For Your Weekend

for your weekend MayMay your weekend be simple, open, and free. May June rise up to greet you holding sweet gardenias and a drink made with lemon. As we continue the seasonal dance from one month to another, may we be willing to release our tight hold on familiar and grab on to something new. May we carry our questions with us even as we gather up all the hope we can find for the days to come. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are a few good things for along the way:

Summer Reading Guide by Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy – Reading Anne makes me happy. And now, for the fourth year in a row, she is helping us decide what to read for the summer. Choose your favorite category and pack your beach bag.

Stay in Conversation with The World by John Blase for The High Calling – A reminder that grace is everywhere.

The Gracelaced Shoppe – Ruth Simons has been one of my favorite follows on instagram for a while. Then (then!) I met her in person last year and liked her even more, if that was even possible. my office bookshelfThat print I have framed on the bookshelf in my office? Yeah, she did that. I adore it – all of her work, really.

If you’re looking for something meaningful for your fella for Father’s Day, Ruth has some guy-centric prints available in her shop. If you use the coupon code EMILY you’ll get a 15% discount off of anything in the shoppe before shipping. The code will last until Friday, June 5th, at midnight.

Have you been keeping track of what you’ve learned in May? I hope so! I’ll share with you my list on Monday and I hope you’ll share your own. Here’s how I keep track of what I’m learning. I hope to see you back here Monday. Until then, have you noticed that Chatting at the Sky got a new look? If you subscribe through email or a reader, you might want to click over and check us out!

For Your Weekend

for your weekend May

Around here it’s been one of those weeks; the kind where you have so much to do that you finish one thing without time to look around because you have to dive into the next thing. Too many weeks in a row like that and I start to feel like a robot.

Yesterday while one child was at a trumpet lesson and the other two were upstairs playing, I forced myself to sit on the corner of the sofa and start The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker (yes, that’s Ted Dekker’s daughter) because it’s a story.

After full weeks like this one, I long to get lost in a story. It’s good so far and reminds me all over again how thankful I am for stories and the people who write them. (Sidetone: If you have a story, write it down. They are gifts you know.)

And so may your weekend be one of rest, may you find a story to get lost in, and may Jesus be kind company for you as you breathe in grace and breathe out exhaustion. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are a couple of things I wanted to be sure you see:

Leave a Legacy You Can Be Proud Of by me for (in)courage – I wrote a post I completely forgot to tell you about – on motherhood, legacy, and the trail we all leave behind.

The Day I Realized I Had a Job – The Hope*ologie Podcast – Listen in as my Dad, my sister, and I talk about the sometimes confusing tension between work and home when you work from home. My favorite podcast we’ve done all year. (Listen on iTunes or on Soundcloud)

For Your Weekend

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Today, may you find a way to count the blessings without discounting the sorrows. May you take a break from trying to boss your personality into being someone she isn’t comfortable being. May you be gentle with yourself, patient with your grief, and slow to move on from your celebrations. May today be the day you catch your breath.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way:

I Pray You Have a Wilder Imagination by Hilary Yancey, a letter to her unborn baby:

“We think that motherhood and philosophy graduate seminars can’t possibly both be successful; we think that you must choose between art and biology; we think that you cannot travel AND or be married AND or work this challenging job. We teach this to each other, with our well-meaning questions and our expectant looks, with our heartfelt, “But how will that work?” Our imaginations grow small in the shadow of what we think more realistic. I pray that your imagination is wilder than that.”

52 Things Sons Need From Their Moms by Angela Thomas, an excerpt from her new book:

“I just took William to his first day of preschool. Blink. Yesterday, he began his last year of high school. Blink. Blink. And the whole thing went exactly like they said.”

It’s Not Just My Story by Annie Downs for (in)courage, on being single and getting mail from a 12 year old friend:

“And then, as I kept reading, this one little sentence came into view…’I KNOW Jesus is going to bring you the perfect husband one day.’ I was stunned. It was such a beautiful and kind thing to say. It always matters when someone else believes with you.

Cozy Minimalist Course by The Nester – You can still download this course (and take it whenever you’re ready!) for only 29 dollars. To get the discount, you’ll need to use the link I offer here, then enter “emily freeman” as the one who referred you. You’re gonna love it!

For Your Weekend

for your weekend may

This weekend, may the light bring us comfort and the dark not scare us away. May we open our arms, our eyes, and our hearts to new stories and new people. And may we be willing to see the old ones with new eyes.

Here are a few good reads for along the way:

Simple is the New Fill in the Blank by Elizabeth W. Marshall – A lovely perspective for anyone who might feel overwhelmed.

How to be in the Internet But Not Of It by Kevin Kaiser – An important reminder for anyone who uses the internet.

Can My Brokenness Become a Beacon? by Biz Gainey – An honest story of how one pastor realized that the brokenness around him was simply evidence of the brokenness within him.

Cozy Minimalist Course by The Nester – Some of you asked if you could save the course to take later. I’m happy to announce my sisters excellent course is now available in a self-guided version, which means you can download everything now and take it whenever you want! Get it for only 29 dollars when you enter ‘emily freeman’ at checkout (at the very bottom of the checkout page where it asks who referred you).

Enjoy your weekend, friends.