regret, revenge, and all of your defensive explanations. Settle in, right where you are, refusing to wish for something different.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


  1. Barb says

    Emily, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post. I am going to embrace the weekend with slowness and take time to “smell the roses” as it were. Blessings to you. May you have a peaceful, restful weekend. Barb

  2. says

    As I sit with tousled hair, needing a shower, discouraged from homeschooling, your words met me where I am. So encouraging as always…. Thank you!

  3. Mindy Seekford says

    Just what I needed. Thanks sweet blog friend, who if I don’t get to meet here on earth, I want to have a long chat in Heaven. Hope your family has a wonderful weekend.

  4. Vicki Blohm says

    Oh Emily, your “for your weekend” usually end up in my journal….
    Love your thoughts. May YOUR weekend be filled with the sweetest of blessings.
    Savor the moments~

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