for your weekend

a weekend blessing

May your weekend be filled with small steps. May the believers hold hope and welcome questions, may the lovers extend grace and enter messes, and may the dreamers move toward sharing their visions with the world. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Good reads from the week:


  1. says

    So weird! I technically just wrote about this in my post, “and God said, let there be kites.”

    You pretty much summarized all I had to say :)


    Check it out (it’s not that long!)

    Happy Weekend Emily <3

  2. carolyn says

    Thanks for that wonderful blessing Emily. I love writing blessings as well as receiving words of blessing. May your weekend be full and overflowing like a laundry basket :)

  3. says

    What a great find from Seth! I remember my mom telling me once, “If you ever want to make money with your writing, you should stop giving it all away for free on your blog.” Ouch. Fortunately God is greater, amen? Thanks Emily!

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