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May your weekend be filled with courage. May you choose to honestly confront the competing voices in your head, and may you decide today to listen only to the true ones. Go ahead and take time off from your self-doubt for the weekend. May the break be so freeing that you decide to make it permanent. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Recommended for your weekend:

  1. This Might Not Work by Jeff Goins, in which he interviews Seth Godin
  2. Conclusion of The Same Page Book Club Q & A: Here’s where readers asked questions after they read Grace for the Good Girl and I did my best to offer answers. Ish. Also includes some books that served as resources for me when I wrote the book.
  3. How Grief is Changing the Way I Live by Kristen Welch at We Are That Family
  4. I Feel Like My Heart Might Burst also by Kristen Welch at We Are That Family – I love the way the full spectrum of the human experience is glimpsed in these 2 short posts – the deep satisfaction of joy and connection, as well as the profound impact of loss. Read them both.
  5. Simple Mom Podcast: I joined Tsh this week to co-host the Simple Mom Podcast. We talked about writing, books we’re reading, and synesthesia (seeing letters and numbers in color). Fold some clothes and listen in.
  6. Grace for the Good Girl Book Club: One ends, another begins! Join Kat on Thursdays at Refeathered Home for a study of the book! They are only on week 2 so it should be easy to jump on in.


  1. says

    I was just talking with some friends yesterday and asked that they pray for me to discern between lies and truth with a clarity. I’m starting this new thing where I tell my friends what my needs are instead of acting like I don’t have any. :) Second on the list was asking them to pray that the Lord take my bit of faith and help it to outgrow the ares of my unbelief. So, thank you for this weekend prayer, Emily!

  2. says

    Oh, that’s just hilarious! God just wrote through your pen, Emily, directly to me!

    I’d no sooner finished praying that God would help me remove the “competing voices in my head” (my own words), and to help my unbelief and “doubt” about having heard Him speak to me, the other day… and then come online to read my email, where there’s this post from you in my Inbox… saying this! My exact words, almost!!! God is soooo good!

    Thank you for being used by Him to help me out today… and for always having such fabulous things to say here at “Chatting At The Sky“. I love this site. 😀


  3. Marcy says

    A loud disucssion took place in my head this morning before I’d stepped out of the bedroom. Accusatory voices with a long list of ‘not enough.’ A laugh out loud and some truthful spoken words silenced the voices. Your written words are another way God is confirming his truth to me!

  4. says

    As I prepare for my 40th birthday party tonight, this was exactly what I needed to read. I want the courage to let myself be celebrated and to see myself with true eyes, not with the various glasses I have acquired over the years. Those glasses that tell me I am not enough or too much or anything other than what God sees when He looks at me. Thank you for your words today.

  5. Mandy says

    I’m AM having a great weekend, thank you…and I hope your family is as well. I know you love Alaska stories, Emily, so I’ll share this quick one. My family and I had a fun-filled afternoon today competing in our church’s first annual Winter Olympics. The first event of the afternoon? Frozen salmon throw. Seriously, we were all chucking a huge, whole, frozen salmon around our church parking lot. Only in Alaska… :-)

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