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October has brought out some serious nesting instincts. I’ve been cleaning out, getting rid, and froofing up like a mad woman. One place I’ve spent some extra time in lately is the twins’ room.

To fully appreciate the after, you must first see what their room looked like before we moved in.

girls room before

Nothing says ‘princess’ like a wall of dark paneling and a pile of junk in the corner. So when we first moved in, we painted the walls Sherwin Williams Celery and put up their bunk beds: instant girl room.

girls room after

Still, I felt like it was missing some magic. Then, I saw this post a few months ago from my friend in real life, Amy at Playing Sublimey. She took tulle, white lights and some leftover wood scraps and made her girls room look fit for a castle. We don’t have wood scraps, but we did have some nets in the closet just waiting for inspiration. I thank Amy for giving it to me.

girls room after 1

We hung the nets from the ceiling and tacked white lights to the wall behind it. Mirrors were already hung over their beds. I was too lazy to take them down and then I realized it made the twinkle lights that much more twinkly. What a happy accident.

girls room after 2

There is little I love more than some tulle and some white lights. The girls think it is the most fantastic thing ever. I have wondered more than once if The Man would let me do this in our room. I’m thinking not.

the princess in action



  1. Sissy says

    I would want to live in there, too. I think Charlie would have an issue with lights over our bed too, but it is so pretty.

  2. says

    So lovely!! I love the twinkly lights and in fact the whole room! So cozy. I love your whole blog as a matter of fact. It is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing.

  3. says

    I will have to go around my house today and count how many ideas you have given me through your blog….too many to count really :)! I love it that you found a tiny bit of inspiration over in my world of insantiy. And can you believe that the samples from SW are fake paint?!?!? You should have seen me in the paint store when the guy told me that, I was gasping! All the paint in my house is eventually going to peel off the wall, you’ve gotta love it!

  4. says

    What a lovely, magical room! I hope I have a girl one day so I can decorate a bedroom like this! For now, I’m looking forward to my boys getting bunk beds, which may be quite soon now, as just today they learned to get out of their cribs.

  5. says

    I have one of those canopies in pink for L’s room, but it fell and I haven’t had time/motivation to put it back up. The lights on the wall behind it may be just the inspiration I needed to get back in her room and *finish* it!

  6. says

    Emily~ Oh my goodness, what a sweet room! The twinkly lights always remind me of You’ve Got Mail~they are magical! Such a creative idea and those window treatments are perfection too~love everything.

  7. says

    It does look fit for a princess!…or princesses in your case:)
    It turned out lovely and I love the window treatment…is that a mistreatment?
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. says

    Emily – I have never loved tulle and lights more than I do now — I have seen this before and absentmindedly thought ‘oh, that would be cute to do…’ to no real move-your-body-off-this-comfy-leather-chair response. Not so, today, my dear. I must MUST do this is the girls’ room now. They will love me forever. I think I’ll go NOW and wrap some shiny white ribbon around those old hula hoops outside…

    Love ya!

    PS – I even love the mirrors behind them, too. I might have to go buy some mirrors after I’m done ribbon-wrapping…

  9. says

    AAH! I would never want to leave that room!!! I adore twinkle lights and think they make everything magical. That is GORGEOUS!!!

    I, too, have been a nesting fool (being 5 months pregnant does that to a girl) and painted my entire kitchen on a whim yesterday. I am thrilled with it.

    I hope you’re well, Emily! I haven’t had a chance to stop by and visit your blog nearly as often as I’d like.

    Love and blessings,

  10. says

    Oh that is just delicious! I love me some fairy lights! What a great room. I have two boys, so am wondering how I can work twinkly lights into the house…hmmmm… The closest I have come is a string of football night lights. I am curious, however, if you just painted over the paneling or if you had take it down? If you painted over it, was there a tricky pre-painting treatment? We have similar stuff and I have been wondering what to do with it. thanks!

  11. says

    Emily–that room is so darling. I wish my girl was more girly, but sh’es digging the celery walls since green’s her favorite color. And I love those beds–where did they come from? Surely they were not handed down from your parents who bought them used 20 years ago and wobble mercilessly whenever anyone so much as BREATHES on them. 😉 Anyway–good light idea, I may have to actually try it–your sister would tell me to–and do it now–right?

  12. says

    Welcome to my idea file, Emily. 😀

    Okay, well yooou aren’t in my idea file. That might be creepy. But the lights are! Ohhh how I can’t wait to move into a house with a big girl room for the girls! This definitely made my wheels turn! Thanks!


  13. says

    How beautiful. I bet your girls feel like princesses…and do I spot a “nester window mistreatment?” your sis would be so proud. I love that fabric for the window treatment with the fringe.

  14. says

    How so very precious!!!! I love it!!! My 10 year old daughter is looking over my shoulder and asking for me to do the same for her. Blessings!

  15. says

    This is such a fabulous idea! We are trying to adopt a little girl, and when we do, I am totally going to do this in her room. Love it!!

  16. says

    Oh Emily, that is just the prettiest thing ever. My girls would flip over that. I may have to give them some twinkly lights. Can you imagine how much more magical that’s going to be around Christmas?? Oh my goodness. I better get to work.

    I absolutely ♥ the girls’ furniture. Can I ask you where you got it?


    ♥ Amber

  17. says

    I bought a net at IKEA last year and have it over my little princess’ bed, but it is a bit boreing now… I am painting and froofing her room soon and I think those twinkle lights are just what she needs (or maybe I need them). I love it!!! And that celery color is just what I need for our baby nursery (due in Feb.) Oh, and the valance – LOVE IT!!! Did you make that too, if so, please share info on those!!! I too am nesting – painted my kitchen last night… off to buy twinkle lights!!!

  18. Logan says

    I have to tell you that I wish I had known to do something like that when my little girl was still little. She is almost 19 now. Bet she would like it anyway!!!! :) Precious!!

  19. says

    So magical! I definitely would have done a happy dance to have those sparkling drapes over my bed when I was a little girl. Actually, I might still do a happy dance to have them over my bed now!

  20. says

    Awww, how ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the lights! I just bought a canopy like that for my girls’ room. The lights are SUCH a great idea! Thanks!

    I hope it’s OK to link to this post later this week…I would love to share this! Incidentally, it shows that we both copy the Nester, because I recently re-did a kitchen window with a very similar valance to what you have there in your girls’ room. Great minds think alike…or copy another great mind. :)

  21. says

    Wow! This is incredible! I loved the room before and now it is absolutely spectacular! What a dreamy room for a little girl. I love it! Beautiful.

  22. Catherine says

    My almost 5 year old daughter is on my lap and literally gasped with delight when she saw the pictures! Absolutely beautiful! I have to ask, where did you get the beds? We are looking for something very similar that can be set up as twins or bunks. Do you recall? Thanks!!!

  23. Mary says

    Lovely girls room. By the way, where is the dresser from? I would love something just like it for my little girl’s room. Thanks!

  24. says

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