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Recommended for your weekend:

If you are a campaigners leader with Young Life (I know that narrows it down to about six of you) enter to win a copy of my book, Graceful, for every girl in your campaigners group at The Young Life Leader blog!

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


  1. says

    Hope. That is my one word this year. By the way, have you read Wonderstruck? I am reading it now. Margaret’s writing and yours remind me of each other. It is a good book if you happen to need a suggestion!

  2. Sarita says

    Thank you for all of the ” recommended for your weekend”. I went to all of them,read them,and learned something from each one. I appreciate it.

  3. says

    a bit ago i was praying about a situation and ended with, “Lord, give me hope.”
    then, click here and of course you know the word that leaps off the screen at me. :)

    neat when He works that way. tying things together.~

  4. says

    Hi Emily, small world – the link for the article in Relevant by Jeff Shinabarger: he used to sing in a Christian youth choir with my older sister back in Michigan when they were in high school, and then Jeff’s sister was my sister’s mentor/neighbor when she was in college/just graduated. Neat family:) Hope you had a happy weekend!

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