for your weekend

May your weekend be filled with friends in real life, touchable conversation, and small moments filled up with big impact. May you embrace the the messy as well as the lovely, the unexpected as well as the plan. Remember small gifts sit in quiet places, waiting to be discovered by you. Dare to lift your eyes up from where you stand and see. Enjoy your weekend, friends.


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    The same to you Emily. May blessings abound! I am almost finished with your book and are going to read it for book club this summer. . .so much to learn from simply being me and taking off the masks. . .

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    Touchable conversation, what a beautiful thought, very eloquently put. I have a hard time finding the surprises in life pleasurable because of my love of the schedule. I have learned, however, in those rare times when I have just let go and rolled with the punches the best times have been had. I pray your weekend was full of the same!

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    Emily – I had a wonderful weekend. Full of touchable conversation. Precious friends had come to visit Ireland from New Jersey, and we were able to meet with them in Dublin, our nation’s capital for dinner. It was simply divine. A really extraordinary moment. I hope you too and yours had a great weekend.

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