will you come back tomorrow?

stitch fix

This week, well.

We’ve been working on some behind-the-scenes things is what I’m saying. I can’t wait to tell you more on Tuesday.

But first, FIRST. This weekend marks the last weekend in August and you know what that means – It’s time to share the things we learned this month!

If you’re new around here or if you have short-term memory loss, here’s last months post just to give you ideas. I hope you’ll join us. I have another iPhone trick to share, one you probably already know because I tend to not know things like this. But it’s such a time saver! More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m sharing another Stitch Fix box if you want to have a peek at what came in my last one. Now go write down some things you’ve learned this month and share them with us in the morning!


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    Since your Stitch Fix post is comment-less — Oh My Goodness, I loooove the chevron dress and the Baublebar necklace. Gimme. (And I need to step up my blogging game so I can have a ton of readers who sign up using my referral code. Ha.)

    I’m hoping to find some inspiration to write a “what I learned in August” post! :)

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      Thanks Tabitha! I couldn’t part with the Chevron dress. It’s just too much fun.

      I hope you do join us tomorrow! It’s my favorite post of the month.

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    So I am very new to the blogging thing and have seen these link up parties a few times now. So thismight be a dumb question but how do i join and link up?
    I love the idea of sharing things I’ve learned in a month! I think out well be a best motivator to write and also get me thinking about the day to day things I’m figuring out and learning.thanks so much!

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    Ack! I’m typing from my phone, so sorry about the errors in my previous comment. I’m sure you can figure out what I’m talking about lol!

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