for your weekend

may your weekend be filled with love.


ay your weekend be filled with love. Whether you are hurt, whole, embraced or cast aside, may you know deep within that you are desirable and you are free. May the truth of your own belovedness gather in the sacred curves of your soul. Listen long to the Spirit-whispers of acceptance and know you are made wonderfully well. Enjoy your weekend, friends.


  1. Cilla says

    Thank you for this, I so really needed this today. Finding myself becoming bitter and resentful because of things that are happening around me but I don’t want to be this way. Again, thank you and have a great weekend, too!

  2. Michelle says

    46 years old and I read “Graceful” twice last week. Once because I couldn’t put it down and the second time
    because I had to savor it slowly with pen in hand to outline all my favorite passages. Already picked one up
    for a niece and plan to pick up a few more for younger nieces as well.

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