dare you to paint your cabinets black


As of today, I have been chatting at the sky for exactly 300 posts! Let’s celebrate with a little kitchen tour. Ready to get right to it?


This is the part where the people before us had a washer and dryer in the kitchen. You can read more about their magic clothes and how we did a cabinet switcharoo in this post.




This is the part where you get to see just how orangey-pink these cabinets really were. And the part where you notice how the island was green granite and the rest of the counter tops were green laminate. All the way up the wall. Awesome.







This is the part where you notice how much better the island looks now and you decide to read all about the island transformation on my guest post at Nesting Place.


This is where I stood when we walked through the house for the first time and I almost cried because the owner had just told me they had recently updated their kitchen. This is also where I stood when I realized how much I hated it and I didn’t want to pay for their new, ugly kitchen in the price of the house.


This is the same place where I stand and make food for my kids and watch them color and fight and play cars. Its also where I chat on the phone with my sister and think up blog posts and love. my. kitchen. And we didn’t have to knock out walls or pay for new cabinets or buy a new oven. We made some drastic changes. But we didn’t have to start over. And the ugly kitchen wasn’t a deal breaker in buying the house.


This is the part where I tell you we considered knocking out that random wall to make the kitchen feel more open.


And this is the part where I tell you that, as it turns out, that vent on that wall is sorta important and when we heard how much it would cost, we decided to live with it and hang a yard sale picture there instead.

I know some of you would like to see what is behind that wall that we did not take out.


It’s basically a grown-up friendly kids corner. As opposed to a kid-friendly grown up corner. There is a difference.

Most of this work was done when we first moved in. But this week I finally finished putting the knobs and drawer pulls on the cabinets. Actually, that is a lie. I’m a little bit lazy. (and a little bit country. and a little bit rock and roll). I still have nine drawer pulls to go. Sue me.

One last thing.

Paint Your Cabinets Black

Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Ivoire (6127)

Cabinet Paint: SW Tricorn Black (6258) Semi-gloss finish

Any black will do. For me, I picked the blackest black on the color wheel.

Island Paint: SW Navajo White (6126)

Granite: New Venetian Gold

(Giallo Ornamental was in our old kitchen with black cabs)

Window Mistreatment Topper Fabric and Fringe: Hobby Lobby

Damask Window Panels: Target

Window Mistreatment Inspiration: The Nester

Back splash: Bevel Hampton Sand with crackle finish (2×4)


For more details, check out the follow up post.


For more posts on painted wood, please visit Edie’s beautiful and creative blog @ Life in Grace.

This post is also linked with Sanctuary Arts at Home’s You Should Have Seen it Before! party.


  1. KME says

    Can you tell me what is the name of the granite that you used? We currently have white tile and white grout! It is very hard to find a light colored granite that isn’t green.

  2. says

    what’s with that gigantical pot on your stove? do you really use that? make your own laundry detergent in it or something?
    i love the results. my cabinets, all of them are sw navajo white and it’s just bad. they always look so dirty with the coke and juice and koolaid spills down their fronts and the dust since i’m a nonduster.
    if i can ever get new countertops i will take your dare. right now my countertops are black and it would totally not go.

  3. says

    I don’t want to explain why I am up at 4 in the morning, but hey, I’m first! :)
    Seriously, the kitchen in gorgeous, worth waiting all weekend to see. I wish I could paint my cabinets black, but the owner may not approve. So I have about four things out in the garage that I am spray painting black that will go in our kitchen. I will post them later this week. Love your grown-up friendly kids corner, BTW. There really is a difference, I agree.

  4. says

    Emily, I love it! LOVE. IT. Amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you think you spent on this transformation? I’m only asking in the interest of the down economy. And the grown up friendly kids corner is awesome. The whole space looks so warm and inviting. When can I come over for coffee (or tea in my case, since I don’t drink coffee)? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    When I say that first photo with the washer/dryer I laughed because I remember the original post and every time I sort laundry I think about you wondering where they put their piles.

  5. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but have never commented before. On New Year’s Eve, on your year in review post, I saw the picture of your old kitchen with the black countertops, turned to my husband and said, “That. That is what I want for our kitchen.” He took me to Lowe’s that night and we painted the cabinets black. I.love.it. It’s so beautiful! We’re preparing to change our countertops, floor, and paint in a few weeks, and I will finally love our kitchen for the first time since we moved in. So I can say that I have already taken your dare–and I’m so glad we did!

  6. says

    My kitchen is so horrible, I would’ve been happy with the “before” kitchen, but I lovelovelove your makeover! I was sure we would replace our yellow (yes, YELLOW!) laminate (yes, LAMINATE!) cabinets as soon as we moved in…that was 10 years ago! Redoing the kitchen IS moving up the list of household projects though, I’m using yours as an inspiration.

  7. says

    Love the black! I have red red red cupboards, and they are *really* hard to clean. I tried Magic Erasers but they take off a lot of paint. How do you get food spills off of yours? Do share. Don’t be shy.

  8. says

    So pretty! What’s totally amazing is that even though it’s black cabinets…it’s bright and cheery! I love it! I think someone here likes Hobby Lobby as much as I do!
    sandy toe

  9. says

    I’ve included the name of the granite in the details part of the post. I knew I would miss something! And Melissa, that pot is too stinkin big to fit inside a cabinet. So I just leave it on the stove. We cook small animals in there. Just kidding.

  10. says

    Emily, it’s beautiful. So. Beautiful. I would never have noticed if you hadn’t said you weren’t done with the knobs and pulls. There is enough pretty in that one room to distract me from drawers :) I have to say, from a girl who has lived through a LOT gutting a house and doing a lot of changes, that painting cabinets scares me. Your fabulous kitchen is very inspirational! Congrats on 300 posts.

  11. katie says

    I love it love it love it! Those knobs look awesome! Thanks for all the before and afters from the same spot. Warm and cozy!

  12. says

    I am so in LOVE with this kitchen. I want my kitchen cabinets black, but I can’t get over the fear of painting them. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the island. I have shown it to everyone who enters my house. Thanks for all the great ideas.


  13. says


    Absolutely beautiful! I love that it is classy, traditional, simple and ever so elegant! I can see why you love it so much. I also wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new look of your blog.

  14. says

    I love it! It looks so pretty. The laminate up the wall before was not only very unattractive but also very weird. I have never seen that and to think that was the redo? What did it look like before? Yikes! Nice work, thanks for sharing with us!

  15. Sara says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! It makes me even more confident in my newly painted black cabinets!

  16. says

    ALL THE WAY UP THE BACKSPLASH? Oh, my. Your tiles look so gorgeous compared to that laminate. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Probably the same thing that the people who lived here thought when they put carpet in every. room. in. the. house. As in, every room. Even the front porch. Yes. The front porch. We’re still dealing with ripping it up. Whatever they put it down with, they didn’t want to get pulled up. We’ve tried just about everything to get the residue off. Sigh…until we find the magic cure, we’re stuck with an ugly, non-carpeted front porch. And carpet in the kitchen. Yeah. I’m thinking they were thinking the same as your people were thinking. Wait…what? : )

  17. says

    FABULOUS! Looks so much better. I LOL when you said the owner told you the kitchen had recently been remodeled. YIKES! I love Hobby Lobby…they have the most awesome stuff for everything you could ever imagine. :-)

  18. says

    Oh, Emily, how much would you charge to come paint my cabinets? We have recently painted our kitchen lime green and I have black accents up all around…I think the black cabinets would be the icing on the cake.

  19. says

    Oh it turned out fantastic Emily!!! Just beautiful!!! Oh, how I have wanted to paint a table black, and cabinets black…you have inspired me!!! I will show my husband this post so he can see the finished product and how neat it is! You rock!!! If you have time, stop by today for a giveaway…one of the itmes is a wrought iron towel holder that painted black would look terrific in your kitchen! As always, love your ideas!!! :-)

  20. says




  21. says

    WOW! I live in a house with kitchen cupboards from the 60’s that have not been painted since the 80’s. New cupboards are not in the budget for awhile so we have been trying to decide on a color to paint them DH would love black, I have been hesitant and most people we suggested it to have been negative so there they sit in all their ugliness. After seeing your photos I WILL paint them black and I plan to do so before family comes for Easter! Thank you!

  22. says

    Emily, what a GREAT transformation in that kitchen! Loved seeing the before & afters. I really love the black cabinets and looks like you have plenty of light to pull it off. Glad you mentioned your granite color too, since I’m getting ready to do mine, I’m paying attention to all these things. New Ven. Gold was on my list, but I’ve decided on another one that’s similar, Napoli.

    I just love, love all the changes you made! Truly spectacular.

  23. says

    Your kitchen looks so pretty now, Emily! I know what you mean, I have a brand new kitchen in my brand new house that I do not love. Sigh. But I am considering all sorts of inexpensive ways I can personalize it and end up loving it. In fact, I am thinking of ideas for all over the house because that is what I do. Dream up projects. I’m working on being content with what I have but excited about making my house feel like me. So fun to do that without ripping the whole house apart!

    Lovely kitchen!! I am such a fan of subway tile, love love love.


  24. says

    I usually read your blog in my reader, but i had to come out of lurkdom to tell you how gorgeous your kitchen is. We live in a rental with a galley kitchen and horrible old-school dark brown scratched-up fake wood cupboards. maybe someday I’ll get permission and energy to paint my cupboards too. :)

  25. says

    Wow! What a transformation, Emily! I would never have thought to do black cabinets, but they look so good. A decorating gene definitely runs in your family, a writing one too.

    Speaking of genes, I had your sister over for brunch this morning and we wished you were with us. I thought she would pass out at the sight of my decorating malfunctions, but instead she was her usual encouraging self.

    If I go out of town for a month or so would the two of you come and make my whole house over for me? You could pretend you’re hosting one of those decorating shows or something.

  26. says

    Wow, I guess I have to be the outcast here and say I loved it the way that it was (colors and such… not necessarily layout). But to each his own… For your tastes and what you wanted, it does indeed look perfect now. Great job for you!!! Yeah!!!

  27. rhonda says

    oohh…beautiful!! Couple of quick questions…it looks like you have flat cabinets (ie. no detailing…which is what I have) – what did you use to paint them? a foam roller or brush? And secondly- did you use latex or oil & how’s it holding up? Thanks!

  28. says

    Very classy. We like lots of little rooms in our house, so I’m glad you didn’t knock out the wall! Just call yourself European and you can call it a style-thing!


  29. says

    Excellent. I just did our bathroom cabs black and am waiting for some nice weather to hit the kitchen ones. I was thinking beadboard for a backsplash, but I do love your subway tiles. Do they come in a full sheet or individual? Interested in cost too. Beadboard is cheap and easy to install, but I bet those tiles are more durable. LOVE.IT. J

  30. says

    emily, i am J.E.A.L.O.U.S. especially if you got to hire someone else to do the work for you. i am an involuntary diy-er. especially with the painting. i want to paint my kitchen cabinets, but i want it to look professional without the patience and diligence to make it look professional myself.

    here is what i think might be a dumb question, but i’m too lazy to drag all three of my born monsters to home depot to find out myself: does subway tile come in a panel thing, or are they just available in individual tiles that require cementing and grouting and multiple swear words? I really need to do something cool for a backsplash, but then the buying of millions of diapers comes into play again.

  31. says

    oh Honey, if we get this house that we have a bid on, you betcha bottom dollar i’ll be painting those cabinets black! If my husband wouldn’t kill me, I’d paint the cabinets black in THIS house (or course, that would be sorta grim, since our counters are shiny black already … )

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you show me (is that self-centered?) your house :)

  32. says

    Love the black cabinets! Unfortunately, I think our kitchen is too small and not ‘open’ enough to handle this. Since we don’t want to do any major renovations, I think I’m going to go for an antiqued cream look. We shall see. But I do want to paint my bathroom cabinets black… but I was a bit afraid. If you can do your kitchen cabinets then surely I can do my bathroom cabinets. This is just the inspiration I needed!!!

  33. Jenn says

    Your kitchen is so pretty. I am taking your dare. We bought the black paint last weekend and will be painting this weekend. I saw your old kitchen and loved it and talked my husband into black cabinets. We have a laminate counters that look like granite and I think black cabinets will look awesome. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    • Teresa says

      hows wiping the cabinets? does it leave marks or does the paint come off?i have a very very nice exspensive home and i want to paint my cabinets black…help??????

  34. says

    Lovely, Emily! You are bold and daring and it all looks fantastic. Someday, when I’m not in a townhome (which, even though we own it, still feels transitional to me), I may do something to drastically alter my home in a way that I will love…and that won’t cause the resale value to plummet (like if I painted the cabinets I currently have). Sigh…someday…

  35. says

    Oh, how I am wanting some Bisque Crackle right about now. I cannot even tell you how much I love subway tile. And my backsplash is just begging for it. Pleading, I tell you. And with a name like Bisque Crackle…well, one could just crumble up the leftover tiles and sprinkle it on a bowl of creamy soup.

    The whole kitchen is just oh so very yummy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  36. says

    I love all of your choices! I consider myself pretty savvy, BUT, I confess I am not a Hobby Lobby shopper. I MUST go check them out! I especially love your backsplash tiles. Great choices!!

  37. Kari says

    I think Mike would be mad if I painted our brand-new cabinets black. I must reject your dare.

    Looks great, though!

  38. says

    WOW! Your kitchen looks like a page in a magazine. (Slapping forehead: Stupid Jill, stupid Jill for not putting black cabinets in your house!) I just love it! Beautiful!

  39. says

    Emily, I have one word. Fabulous! I loooove it! I wouldn’t have even known it was the same kitchen. It’s amazing what a lot of paint, some new hardware, tile & counters does! (I know there was a little more to it than that. ;)) The black and white/cream looks so fresh. I don’t think the “awkward wall” looks awkward at all anymore. I think that switching the fridge & putting in the little cabinet nook in it’s place helped the “awkward wall” blossom into being less awkward. Not to mention a few well placed accessories to give it a place in the kitchen. Kudos for braving a kitchen that wanted to make you cry and turning it into a space you love!

  40. says

    I personally think the island makeover is brilliant.
    I would never have thought of black for kitchen cabinets, but you pulled if off well.

    Oh – and I love the white frame arrangement back in the corner past the wall-that-didn’t-come-down.

  41. says

    My husband and I have been having this whole conversation. I want to pull the cabinets down (they’re really old) and put up open shelves. He says no. So, I’m trying to get him to compromise by letting me paint the cabinets black. I just emailed him the link to your post. Wish me luck. I love your kitchen. I love the black. I’m so glad you were able to turn something ugly (laminate all the way up the wall? yikes) into something so beautiful. I love your subway tile too. It’s exactly what I was thinking of doing to my backsplash. Thank you for the pictures. :)

  42. says

    This would be the place where I tell you that I failed you as a friend. I promised you I would search for your cabinet pulls at Hobby Lobby. I lied. But I can redeem my pitiful existence if you still lack cabinet pulls. Let me know if you need me to go on the hunt. I think I remember what they look like.


  43. anna says

    Emily – Fabulous kitchen! I have been following you for about a year now. love the new blog change too – so cute. I AM going to paint my cabs black – they are brand new too – kinda orangy, orange-ish. WHO chooses this color of wood?! Sheesh. But WAY TO GO – love the kitchen and love your blog! PS – would LOVE to hear more about grown up friendly kids corners as opposed to kid friendly grown up corners. Verrrry interesting topic and true – there is a HUGE difference. I need to achieve the former!

  44. says

    I have wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets black since the day I moved in (January 25th, 2000 to be exact!) I just have to get the patience to do it right since I am a little bit of a Veruca Salt (I want it NOW!) You kitchen looks fabulous!

  45. megan says

    first off… awesome.inspiring.simple.beautiful. secondly, is there anything I can do or say to convince a post on that fabulous window treatment? please OH please?? I am in love! Maybe at least a close up photo? I promise to name my first daughter Emily…

  46. says

    Blown away. Seriously blown away. Your knobs are fabulous. Does that sound a little forward of me? Well, they are.

    And your granite is to die for. You have impecable taste! I have the same granite so that means I have impecable taste too, right?

    And your grown-up friendly kid space??? I love it! I adore little hidden surprises like that. I think I like that even better than if you had been able to knock down the wall.


  47. says

    Love the kitchen! It looks so much better. I love all of your choices, especially the backsplash and granite. It just so happens that my kitchen and family room are SW Ivoire, too!

  48. says

    Love it!!! We (maybe just I) want to paint our lovely oak cabinets so I love seeing how beautiful yours turned out! Thanks for sharing – especially all the details :)

  49. says

    Emily, I’m new to your blog, I saw it mentioned on Christy’s site Between Here and Home. What a wonderful introduction to your blog this post was! I love your style. I’m impressed with your kitchen transformation! I enjoyed reading a few of your older posts and will be back for more.

  50. says

    love the transformation! the new light fixture over the table. the black mirror. the beautiful window treatment/mistreatment…they are my favorite. i guess i love details. :) enjoy it!

  51. says

    It’s absolutely perfect!!

    I’m just curious about how you painted the cabinets. Did you spray or brush the paint on?

    Thank you so much for the tour!

  52. Kimberlee says

    Okay, more fawning here… :)

    I absolutely adore your new kitchen!!! Seriously, I want it. All of it. LOL!

    I’m living with 80s style laminate cabinets/countertops – have been for 12 years and I’ve read about people painting over cabinets, but it scares the bejeezes out of me. Wood yes, laminate?? Yikes.

  53. says

    I’ve been reading and loving your blog for a while, and had to comment on this kitchen – it’s fabulous! I am so impressed with your bravery in painting all of your cabinets, and those tiles are really amazing. I’ve been admiring the subway tiles as a backsplash look in several places now, but think yours may be one of my favorites! Keep up the good work :)

  54. says

    Great pictures! Great kitchen!! You’ve also shown me how awesome black looks with SW Ivoire, which is my basement color, just in time to plan window treatments. I’m sure you’ve inspired many to go for it and paint their cabinets!

  55. says

    Uggh – now I cannot decide! White cabinets with tan walls or white walls and black cabinets……did you ever consider white cabinets? If so, what is the benefit of black or is it just what ya like? I love black too – I have farmhouse table with black chairs that I love so I think black may be good too- again, thanks messing with my mind :)

  56. says

    Hi…just found your blog. LOVE it! I love your kitchen-it’s just what I want to do with mine. Can you give (or have you posted) details on how to go about painting the cabinets? The cabinets in my kitchen are so mid-1990’s. Builder’s grade yellowy oak (here in the house when we bought it). ๐Ÿ˜› blah! My kitchen floor? 9 yrs ago *I* chose yellowy oak looking Pergo. blah! What I wouldn’t give now for tile flooring or at least a different color laminate. Anyhoo, I love your kitchen. You’ve done a wonderful job!

  57. Kelli says

    I read often, but this is my first comment. I really love how your kitchen turned out. The details in it are amazing.

    Of course, I have a question too. Can you give any more details on the subway tiles? Where you bought them, manufacturer, etc? I’ve tried googling the details you gave but I’m coming up short.

    I have had no backsplash for 4 years and after seeing this, I know what I want! I’d so appreicate any more details you might have.


  58. says

    The kitchen remodel looks amazing! I love the black cabinets, my husband would freak out, but I think it’s just gorgeous! Gorgeous! -e

  59. says

    Your “new” kitchen is truly awesome. I love the black painted cabinets and your new granite and tile is just gorgeous. What a beautiful remodel. I would love to cook in there also. So well done. Hugs, Marty

  60. Melissa says

    I love, love, love your kitchen! I’ve been without a backsplash in my kitchen for a year and a half trying to find the right tile. Your tile is stunning and is exactly what I’m looking for. I would really love to know where you purchased it…please:)

  61. says

    Awesome kitchen, I love your black cabinets. I really want to paint mine black, but then I would have to change all of my white appliances and that is totally not in the budget, so my next choice is plain ole white.

  62. says

    I love those small subway tiles on the backsplash. I loooove them! I know exactly what you mean about people redoing a kitchen before selling and then you look at it and wish they’d just left it alone! If this was my kitchen, I’d probably be spending too much time in there and consequently weigh a ton. :o) Y’all did a great job!

  63. Amanda says

    Love your kitchen!!! Please please tell us where you got your back splash!! and did you install it yourself?? Also… i am loving your black chairs in the kitchen!! where did you find those?! any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

  64. says

    Strong Work Friend! Beautiful. Ivoire is so purty on the walls. Lovin’ the subway tile. Lovin’ that you gave all the details of where you got what…Great, great job! Super fun!

  65. says

    I love your new look. Tell me about the wall with the tiles, did you place the new tiles yourself? I have wondered about doing that in my house. I am SOOO intrigued with the idea of painting my cabinets another color-the black might be too much with all our black, but did you sand them, prime them and paint them or just do two coats of paint?
    Anxious to hear some details about them! :) I have been a follower of your sister for a while, adding you to my list! :)

  66. says


  67. says

    WOW! Your kitchen looks great! I’m totally impressed. I’m doing a post on painting cabinets very soon…by the time I get to it, everyone will be done! You did a great job. But we need to talk about those unfinished pulls…



  68. says

    Love your makeover.

    You may not belive this, but in 10 days we are tipping out our black cabinets! They came with the house, and I have always had a hate/hate relationship with them. They a shiny nigh gloss, and show EVERY sticky little finger. Your look lovely though!

    When my makeover is complete I will post pics, and hope it looks as great as yours.

    If you want a glimpse of how it currently looks you can see it on my post of 31 Dec 07 – where my broken oven door is being held shut with a broom to cook our turkey on Christmas Day!

  69. says

    Your Kitchen is AWESOME!!!!! I love it!!!!! I need to go to Target and look for those panels for my windows, however, I’m not sure they will go with a “cherry colored” (I know that’s not the color of my furniture, but it’s the only thing coming to mind) (maybe mahogony??)dining room set?? What do you think?? You have given my inspiration for my next kitchen!! Thanks!

  70. Lynne in NC says

    Well… here I am posting way late; however, your kitchen transformation is gorgeous.
    You are blessed to have had a great layout to begin with and as “they” say it had ‘good bones’ to work with.
    Congratulations! It’s a beauty!!!

  71. says

    sad fact:
    your ‘before’ is sixtymilliontimes more attractive than my current kitchen, with its fake-faux-wood cupboards of the laminate variety with square shapes, mismatchy edges, no drawers (NO DRAWERS. THERE IS NO SPOON), and sixtymillion other nonsensical things.
    sometimes you just sit there and go “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!”
    i have a big backyard?
    suffice it to say our house is in the midst of a makeover… however we started with our (dungeon with six, SIX, different kinds of wood/brick fake-o panelling) basement

  72. says

    I love love love how it looks! I’ve often considered painting our kitchen cabinets black too…but ahhh the fear! My walls are deep red and so I’m not sure if it will be just too dark. I love the poster board idea.

    I can’t tell you how much I want to go to She Speaks this year. It’s just not going to happen! I would love to hang out again, my friend!!

  73. Jenni says

    I think it is just beautiful, but seriously…the first thing I see are a dozen pairs of eyeballs staring at me. The knobs are cracking me up!

  74. says

    Your cabinets look lovely! The cabinets in my 1-year-old house are that same peachy-orangy-pink wood colour that you had, and I don’t like it much. But I am married to the man who would never let me paint them ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I figure that there are bigger battles to fight.

  75. Angela says

    I have wanted to paint my cabinets black for about a year now…with many saying no….I am so going to do it when we have a little extra.
    I’d love to see it in person sometime!!! Looks so beautiful.

  76. Misty Hannah says

    I love the black cabinets! What finish did you use as far as flat, satin, ect…? We are painting our cabinets black as well and I can’t decide on the finish. Yours is what I want.


  77. Yanira in Orlando says

    I LOVE IT!!! You have given me such inspiration to re-do my kitchen. I noticed several people asked the same question – did you sand them down first? Also, what paint texture did you use? Flat, satin, etc.?
    Would you terribly mind, just giving a quick run down? Thank you so much!!!

  78. says

    LOVE it! I did white cabinets and pick the same granite. It gets installed this week! I’m checking out your back splash too. I am still undecided. Thanks for sharing!

  79. kIMBERLY H ~CJ'S MOMMY says

    WOW! We are redoing our whole house next week (due to waterheater bust) thank goodness.I just may paint my cabinets black.I have been debating it.Thanks so much for sharing,it looks wonderful.

  80. Alicia James says

    I love your kitchen. Welcome To the world of black cabinets. I’ve had black cabinets for 6 or 7 years, I love them. I had red cabinets at first but the black ones are magnificent. You have a more traditional style, for those who are more modern my husband used oil base paint they look almost like lacquer and I bought some really modern stainless steel handles from Ikea.

  81. says

    hi emily, your cabinets came out great. may I ask how the paint was applied – brush or spray? how much of the Tricorn Black paint did you use total?

    -vince, san jose ca

  82. says

    Where did you get your Granite: New Venetian Gold?

    Where did you get your back splash: Bevel Hampton Sand with crackle finish (2ร—4)?

    Where did you get your cutie little knobs??

    Can you e-mail me?

  83. Kimberly says

    I love this–I have been trying to get the hubby to agree to painting our 93 style yellowy- orangey cabinets and island black. He is traditional in the sense that we shouldn’t paint wood, it must be stained….too much prep work for me! We have Baroque Brown granite counters and island counter. I’d love to build the island up with deco woodwork to resemble a furniture piece. Did you use a primer first? How did you prep the woodwork? A deglosser? Sanding? How many coats?

    Love love love the outcome!

  84. Robyn says

    Oh my gosh! I loooove it! I have been teetering between white or black and I am so doing black. Its looks incredible! I was worried that my kitchen might not be big enough for black cabinets and its roughly the same size as yours (with plenty of light) and now I know it will be beautiful! Thank you fo much for sharing, this has been a great inspiration. Thank goodness for the internet.

  85. Heather Sweet says

    I am so glad I came across your website. I just finished cleaning up my painting for the day wondering if I was crazy like my family thinks. I have painted my kitchen yellow with white trim and the cupboards black. My next step was to put up subway tile backsplash. Nobody has seen it yet, but they all just cringe at my color scheme when they hear about my endeavor. I really like your added touch of the white pulls for the drawers and knobs for the cupboards. Where did you end up finding them. I think your kitchen looks absolutely beautiful. It has made me realize that I’m not entirely crazy!

  86. says

    My carpenter said I should look online for some kitchen cabinets that I like. I’m in Fresno and have looked at a few local stores, but I’m trying to find a good gallery.

    Do you know of any sites that have a good kitchen cabinet gallery?

  87. Carolyn says

    Your kitchen is more than beautiful, it is absolutely exquisite and every other delicious word I can think of. I have been contemplating painting my cabinets black for a year now and today, after viewing your gorgeous kitchen, I have made my decision. I am going from boring old grainy oak to bold black. I love the subway tiles. Where did you purchase them? I googled the bevel Hampton sand and the tiles that are showing do not look like yours, they have a more beigy look. Your tiles look white, so I am assuming that sand color may not be the same everywhere. Great job! Thanks for the inspiration

  88. Geny says

    I’d just like to say how amazing i think this is! I wish i had my own home so i can try this! but when i do i will most definitely be painting my cabinets black. i loved this.

  89. says

    I am so glad that I found your site. Several months ago, I had Venetian Gold counter tops put in but I have had the hardest time finding a backsplash. I got on the internet today determined to find someone else that had the same countertops and a backsplash that I love. I found it on your site. I am also in the process of painting my cabinets black. We must have similar taste (I also love Lisa Terkurst). I have goggled “Bevel Hampton Sand” and “Hamton Sand” and can not find your exact backsplash tile. Could you please let me know where you bought your tile? Did you use white grout?

  90. michael says

    Wow. So glad you are happy that is all that matters. BUT folks DONT paint your beautiful wooden cabinets. Imagine if this kitchen just had new granit, backsplash, new hardware and walls and window treatments. The floor could be redone easier so it isn’t so much like the wood in the cabinets. This painting cabinets black has the ring of sunset gold and avocado appliances in the 70’s too trendy look dated very quickly. I imagine you will get tired of looking at black painted cabinets very quickly and realize you’ve ruined beautiful wood. Wood lasts forever and when faded can be sanded and restained – dont paint them.

  91. says

    Dear folks, PLEASE, if you know you will never like the wood that your cabinets are made out of, DO NOT listen to Michael up there. 1. he is a man who thinks all wood is priceless 2. he does not live in your house

    The decorating police will NOT come and arrest you if you paint your cabinets a color. LOTS of people have done this and are so happy with the results. Personally, I have sold two houses where I painted the kitchen cabinets myself–one sold in 7 days, one sold in 30 days–both by owner making a good profit. My sister sold her last home, where she had amazing black cabs in less than a month.

    It’s comments like this that drive me insane! Yes, if you love your wood like Micheal does, by all means DO NOT paint them–but don’t confuse those who like their wood with some unwritten rule that tells us we cannot paint builder grade ‘would’ cabinets.

    Go forth, paint, and enjoy your home!

    PS, if you need more convincing see this post that shows so many women who LOVE their painted cabs!

  92. Sunny says


    I love your Kitchen I am thinking of doing something just like that. However my husband and I are thinking of having children in a few years and I am worried that the black will show everything. Dust? Dirt? Food? Can you give me some advice? How has it been for you? Thanks and again I love love love it!

  93. Andrew says

    Thanks for letting me know how the other half lives. I’m glad that you’re happy with the transformation, but it really looks to me like a shift from GREAT to Okay.

    The black works, but you’ve done just about everything that I can think of that would make this tacky. I think fake bricks are tacky, I think painted wood is an abomination, and I think your knobs are ugly.

    (I’m assuming that the cabinets were originally maple or birch or some other nice wood, other wise, who cares.) I guess to each their own. Not trying to be a hater, but I think it’s important for somebody to say that they didn’t like the change.

    On the positive, I love your new granite cabinet tops, really nice touch. I also like the extension you made to the back of the island, making the space multi-use. Very smart idea.

  94. Natalie in LW,FL says

    Love the black cabinets. Your kitchen went from tacky to classy. I can”t wait to paint my cabs black. Now I don’t need to replace my granite. Thanks for the inspiration.

  95. Natalie in LW,FL says

    Oh, forgot to mention what does Andrew know he’s a man. My husband makes none of the decorating choices in our home. Ha! Ha!

  96. Judy says

    LOVE YOUR KITCHEN! Love it! Question 4 U: I found your curtain panels on Target’s website…I want the valance too. I see you have “Window Mistreatment Topper Fabric and Fringe: Hobby Lobby”…does that mean you made them using fabric and fridges from Hobby Lobby? Hummmm Tell me Tell me how and what!!!

  97. Theresa says

    Been searching for pictures of cabinets – and I love yours! I have been telling people I want to paint my cabinets black and have gotten lots of sighs. Yours look great and have given me confidence to try it. Some sights say the black is hard to keep clean. Now that you have had them for awhile, what do you think? My cabinets are “pickled” right now, but are oak and have good “bones”. Just can’t justify tearing them out – very expensive. Hope this can work for me!

  98. says

    You’re kitchen looks beautiful and is my inspiration for our new home that should be done late this summer – I have to know – where did you get that beautiful vintage-looking black mirror on the dining room wall? I love it! Love everything about your new kitchen look!

  99. Lisa DeMar says

    I am in the process of giving my kitchen a face lift! It all started with the black and white damask fabric I found to make a kitchen valance. We are in the process of painting the lower cabinets black and the upper cabinets white (with a hint of cream). I really love the look of black cabinets. Your kitchen looks great. I love the bookcase and wicker chair in the eat-in!

  100. Jackie says

    Amazing! You went from Blah to VAVAVOOM!
    Your “after” kitchen looks so much more upscale and expensive. It’a amazing what a few touches can do.
    I would love to do this to my blah kitchen.

  101. Denee says

    You’ve done an amazing job with your kitchen. Would you please share the who’s, where’s and what’s about the beveled tile you chose. Thanks so much!!!

  102. Marie says

    My husband found your blog and withen two weeks, we had painted our kitchen cabinets black and the island Divine White, with new window treatments and new knobs and pulls. It is a totally new look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  103. says

    Love it! love it! love it! Thanks for the inspiration. I am terrified to paint my cabinets, I have nightmares of them sticking together and the paint peeling off. But I love the black, and may give it a go!

  104. says

    I had the same orangey cabinets in my 1970s house & we did the same thing about seven years ago. I love my black cabinets & so does everyone else who sees them. It was a bit scary at first, but the end result is so worth all of the work.

    Beautiful kitchen!

  105. says

    Who-ho, finally I can show to my wife how beautiful can a kitchen with black cabinets look (we have similar kitchen as you show on pictures) and hopefully this will help me to convince her to change the color of our kitchen. Thanks and you made a great change with that cabinets!

  106. says

    my sister almost did this, but she was afraid of how it would turn out with her kitchen color. it looks pretty similar to yours though, and your cabinets look fantastic! maybe i can convince her now, but probably not for a few years…..

  107. Jared Holzhauer says

    I really like the way that your cabinets are painted. I was wondering if you could tell me if you sanded them first and also, how many coats of paint did you apply? Did you use any top coat such as polyurethane? Thank you very much.

  108. Dusti says

    We recently bought a house and have been renovating it since 9/1. We decided to completely gut the kitchen and start fresh – which means I was able to design my ‘dream’ kitchen (on a budget, of course!). I found the pictures of your kitchen while we were negotiating with the buyer (and we knew that we’d have to completely redo the kitchen – think white metal cabinets and orange counter tops – yikes!), and I fell in love!! I never thought I’d be interested in black cabinets, but that’s what I intend to do. Currently all the work in the kitchen is complete except for painting the cabinets – can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s completely done!! Also – just wanted to ask you – how is the Sherwin Williams black paint that you used holding up? Just curious b/c they told me they don’t carry the typical ‘cabinet paint’ in dark colors, so it made me nervous!!

  109. Tommy says

    I really like the way your kitchen turned out. I am starting on mine this weekend. I was what is it and where did you get that white brick back splash it looks great!

  110. says

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  112. Naomi Cellara says

    Your kitchen is beautiful…. (I LOVE IT)….I am also painting my ugly orangish cabinents black too.

  113. says

    Okay…Where do I begin?
    We just closed on our first home and we have an awesome open concept kitchen with some already nice oak colored cabinets. I did some window shopping at IKEA and fell in love with this kitchen that had black cabinets with light gray floors, light cream colored back splash and countertop. It instantly became my inspiration to change my kitchen into. So since we are renovating before moving in, I googled how to paint cabinets black because of course, I want to make sure I do it right. Wow! I love your new kitchen! It is amazing! The cabinets look like they were purchased in black, they are absolutely flawless. If you could email me any special techniques that you used in painting them or any new tricks that you picked up along the way, I’d love to hear it! Thanks.

    Nicole S

  114. says

    I have been looking FOREVER for pictures of a kitchen with black painted cabinets and light countertops! My husband and I are looking to paint old, outdated, wood cabinets in a dark black. I was just a little worried that it might make the kitchen look closed in, but yours turned out absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this post. It always helps to see your vision in similar pictures before venturing into the unknown totally blind. :) I’m a new reader and will definitely be stopping back!

  115. says

    I absolutely love it!! I would love to turn my old ugly oak yellow/pink cabinets black and since I have such a high ceilings I would like crown molding place at the top for a custom look. My husband absolutley refuses to touch them. With this economy and the housing market popping only a little, I just can’t put a new kitchen in. Any suggestions on how to get my husband persuaded to see my view point?

  116. Natasha says

    If I may ask, are those solar light tubes on your ceiling? We are considering those for our kitchen, where there is sadly no direct windows into the space. Do they really make a difference? Do you love them?

    By the way, I see I am a few years late on my comment… I just found this post and your blog through a google search for painted cabinets. Your kitchen is beautiful!

  117. says

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  119. says

    I was curious if you ever thought of changing the layout of your blog?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures.
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