For Your Weekend

Prepare for an Easy Advent by Ann Voskamp

// How to Prepare for an Easy Advent by Ann Voskamp for A Holy Experience //

Because it’s easy to get swept away this time of year, but Ann reminds us of how redemption came through a long line of dysfunctional families and that gives me hope for my own.


friendship - design for mankind

// When Your Friend Changes by Erin Loechner for Design for Mankind //

Because maybe you’ll run into some old friends during this Advent season and maybe you’ll wonder why things feel so different. Friendship can be hard when you’re a grown up and she puts words on why.

Maker + Ink

// Maker + Ink //

Because I’m obsessed with these prints from this lovely new shop, featuring a curated collection created by a small group of artists from across the country. I’ve already bought 2 prints and plan to pick more! Through Monday you can Buy One Print Get One Free. (This link will take you to a 15% off page – I don’t think that discount applies during the BOGO sale – so just proceed to the store).



// 6 Ways to Keep Advent Simple and Special by Tsh Oxenreider for Art of Simple //

Because I’m somewhat of a “liturgical newbie” (as Tsh says) and these 6 simple suggestions are not only helpful, they are accessible. If you want to be intentional about keeping things simple, these great tips are for you.

A Few Favorite Reads

// The Annual 30 Percent Off One Book Sale at Amazon //

From now through Monday, you can choose one book and take 30% off using the code HOLIDAY30 at checkout. I can’t wait to choose a new book! If you need some suggestions, here are direct links to a few of my favorites:

Coming Clean for only 8.21 (Reading this one now – worth it)

Nesting Place for only 9.09 (This hardcover book makes a beautiful gift!)

Learning to Walk in the Dark is only 8.80 (One of my favorite reads last year)

To Bless the Space Between Us for 10.18 (My favorite book of blessings – another lovely hardcover)

Simply Tuesday for only 6.29 (I’m the author and I can’t even buy it at this low of a price. Ha!)

An Unhurried Life for just 8.29 (Just finished this one – loved it)

And as always, if you need some help creating a little space for your soul to breathe in the midst of a potentially busy season, I’ve made a series of videos just for you.

For Your Weekend

for your weekend

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way:

My Stitch Fix Reviews by me // Because maybe you want to surprise yourself with a box of clothes for Christmas. Here is where I share some of the pieces I’ve received from Stitch Fix. And because it’s fun to see other people make a fool of themselves by posing in front of mirrors – and by “other people” I mean me. Womp.

Why No & Yes Are BFFs by The Nester for Nesting Place // Because when you overcommit, overwork, and over-yes your way into exhaustion, you might need to ask for your own intervention. Here’s what happened when my sister asked for hers.

Ordinary Work by Sarah Bessey // Because of this:

“I show up here with intention and I try to notice my own life a bit more, I consecrate the ordinary work. I figure that if the world is being desecrated the least we can do is try to notice all of the sacredness that remains still around us and in us.” – Sarah Bessey

These next two pieces are written by two parents who lost their children. This feels important for you to know before you click:

What is Safe by John Ray for The Ray Family // Because after traveling to the most “dangerous” corners of the world, it was less than a mile from his home where his biggest nightmare happened. An important piece that challenges our idea of safety and all the ways we tend to worship it.

Violet by Hannah Kody for Adventure Well // Because her words are stunning, her story beautiful, and her baby girl worth honoring one year later.

I’m beyond grateful today for these writers who share their lives in such a way that enriches ours. I hope their words challenge, encourage, and slow you down they way they have done for me.


For Your Weekend

For Your Weekend

Thinking of and praying for the people of Paris this morning – may you feel the love and support of so many around the world. Father, be close to the brokenhearted. May justice come swiftly.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way:

I’m Not Dominating the World and You Can Too by Ed Cyzewski for The Art of Simple

Listening 101: Why It’s Important to Pay Attention in a World of Distraction by Adam McHugh for Publishers Weekly

Why You Might Be Missing the Life You Always Dreamed Of by Shauna Niequist for Storyline

For When Instagram is Making You Crazy by Kendra Adachi for The Lazy Genius Collective

Sitting on a Bench for Five Minutes a Day by Michelle DeRusha

Hope*Writers – If you are a writer (or know a writer!) and haven’t seen this yet, here’s your invitation to check it out, especially if you’ve ever wished you could sit with an author you trust and ask all your writing questions.

For Your Sunday

Links on Solitude

Enjoy your Sunday, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way:

Sabbath in Late Fall by Ruth Haley Barton for The Transforming Center

How Solitude Can Change Your Brain in Profound Ways by Jane Porter for Fast Company

Be Inspired With These 11 Simple Living Resources by Brian Gardner for No Sidebar

5 Ways to Breathe in a Breathless World by me, from the archives

Hope*Writers – After years of dreaming about it, I’ve finally teamed up with 3 of my favorite people and together we’re creating a place of mutual encouragement, learning, motivation, and connection for writers. Come see!

As always, if you need a little help to create space for your soul to breathe, sign up here to receive a series of free videos I made just for you.

For Your Weekend

For years I’ve been writing a weekend blessing, benediction, or prayer on Saturdays and then sharing a few of my favorite links from the previous week. But the last few Saturdays I’ve been traveling so haven’t been able to share favorite links. Instead, I’ve been putting a prayer up on Mondays and it seems more of you see it there.

Lately I’ve been wondering if it might serve you better to split these weekend posts up – links on Saturday and the prayers on Monday. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a Monday reminder the most. So today – links only. And then Monday I’ll write a prayer just for us. Sound good?

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Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way:

Practicing Stillness And Silence by Katie Fox for The Art of Simple // Because stillness does indeed take practice, and every reminder I get is good.

Life as an Introverted Former Child Star by Quinn Cummings // I laughed out loud a couple of times, mainly at her introverted ways. Though I can’t relate to being a child star, I can relate to the small-talk panic she experiences.

Why Smallness Matters by Melissa Camara Wilkins // Is it any wonder I’m sharing this one? We need to remember this over and over again – our smallness is a gift.

Coming Clean by Seth Haines // I come from a line of alcoholics so this book documenting Seth’s first 90 days of sobriety is a riveting read. And the truth is “we’re all drunk on something” even if it doesn’t come from a bottle. I’m so thankful Seth wrote this book.

(Also his wife and my dear friend Amber wrote one of my favorite reads this year, Wild in the Hollow. So much talent in one house!)

As always, if you need a little help to create space for your soul to breathe, sign up here to receive a series of free videos I made just for you.