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May your weekend be filled with confidence. May you know in the deepest part of who you are an identity that cannot be shaken, a strength that cannot be denied, and a security that will not be taken away from you. Set down your anxious self-obsession and live. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

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    I always read your links. Love them. That list of 12 great posts at the end of 2012? Gold. I actually read very few blogs so I enjoy being pointed in the direction of other writers via someone who likes a lot of the same stuff as me. Thanks for that.

    Enjoy your weekend. : )

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      Those were great, weren’t they? I really did keep a file ALL year 2012 of my favorites. Those were the ones that made the cut. I’ll try not to let you down at the end of 2013!

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    Thanks for sharing the Jon Acuff post. I’ve been slowly working on a children’s book, but lately have been deterred by the library syndrome, or the bookstore syndrome. Is there anything new under the sun? Is it really something worthy of throwing into this mix? etc. His “More You” advice made me want to carve out some time to go back to it. To layer in more me-quirk. I’ve been re-excited. Yay.

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    Your words take my breath away.
    You have no idea how much I needed to hear what you wrote before tomorrow. I have been struggling so much with fear and loss of confidence in how I swim, and I have a meet tomorrow. These words….to forget myself, to live, to be confident…to be reminded that my identity is not in what I do….
    Thank you so much!



  4. Melody says

    What a great reminder Emily :) I’m a 15 year old reader of Graceful and that book gave me a sense of peace and understanding. Knowing I don’t have to live up and perform to be accepted by God. I also think Graceful taught me to love, to simply love the way Christ loves me :) Thank You! <3 Have a nice weekend :)

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